Top 5 Christmas Themed Board Games 2022

The most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas themed board games are a blessing and a curse. Sometimes leaning into the kitch is exactly what the doctor orders for Christmas. Other times it seems cringy and badly done. I’m going to focus on the well executed and fun christmas themed board games for 2022! Here we go!


Getting into the spirit of giving with this Santa Claus game is fun and educational! The Santa Claus game highlighs the joy of giving. Using songs, stories and hearty HO HO HO’s this game is geared toward younger children and their families. 

The game play is easy, where players take a full sled around a game board. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your presents before the other players get rid of theirs. There are challenges along the way but nothing a 3 year old can’t handle. 

This game is tons of fun, but absolutely geared toward younger children and their families. You’d have a hard time playing this with teens.

Operation is an all time classic. I remember playing this game when I was a kid in the 80’s.  We didn’t have special editions like the Rudolph edition here, but I enjoyed the game just the same.

This is one of those situations when leaning into the kitch is warranted. This game is geared toward younger children. Up to 8 years old would be highly entertained with this one. If you’re playing however, the game will appeal to kids up to 13 and older. If you’re having a party with adults and drinking is a part of the equasion, I have been at Christmas parties when this Christmas board game was a huge hit! 

In this version your patient is The Bumble from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinder from the 1960’s. Talk about kitchy. 

My kids would do endless scavanger hunts. During covid lockdowns they were a very helpful time passing strategy. They’re also fun and educational! 

This game puts together a “new every time you play” game with a wonderful Christmas theme and twist on scavanger hunts!

The great thing about scavanger hunts is that it can easily expand to much larger groups of 20 or more. You can have teams or pairs or individual hunts and typically they’re all fun. The game comes with an “inside” version and an “outside” version, so there are a ton of options for all sorts of winter days!


I used to spend holidays in England when I was child. Let me tell you, they were ALWAYS up for a good game of charades!  I have never played more charades than when I visited England in my youth and it was always fun.  A drawback is getting ideas to act out. That’s where this game comes in.

This Christmas themed charades game is geared toward all ages. Charades is great to play with kids because it gives a window into their thoughts. It’s great to play with adults for the same reason. 

You know I love Christmas I always Will.  And Christmas Songs. Who doesn’t love a great Christmas song? I think there are as many bad versions of Christmas songs as there are good versions though. I can’t stand Doris Day’s version of White Christmas. Holy Smoke! 

This game brings all those Christmas songs to your family with over 300 questions that include Christmas songs for kids, Christmas carol figures, and Christmas carol movies! Fill in the missing words, and belt out those Christmas songs as you battle your famility for Christmas Carol supremacy! 


If you’ve never played Cards Against Humanity then you’re missing out. It’s a game 100% geared toward adults and it will have you laughing until you cry in spite of yourself. The cards are AWFUL. And So funny. 

This Christmas pack and the 2013 one may seem like returning to more innocent times, but with Cards Against Humanity it is not.

Cards Against Humanity is the kind of company / game that would release the Kanye pack to take advantage of the current controversy. Not to say that’s wrong, it’s hilarious. Christmas deserves the same treatment. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

The cheesiest christmas son ever.

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