Comprehensive Multi Tool Review and Guide 2016

multi tool review

Buying all the tools you need for doing common repairs can be expensive. But you can easily remedy that with a multi tool. The market has plenty of multi tools available. So which one is the best? Which one deserves consideration?

Leatherman is a great choice. But other brand like Gerber, Swiss+Tech, and Victorinox are good options as well. Are you on a budget?

Looking for a minimalistic multi tool? Or do you want a multi tool that would be your all-in-one handy equipment for every repair? Then this multitool review is just for you.

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

You’d think that in this post, the Leatherman would take up the top spot. But no, the banner went out to the Gerber Shard with the highest multi tool reviews of over two thousand. Why? The Shard has a nitride coating which makes it virtually resistant to corrosion.

It’s also very lightweight and is airline safe so you can safely bring it anywhere you’d like to travel. This multi tool has a minimalistic design with just the basic tools you’d need. It has two flat drivers; small and medium.

You’d also find a Philips head driver, bottle opener, and wire stripper. The Shard’s unique design includes a pry bar as well.

Swiss+Tech 6-in-1 Utility Key Multitool

If you’re looking for a multi tool that is versatile and has a crafty design, then the Swiss+Tech Utility Key Multitool is it.

It’s a convenient choice that you can use for several applications like camping and other repairs involving auto and hardware.

The Utility Key is made with precision in mind and has a polished finish making it look very stylish.

This multi tool has a solid stainless steel make. Thus, it’s very durable. It remains lightweight since it has crafty key-design which easily attaches to a keychain. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. As a micro tool, this Swiss+Tech multi tool comes with an eyeglass screwdriver.

Leatherman - Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

Even in our previous posts, the Leatherman Wingman always make it onto our list of the best multi tools. It’s the same with this multi tool review. The Wingman multi tool is one of Leatherman’s genius products. With 14 handy tools that you can use for every repair project Leatherman equipped the Wingman with 420 grade high-carbon steel.

So it’s stronger and more durable than regular stainless steel. It’s lightweight and compact with a length of 3.8 inches when closed. The Wingman is a size that easily fits your pocket without adding too much weight. Leatherman provides a 25-year warranty on their multi tools and you either get your repaired or replaced if ever it breaks down on you. Leatherman are generally worth the investment.

Swiss+Tech ST53100 Polished SS 19-in-1 Micro Pocket Multitool (1)

Fourth on the list is another multi-tool from Swiss+Tech. This time, we have the 19-in-1 Micro Pocket Multitool. It’s the multi tool for those who often do camping outdoors or usually takes a repair task. The Swiss+Tech 19-in-1 Micro Tool is almost perfect with its affordable price which is perfect if you’re on a budget.

Most multi tools are pretty cheap anyway. But with this one, you get the advantage of having 19 tools instead of the usual 10 tools – sometimes even less that. It’s a great tool and is very handy for the ultimate outdoors men. It comes with a lifetime warranty too so it makes for a very great deal and great choice.

Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife

Last on our multi tool review today is the Tinker Pocket Knife from Victorinox. The Tinker multi tool deserves consideration given that it’s a popular tool choice on the market nowadays. The Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army knife is very slim at 3.5 inches. Its lightweight as well weighing just 2.17 ounces.

But even with a slim design, the Tinker packs 11 tools in its compact body. It’s acid-resistant body made of aluminium and a plastic combination is very sturdy. All components are made from solid stainless steel so they’re strong and reliable. The Tinker comes with a key ring for safekeeping and has a lifetime warranty so it’ll serve you for a very long time.


So these five choices are our top picks for the best pocket multi tools available on the market today. By brand, all these tools are your ideal choice for a multi tool. Leatherman doesn’t have the lifetime warranty offered by Swiss+Tech and Victorinox; but it’s close with their 25-year warranty. They also offer unparalleled quality when it comes to their multi tools. Swiss+Tech, on the other hand, makes unique multi tools that are not just designed to help you do repairs – but to look very stylish too. For a minimalistic design, the Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Pocket Knife definitely wins, hands down.

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