Going Camping? Be Sure To Get The Best Family Tent Available

Camping is a wonderful time to bond with your family. It’s a popular summer pastime for the adventurous bunch and it’s the perfect getaway choice from the busy city life. The best family tent will help you enjoy your camp to the fullest. It can even provide you with the basic comforts of home. By choosing the right tent, you and your family can feel most comfortable and protected from natural elements. If you’re finding it hard to look for a family tent, look no more. Our post will help you choose the right tent for your family. So get ready as we provide you with our top 5 best family tents for camping.


The Red Canyon tent by Coleman which can house eight people is our best family camping tent on this list. It’s very roomy with tent dividers separating the tent into three parts. It’s waterproof, too. So it’s no problem if you wish to camp out while it’s drizzling or raining a little.

Given its large size, the Red Canyon is very easy to set up per instructions. As a big tent, set up time is at least 30 minutes, quicker if you’re going to do it together as a family. The attractive look of the Red Canyon fits its name. It also helps you keep cool when it’s warm and warm when it rains. So it’s a very good choice with plenty of room.


The Coleman Instant tent may be your idea of the best 4 person car camping tent. It can accommodate eight people in two tent compartments. So you fit four people in each compartment. Despite its big size, this tent is very easy to set up, a very good reason why it’s an “instant” tent.

Of course, set up is easier when you have some extra help. You don’t have to worry about rain, too. This is because the Coleman Instant tent has thick waterproof walls and floors so water won’t seep into the tent. Still, it’s better if you’re going to put a tarp under the tent floor just to be safe. Ventilation is no problem thanks to tent windows.


If you have a medium-sized family, Coleman’s 6-person WeatherMaster tent would be for you. It’s our third best family tent choice if you want to stay as dry as a bone even when it rains. One customer lauded the WeatherMaster for being dry even when it rained for a week. Thanks to Coleman’s solid and sturdy construction.

This tent has a middle room which you can use as a dining or a living room. It has plenty of space, too. You can fit air beds inside it for better sleeping comfort. The high ceilings provide you with enough space to hang lights. It comes with a screened porch, too! A perfect place whenever you want to relax.


If you’re not satisfied with an 8-person tent, you can always go for a larger and bigger tent. Coleman has such a tent with the WeatherMaster 10-person tent. It’s somewhat different since you got a hinged door this time instead of a zipped one.

As expected, it has Coleman’s WeatherTec System, rainfly, and easy set-up. It’s your tent if your family happens to be a large one or you just have plenty of gears to store. Also, you might just want some really big space to move about.

Since it’s a huge tent, fitting three queen beds with room to spare is no problem. The hinged door is not flimsy. It’s much better than a zipped one.


For smaller families, the Wenzel Pine Ridge tent can easily accommodate four to five people. It’s a two-room family dome tent. So you can have some semblance of privacy. Or a division of sorts on where you want your kids to stay.

It’s an easy tent to set up and is decently priced given the fiberglass posts and polyethylene construction which is more durable than nylon. The welded floor with a tub style eliminates the occurrence of water seepage.

It has excellent ventilation too which is pretty cool especially if you’re camping out during the summer. The only thing that you may not like about it is the zipper. It takes time to open and close or else it’d get stuck.


With all these cool choices, picking out the best family tent might become difficult for you. Of course, shelter tents always differ one way or another even if it’s from the same manufacturer. Coleman has plenty of great choices although Wenzel would be a good try, too. Space is something that you should definitely consider especially if you have a big family who loves camping. Comfort is a must too. I do hope though that this post helped you narrow down your choices. If not, you can always ask your kids or your partner. Who knows? Their choice might be your choices too, albeit unconsciously.

Happy family tent buying!

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