The Best Spotting Scope Reviews for All Spotting Scope Needs

Spotting scopes make all these viewing activities and more much enjoyable and easy. Be it hunting, target shooting, or simply bird watching. Read on our best spotting scope reviews to help you find the best scopes for your needs.

With a spotting scope, there are plenty of sports activities that you can enjoy. You can go bird watching, for one. If you love to use a rifle, you can also pick a scope for hunting purposes. Some allow you to enjoy target shooting at long ranges. Others are meant for professional and military shooting. Basically, there are different types of scopes for all of your viewing needs. But not all scopes are the same. With that in mind, we put up a list of the best scopes in this post to make your scope shopping easier. You’d even find the best scope for .22 mag on one of our reviews.

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Different Types of Spotting Scopes

There are many types of scopes that you can use to make spotting your target easier. Some scopes are best for hunting. There are some scopes that are specially made for long distance range shooting. On the other hand, there are scopes meant for military use. These scopes are well-known as tactical scopes.

But basically, spotting scopes are classified according to the type of shooting you need. These are:

Variable Scopes

These scopes have adjustable magnification settings. What makes this type of scope a practical choice is that you can use it on several ranges. The higher the magnification power, the larger your target will be compared to your normal vision. Variable scopes are very ideal if you plan on doing some short sight shooting or go over the middle range of 200 yards.

Fixed Scopes

Compared to other type of scopes, fixed spotting scopes have a preset magnification power. If you always shoot at the same range consistently, then this would be the best type of scope for you. On the other hand, you may favor this type of scope especially if you’re looking for versatility.

Mil-Dot Scopes

Usually referred to as tactical scopes, scopes with a mil-dot allow you to shoot targets at long ranges with its crosshairs feature. Compared to other type of scopes which measure target distances in yards, mil-dot scopes cover distances by meters.

There are also some cases when a scope can be classified by sight. For example, there are red dot sights scopes and laser sights scope. Red dot scopes are so called because of their red or green dot illumination on the target. Laser sights scopes, on the other hand, uses a vivid red laser beam to focus on your target easier.

Spotting Scope Brands

Choosing the best spotting scope can be pretty frustrating especially if you have plenty to choose from. But if you don’t want to go wrong with your choice, you can always go with the best scope brands. With them, you can enjoy the best of scope quality they offer.


When it comes to high quality spotting scopes, Leupold would always be on the list. Leupold & Stevens started out in 1907 and from then became one of the best manufacturers of high quality optics in the world. Why, their spotting scopes are so great the Navy SEALs and U.S. Marine Corps use them. Be it a simple spotting scope or a powerful one for tactical use, Leupold has it all for you.


Another popular brand of spotting scopes is Bushnell. They’re another leader in the optics industry with more than 65 years of experience in providing excellent optics. Bushnell makes it their business to make quality scopes which are affordable. In short, they your brand of choice if you’re on a budget hunt for a quality spotting scope.


If you’re looking for a scope brand that has a global customer base, then Barska would be the right choice for you. This one brand provides quality sport optics. But they’re also another name to reckon with in the rifle scopes industry. You can find Barska spotting scopes in more than 40 countries and is available worldwide. A very good thing for non-U.S. residents who would like to purchase their products.


For the perfect combination of excellent optics and affordable prices, Nikon would be a good brand to consider. Spotting scopes from Nikon are available in a wide variety. So you can definitely get one to fit your birdwatching, hunting, or rifle shooting needs. Besides, Nikon is well-known for their innovative spotting scopes. So you can always have a wide variety of choices for your viewing needs whatever it might be.

Overview of the Top 5 Product Models & Selecting the Best Products

Finding the Top 10 Products


First on our red dot scope reviews is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25. As a well-known brand, Bushnell didn’t disappoint with this MOA dot-reticle spotting scope. The Trophy TRS comes with amber-bright lens with a high contrast coating for clearer and sharper images. It’s excessively bright thanks to its excellent optics. Besides that, it’s got a solid build and is very affordable. The batteries alone will last you a long time and the adjustment knobs are pretty easy to turn with a solid click. It’s compact and light, too. The Bushnell Trophy makes locking on your target very quick and easy so you can enjoy your hunting spree whenever you want.

Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope

We got the Simmons scopes reviews for our second spot. Actually, it’s our best .22 mag scope on this list. This scope has an approved and excellent performance on the field. Scoping and sighting in your targets are very easy with the Simmons .22 Mag(R) scope. It’s a mid-range scope that provides precise targeting to make your shots better. It’s also the kind of scope you can bring on the field and use for several ranges. With a variable power of 3x to 9x magnification, you can adjust the zoom power at your viewing convenience. With a solid build, all dials and turns are very smooth to operate. It also holds zero and makes continuous shots a breeze.


Next up is our Weaver scopes reviews. We have the V-3 with a magnification power of 1x to 3x zoom and a smaller objective lens diameter of 20mm. The Weaver V-3 is an excellent choice with clear optics and clear images even in low light. It’s lightweight and compact as well with a solid build. One customer even called the V-3 the “poor man’s Leupold” which is saying a lot for its quality. The V-3 is one of those scopes which hold zero perfectly and makes shooting your target a real walk in the park. They’re also very durable with one customer very satisfied using the V-3 for 10 years.

Nikon Buckmasters II

If you want the best 3 9x40 scope, then you got it with our Nikon scope reviews. The Buckmasters II is a collaborative work of Buckmasters with Nikon. The result? You get an above average spotting scope that is durable and versatile. It’s a packaged scope with a great finish, clear optics, and solid build. As expected, Nikon made the Buckmasters II a superb scope. In fact, they even had a locking feature as a nice addition. This makes the Buckmasters II easier to lock and set in your sights. The clear optics also helped provide sharp and clear images even in low light.


Last on our best spotting scope reviews is the Diamondback scope from Vortex Optics. It’s an almost perfect scope with a 4.7-star ratings. The Diamondback’s excellent optics is one factor that made it a good choice. It’s an impressive scope with a more powerful magnification power set at a maximum of 12x. Another strong point of the Vortex Diamondback is that it has easy to read reticles. The adjustable focus knobs are also very accurate. Twisting the variable power ring is pretty easy, too. It’s a great scope that allows you to make good shots as far as 500 yards. A lot of distance, if I may point out.

Spotting Scope Buying Guide

If you plan on buying a spotting scope, then you’d need some guide to do it just right. Here are some of the factors that you have to consider whenever you have to shop for a spotting scope.

Type of scope. Of course, the basic thing that you need done is to determine what kind of scope you should use. This would depend on the kind of shooting activity you prefer. Are you going to go hunting? Or is it more for birdwatching?

Magnification power. Of course, the major reason why you want to use a scope is to make your targets larger. The higher the magnification power, the bigger the images will be. But this would actually depend on the situation. For long range shooting, a more powerful magnification would be in order.

Lenses. The most important part of any spotting scope is the lenses. Whether you’re going for a long range scope or a basic one, you should choose those with excellent optics. How? Go for the multi-coated lenses to ensure image clarity.

Objective lens diameter. The bigger the lens, the brighter the images will be. This is because light passes straight through the lens. A bigger lens diameter means more light for you and your target. Ergo, you get sharper and better images.

Scope build. In terms of choosing a good spotting scope, build and body is an important matter to consider. You should go for scopes with a durable construction. You can also go for lightweight and compact materials as long as they don’t easily wear off. This is important especially if they have to suffer rifle recoils when you’re hunting.

Reticle. This refers to the hash marks or dots you see when you view your target using yur scope. Reticles are measured in either MOA or MIL which refers to a specific shooting angle. Both provides precise targets but MOA-based scopes are more accurate. On the other hand, mil-dot scopes are easier to read.


I hope this spotting scope reviews helped you choose the best scope on the market. If you don’t know what to look for, you can always check out our top 5 reviews on the best scopes or go with our list. Just pick the best one that would suit your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Go and shop for the spotting scope you need to help you enjoy your viewing sport and activity!

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