Which Kayak Is The Best Kayak?

Without a doubt kayaking is one of the best water sports in the world. It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s healthy. And it’s perfect for the adventurous. But the perfect kayaking trip would never happen without the right kayak.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing the best kayak for you. You should first consider the purpose of the kayak that you’d like to buy. Are you going to use it on creeks, shallow rivers, small lakes, or other large bodies of water? Are you the occasional kayaker or an active one? There are many kinds of kayak that you can buy in the market. But the best ones? They are those with the highest kayaks reviews.

Here’s our review of the top 5 kayaks that you might want to buy for your next kayaking trip.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

On the top spot is the Challenger K1 kayak from Intex. You’d probably notice that this list has more Intex products but that’s because they make some of the best kayaks you’ll find on the market.

So what makes the Intex Challenger K1 the best kayak? The challenger can only hold one person. It’s inflatable so it’s portable whenever you plan to kayak. It also comes with a set of lightweight yet powerful aluminum oars. Worried about the air pump that you’ll use? Don’t worry.

Intex have a high output air pump included with this kayak. It’s also durable and very nimble which is ideal on rivers and lakes. It comes with l-beam floors for added stability. The included cargo net also allows you to carry more gears for your kayaking trip.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Our second kayak is another Challenger from Intex. This time, it goes with the name ‘K2.’ So you might be asking: what’s new? Just like the Challenger K1, it comes with a set of aluminum oars. It also has the high output air pump since this one is another inflatable.

What makes the Challenger K2 different is that it can seat two persons. It’s part of the Sports Series kayak of Intex so you can be sure of its durable construction.

In fact, the Intex Challenger K2 is made with Super-Tough vinyl. How tough? It’s damage resistant from harmful UV rays and can withstand puncture. It’s also a US Coast Guard-approved kayak.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Third is the Explorer K2, another Intex kayak. Just like with the first two kayak from Intex, this one is another inflatable that comes with a high output air pump. It also has a set of aluminum oars and is good for two persons. The Intex Explorer kayak is more suited for mild river kayaking.

You can also use if on lakes if you prefer. Just like the Challenger, it comes with a US Coast Guard ID so you’re sure that it’s strong enough to carry you on the water. The Explorer kayak is somewhat low-profile. It’s lightweight and compact and very easy to assemble.

It also has a removable skeg for more directional stability. The inflatable and adjustable backrests also provide better comfort.

Intex Excursion 4

Second to the last spot is the Intex Excursion 4. It’s another inflatable with the same aluminum oars and Intex’s latest model of high output air pump. It’s also the best cheap kayak on this list considering that it’s under $100.

Aside from that, this model is able to hold four persons in total. It’s also built using rugged vinyl for a strong construction. This kayak is also made puncture resistant for added durability. The three air chambers with an inner auxiliary chamber also ensure that the kayak is extra buoyant.

It also means that it’s safe on the water. Great for fishing and kayaking, the Excursion 4 would be your choice if you want to relax in the water with your friends.

Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak

Last but not the least is the inflatable kayak from Sea Eagle. The Sea Eagle SE370K_P may be last on this list but it’s the best sea kayak for your water adventure. It’s inflatable and lightweight. So it’s no problem carrying it where you want to go kayaking because it’s very portable.

It’s also NMMA certified. This means that it’s safer than other boats and that it's very trustworthy on the water. With the Sea Eagle kayak, you don’t have to worry about being on the water. It’s made up of thicker Polykrylar hull for extra rigidity. This can withstand animal claws and dog paws.

It also has a self-bailing drain valve. These features come in handy when you go to the ocean or go kayaking on whitewater rivers.


From this review, you can say that the best kayak according to customer review would be the Intex Challenger K1. If you’re somewhat budget conscious, the Intex Excursion 4 would be your best choice. If you prefer whitewater rivers or the sea, then you should buy a kayak like the Sea Eagle.

Still, always remember that your safety is your first priority when choosing the kayak that is best for you. You can ensure that by choosing a kayak with a quality build. If you’re unsure of whether or not a kayak good, your best resort would be to read the customer reviews.

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