Top 5 Best Fidget Spinner for Christmas 2022!

The best fidget spinners have become all the rage. Fidgets that spin smoothly without much resistance were absolutely everywhere starting in late 2019. Since then they’ve become a part of every day life. 

Kids play with them at school. Adults take them to work. They have become an important part of modern life. 

Spinners are very satisfying to watch and can help calm and distract kids and adults alike. Let’s look at some of the best fidget spinners that are available on Amazon!

This is not a first generation spinner. This is more of a mind blowing Christmas / Birthday present type of spinner fidget. 

This spinner behaves like a boomerang. If you turn it on and throw it at a 30 degree angle it will return to you. There are games to be played with multiple people with this spinner or you can play by yourself in a boomerang style. This spinner will not be acceptable in a classroom as it could cause distraction. But as a gift for a kid on their birthday or for christmas this spinner (more of a toy really) will be a big hit.

These things took the world by storm. They are still very popular in the world of fidgets and adhd / anxiety accessories. A lot of adults use these for calming and focus. 

The smooth bearings and satisfying spin are great to playl with. As soon as you hold one in your hand you’ll understand how compelling these toys are. These would be great for a classroom or for at work. They’re quiet and impactful. 

Have you ever popped a sheet of bubble wrap? An inventor has come up with a silicone version of popping a sheet of bubble wrap and it seems that those make for some of the best spinner fidgets. 

These spinners have the same ball bearings and smooth spin of the original spinners, but these ones have an added pop option. This adds to the different ways this fidget can help distract you. Who doesn’t love popping those bubble wrap sheets? Now you can do it over and over! 

My kids LOVE the dark. Something about being under 10 years old makes the dark mysterious and fun.  As long as they feel safe. My kids often take a flashlight into my server room to play in there.

A spinner with multi-coloured lights is just what the doctor ordered for a fun added dimension to playing in the dark.  It’s sort of like glow sticks, but more interactive and can double as a fidget for school. Worthwhile if spinner fidgets are your thing.

Transformer Spinners. More than meets the eye. These spinners have personalities and arms and legs.  They took the core idea of the best fidget spinners and added a whole robot. Which is super cool.

They’re fairly inexpensive if you compare it to a transformer or a GI Joe, and you get multiple in a pack. If you or your child is using fidget spinners, these guys are my top pick. But i’m a sucker for robot spinners. These just speak to me. 

These days there are a lot of options for the best fidget spinner. You can go with an original spinner with fast and smooth bearings. You can get a pop enabled fidget spinner. You can get LED spinners and now even Transformer robot spinners. 

The options have never been more robust. These toys are great to use at school or during events where sitting and attention is needed. They’re small and quiet and they do job of distracting your kids wihout the need for a screen. Pick your favourite fidget spinner today!

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