Best Christmas Present for Kids 2 – 3 Years Apart 2022 – Catapult Wars!

I have 2 kids who are now 7 and 10.  A boy and a girl. They love sword fighting. They love lego. They like building things. They LOVE shooting targets with nerf guns.

Catapult Wars scratches almost all of those itches in one toy.  Both catapults come deconstructred. So you have to build them the first time. But once they’re built they can fling bean bags like there’s  no tomorrow. The game comes with some great features to make it a toy that gets brought out again and again. For me this was a surprise hit of a birthday party where the toy eneded up being built before the party was done and the parents were playing with it.

The catapult comes with everything you need to put them together. My kids at 7 and 9 were too young to do it themselves. I pu them together for the kids. But it was a fun bonding experience well worth the time. It was similar to lego, but more glue involved.

I would say the building difficulty is a 3.5 out of 10.  It is not a complex build and if you can follow lego instructions you can follow along with these. 

Targets! Bean bags! Your sibling’s stuff! It’s all fair game. My kids set up wars and include lego and other toys in the war. This toy brings all other toys together in epic toy battles that cross all genres. 

No longer will lego be forced to play with only other legos.  All are welcome in the war of the catapults. Or something. That’s how my kids play with it. The targets are used as front line fodder and then the real battle begins. But it’s loads of fun to watch the wars unfold. 

If you’re stuck for a gift and you’ve got  kids who are still playing with toys this way they will LOVE this gift. If they’re a bit older, they will probably still love this gift. Most adults who see ours shoot a few bean bags and ask me where I got it. 

The build is easy and a teenager would absolutely be able to figure it out. Teenagers and kids up to college age would probably find a kitchy use for these as well. They’re inexpensive and fun.

Get yours today!

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