Guide to the Best Inexpensive Kayak on the Market

best inexpensive kayak

When you’re choosing a kayak to buy, one of the first things you try to consider is the price, right? The best kayak prices are more likely to draw you next to the quality and overall design of the gear. Kayaks also come in all shapes and sizes.

With a little help, you can narrow down your choices to the best of the best that would fit your tastes – and preferably your budget.

So if you came here looking for the best inexpensive kayak, look no furtheras we give you the top 5 best price kayak you’ll find in the market.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Honestly, the Intex Challenger kayak is also featured as one of our top choices for the best kayak. It’s quality water gear with the lowest price worth under $100. Really affordable, right? You’d be more than satisfied with the Challenger K1 because it’s big and comfortable enough to carry one person.

It’s very durable using welded materials so it’s safe to take on rivers and lakes. The Challenger K1 also has plenty of helpful extras to make kayaking comfortable for you as much as possible. It comes with a cargo net for storing extra gear. There’s a high output air pump, an 84-inch aluminum oar, and a repair patch.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Price wise, the Intex Explorer is a little over $100 but still remains as one of the best priced kayaks in the market. It’s another offering by Intex so it comes with the standard package of aluminum oars and a high output pump. It’s a low profile kayak meant for mild rivers and lakes.

It looks very sporty too with its graphics. What makes this kayak a good choice is that it seats two adults and is part of Intex’s Sports Series kayaks.Assembling this kayak is a snap and you can start enjoying the water as soon as you’re done. The Explorer K2 has a Coast Guard I.D. so you can be assured of the durability of this one.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Next up on the list of the best affordable kayak is the Challenger K2 from Intex. It’s almost the same kayak from our top spot. Only this time, the Challenger K2 can seat two adults. It’s another kayak you can buy for a little over $100 but you’ll have your money’s worth with this kayak’s quality construction.

The Challenger K2 offers an easy paddling with its streamlined design. It also uses a Super-Tough vinyl that is resistant to UV damage and punctures for long-term durability. This kayak is portable and compact since it’s inflatable. It’s a package too so you get a pair of aluminum oars and a high capacity pump with a bonus repair patch kit.

Coleman Quikpak K1 Kayak

Just like our first two kayaks, the Coleman Quikpak comes at a very affordable price for all its good features. Setup time takes up less than five minutes. The kayak is very compact because it comes with an easy-to-carry backpack system.

The best news? You can turn the pack to become your seat – very convenient for the ultimate backpacker and kayaker. The Quikpakalso uses a 21-gauge PVC for rugged lake use and is NMMA certified. It has atarpaulin bottom that is puncture resistant.

The multiple air chambers allow you to stay inflated and afloat even in the incident of puncture. More than that, the kayak has a patented Airtight System so it’s a no-leak guaranteed kayak. You also get a high pressure pump and a paddle as part of the package.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

If you want the Deluxe Package, you should get the Sea Eagle 330 kayak. It’s a bit pricier compared to the first four kayaks on this list but it’s still one of the best inexpensive kayaks you can get. The Sea Eagle 330 is fit to carry two people. It’s very durable with an extra thick K-80 polykrylar hull material.

On top of that, it has an I-beam construction for added stability, high-frequency welded seams, and nine-inch tubes. The Sea Eagle 330 is a Class III whitewater kayak which means that you can use it anywhere from whitewater rivers to enjoy a day in the sea.

With a deluxe package included, you get a pair of oars, inflatable front and rear seats, spray skirts, a foot pump, and anylon carry bag.


There, you have it.

Now, you can take your pick of the best inexpensive kayak you can buy that is fit for your budget. Don’t worry, all these kayaks are durable, comeasa package, and comes witha Coast Guard I.D. or an NMMA certification. So they’re safe on the water.

They’re also compact and very convenient to carry because they’re all inflatable. Besides, the lots of positive reviews say it all. If you need more reassurance, you can always check out more of the reviews and see for yourself why buying yourself an affordable kayak is such a great investment.

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