The Best Wetsuits Review Guide for Any Watersport Enthusiast

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Water sports are fun. But it could also be bumpy at times and cause you to suffer from bruises. Enter in the wetsuit. Not only do these suits keep you warm, they also offer you protection when participating in water sports. It doesn't matter whether you're into scuba diving, snorkeling, or swimming. The best wetsuits will always keep you warm and up for any watersport challenge.

But it’s not just watersports that require wetsuits. Even triathletes need the insulation that only the best wetsuits can provide. You might not need to dive deep on triathlon wetsuit reviews right now. But you’ll definitely get five of the best in this wetsuit review post that I’d like to share with you.

NeoSport Wetsuits Full Body Sports Skins

NeoSportis one of the top wetsuit brands available in the market. They make the best scuba wetsuit and other variety for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Their Full Body Sports skins are fit for most water sports and you can get them for an affordable price. Instead of neoprene, the NeoSport wetsuit is made of Lycra skin. What makes this wetsuit best is that it provides a full-body UV protection.

Aside from that, it also protects you from biological irritants like the sting of jellies and sea lice. It’s naturally form-fitting so it feels very comfortable on your skin. The long front zip also allows you to easily put it on and off quickly. The added foot stirrups prevent the suit from riding up your legs.

Aqua Sphere Stingray Core Warmer

Next on the list is the Stingray Core Warmer from Aqua Sphere. This one is made up of combined neoprene body and Lycraarm for maximum comfort and flexibility. As a hybrid wetsuit, the Aqua Sphere warmer provides a chafe-less wear experience. It also comes with sun protection so you can enjoy the water even under the sun.

The Stingray Core Warmer is perfect for both leisure and competition purpose. You’ll definitely find its easy-pull zipper convenient. The Lycra sleeves also allow free movement without the seams bursting off. The back and chest panels made of 2mm neoprene provide better thermal protection and buoyancy.

O'Neill Wetsuits Mens Reactor Full Suit

The O’Neill Wetsuits is rated as the best wetsuit for men because of its quality construction. This is because the O’Neill wetsuit is fit for temperatures ranging from 62 to 68 degrees. It also has a flatlock seam which means that the stitches on the wetsuit will lie flat against your body.

This provides you with a most comfortable fit. O’Neill made this wetsuit even more comfortable with performance technology additions. These includes the Krypto Knee Padz, the FluidFlex in the sleeves and shoulders, and a Superseal neck which is fully adjustable. The zipper of the O’Neill wetsuit also has a long string attached to it. So you don’t have to perform acrobatic moves just to do the zipper by yourself.

U.S. Divers Full Adult Wetsuit

Next on our wetsuit reviews is the U.S. Divers full wetsuit. Don’t be misled, though. This suit may have the “divers” tag in it but it’s a wetsuit meant for every type of water sports out there. What makes this wetsuit one of the best wet suits is that it’s full-size.

So it offers whole body insulation and protection against biological elements that might irritate you at sea. This suit is super-stretchy with flatlock stitching so movement is no problem. The U.S. Divers wetsuit would actually feel like a second skin once you don it.

More than that, this wetsuit is very efficient at keeping your body warm. Thanks to the titanium-blend chest panels. The suit also comes with anti-abrasion knee pads and heavy-duty and corrosion free YKK zipper with a pull chord.

Seavenger 3mm Full Suit

You can consider the Seavenger full wetsuit as one of the best women’s wetsuit. But it’s also fit for men. It has flatlock stitching, super-stretchy armpits, and nylon construction for best comfort. The suit is also designed with contoured and flexible knee and shoulder pads for added agility especially when you’re on the water.

The pads are anti-abrasion too to help minimize scraping. With the Seavenger wetsuit, you can do almost anything on or underwater. It can be diving, snorkeling, surfing, or swimming into the deep. It’s form-fitting due too with durable YKK zippers that comes with easy to reach leash.

If you’re not a fan of colored wet suits, then the Seavenger would be best for you. This is because it’s entirely made in stylish black color.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Almost every water sports and adventure – like boating – requires a wetsuit. It’s because wetsuits help you keep warm and safe from natural elements. This involves UV rays from the sun and other irritants coming from the sea. You can do without a wetsuit. It’s a known fact. But knowing that you’re protected in and out of the water makes the experience all the more worth it, right?

So, have you picked which one of the best wetsuits listed here should go with you for your next water adventure?

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