The Best Tactical Scope Lineup – Take An In Depth Look

Tactical scopes are gaining a lot of popularity in the scope industry. So what is a tactical scope? You might have heard the name plenty of times and you might be wondering how this kind of scope differs from other scopes. Tactical scopes are simply scopes with military-grade precision. Compared to other types of riflescopes, these scopes have higher magnification. They also have better features to offer. In short, these scopes are better at shooting targets at long ranges. They’re much like long range riflescopes but they have the benefit of being built like a tank. So what is the best tactical scope out there? Read on our top 5 review and find out.

UTG 3-9X32 BugBuster Scope

High on our list of the best scope for tactical use is the UTG BugBuster. It’s not a popular brand like Nikon, Barska or Bushnell but it provides a powerful 4x to 16x more magnification. It provides plenty of clout in the shooting range and can handle as far as 1000 yards to help you hit your target.

It’s a solid tactical scope without the expensive price tag of its competition. The BugBuster is also very versatile. You can use it on several rifles like the 30-06 Remington, an AK & SKS, Romak, or just a regular .22 rifle. When it comes to optics, it’s not as great as a Nikon or Leupold but it provides sharp and clear images.

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

Next up is another scope from UTG, the Compact 3-12x44. It has a lower power at 12x zoom magnification max. But it’s a SWAT-rated rifle built on UTG’s True Strength Platform to ensure its durability. Setting up the scope takes a quick five minutes.

As for target zeroing, you can do it in no time at all, fire shots, and hit everything dead-center. Shooting up until 200 yards is no problem at all. However, if you want to reach the minimum tactical range at 400 yards, you might find yourself suffering from some eyestrain. Still, it’s a solid scope through and through.

CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e

Our third best tactical scope is the hunting rifle scope from CVLIFE. It’s a great scope that is at par with the best scope brands like Bushnell and Nikon. Installation is very easy as well as sighting in. The glowing cross hairs are very functional. The BDC works great even when you have to go at different yardage.

One of the best features of this tactical scope is that it comes with a laser. It’s an added bonus to keep a visual sight of your target and make your shot clean. However, the short eye relief may not be your best choice unless you use this scope for a large calibre rifle.

Vortex Optics SPR-1303 Spitfire

If you want to have one of Barska’s best scopes, then the IR Hunting Scope would be a good product for you. This scope’s got lens that are crystal clear and a body that is well-built. The only problem? It’s a tad heavy but that’s because of its heavy-duty build. The Barska hunting scope holds well even with 1,000 rounds.

It doesn’t lose zero even between transitions of rapid firing. It’s the kind of the scope you’ll use for rugged activity outdoors. It’s not one of those high-end tactical scopes; but it’s good enough if you are a novice at using scopes, especially those of the tactical kind. You can still hit bullseye with this scope at 300 yards.

Barska IR Contour Riflescope

Last up is another riflescope from Barska, the Contour scope. It’s your best tactical scope for the money given that it’s below $100. From 200 yards, you can still hit your targets with ease even without the customary red and green illumination. It’s one of those scopes that you don’t have to constantly adjust once you reach zero.

You can also put a quick 500 rounds with this and not worry about missing. Shooting targets are a walk in the park with this scopes clear and sharp images. Barska provided specific instructions as well on their scope manual so learning how to use the Contour would be a breeze.


Choosing the best tactical scope can be very handy when you go hunting especially out in the open wild. With a tactical scope, nothing – or very little – can go wrong with your shots. Picking the best one for you can be daunting especially if you have no idea which one to choose.So, the “perfect” scope would depend on your kind of rifle and what you need it for. When in doubt with the quality, just go with the brand that you can trust.

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