Going to The Great Outdoors? Get The Best Tent for Camping

Camping is one of the best ways to help you unplug from the busy city life. You could do it yourself, have your friends with you, or enjoy it with your family. If you want a more intimate setting, you can always have your special someone with you.

But embracing the wilderness once more is no easy task. You will definitely need a tent. Go for the best tents for camping instead of just another tent. The best camping tent will provide you shelter from natural elements and make your outdoor adventure as cozy as if you’re at home. With that, we gathered the top 5 best tents to make choosing your camping tent easier.


On top of our list is the Instant Cabin Tent from Coleman. It’s a roomy tent that can fit two queen airbeds and still make room to walk! Assembly is also fast and quick in just a minute. Just unfold it, extend its legs and voila! Instant cabin tent fit for six people. This Cabin tent comes with Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system. This means that you get inverted seams to keep water out and welded floors to ensure that your tent is built like a tank. It feels very much like a home with lots of ventilation. Thanks to the two large windows on the side. The roof vents are a nice addition, too.


Next up is another tent from Coleman, the Pop-Up tent which is our choice for the best value backpacking tent. The Pop-Up tent can accommodate two people and takes a mere three seconds to set up. Pretty cool, right? It keeps out bugs pretty well. Of course, it comes with the trademark quality of Coleman. Materials are made of high quality. The fabric holds well without breaking. As a backpacking camping tent, storing it is very easy given its lightweight. However, you might want to consider a larger tent if you happen to be tall - Anyone over 6’3 feet tall. It’s not that small but you might feel very snug especially if you have another person with you and other gear to store inside the tent.


Third on our list of the best tents for camping is the Hooligan tent. Another top choice from Coleman. This tent can accommodate three people and also comes with the WeatherTec system of Coleman tents. Compared to our first two tents, you’d need a good 10 minutes to set up this dome-tent. It’s a good tent for general purpose camping. But not something you’d want under extreme and tough weather conditions. Still, Coleman made sure to make this tent sturdy. The tent zippers are big and heavy-duty. The poles are made of fiberglass with shockcord. You also get plenty of light with the screen material with which this tent is made up of. If you need privacy, all you have to do is put up the rain fly on the tent.


For our best 4 person camping tent, we chose the Sundome tent. Setup takes about 15 minutes tops, quicker if it’ll be set up by two people. The tent has screened upper walls, a rain fly, and plenty of ventilation from the large openings on the wall, front and back. Given its size, sitting on a chair can be done comfortable. You also get a good place for storing your things with the two large mesh pockets inside on the walls. You get some pretty extras too like a mat, a carrying case, and a hook for your lanterns. As a 4-person tent, the Sundome tent will give you plenty of room to move about and even fit a queen mattress for better sleeping comfort.


Last on our list is the 3-person Sundome Tent. Similar to the 4-person Sundome, the only difference of this tent is that it carries fewer people. But with regards to quality, you get the same one that is Coleman’s trademark. The Sundome tent is easy to set up and pack. You can set it up even in low light. It’s lightweight, too so carrying it is no hard job to do. The tent zippers are watertight as well and feels very smooth with no snags. You also get plenty of ventilation and enough room for a queen size mattress and your things. However, you may want to rethink this choice if you want to camp out while it’s raining hard.


So that’s our top 5 best tents for camping. Which one have you chosen so far? Making the right choice might seem difficult if you haven’t yet decided camping tent would best fit your needs. If you’re going alone, a two-person tent would be ideal. Unless you want more room, then you can always go for three-person tent. For a small group – like two or three people – a three- or four-person tent would be very good. But if you want comfort, ease of set up, and plenty of room, the Coleman Instant Cabin tent would be a top choice.

So have you made up your mind? Let me know!

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