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What Makes the Best Keychain Multi Tool?

If a multi tool seems handy, a keychain multi tool is much more with its small size. Last time, we reviewed some of the best pocket multi tool from one of our post. Today, you’ll be given the top 5 list for the best keychain multi tool you can find on the market. As expected, keychain […]

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What is the Best Pocket Multi Tool?

For the ultimate adventurer, a pocket multi tool is a must. Carrying a behemoth of a tool is no fun especially if you plan on walking for a long time.  A pocket multi tool is just the right piece of equipment to bring if you’re planning on spending the day backpacking into wherever. So it’s […]

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Cooler Series: Orca Cooler Review and Guide

From one of our previous posts, we made some Grizzly cooler reviews to help you choose which of the Grizzly coolers are best fit for your cooler needs. In this post, we will review another high-end and quality cooler maker – Orca. Just like with Yeti, Pelican, and other known cooler brands, Orca coolers are made […]

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Cooler Series: Pelican Cooler Review and Guide

When it comes to the best coolers, Pelican is one of the names synonymous to making high-end coolers. It’s not as popular as Yeti – who have been in the cooler business far longer. But Pelican definitely did a great job of creating coolers which are the best in build, quality, and design. As a […]

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The Best Kayak Paddle for Every Enthusiast

Kayak paddles are very important in your kayaking. They make or break the comfort that you feel when paddling on the water. It’s the same way with the best canoe paddles. Nevertheless, this post would focus on kayak paddle reviews to help narrow down your choices. The good thing is that, choosing the best kayak paddle […]

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