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Leatherman is the best brand of choice if you’re looking for the best multi tools on the market. Last time, we had an in depth Leatherman Wave review. This time, we’ll give you another: an in depth Leatherman Surge review. A year after releasing the Wave in 2013, Leatherman set out to give the masses another pocket multi tool to consider: the Surge.

Given the name of this multi tool, you’d expect it to have more than the Wave did. The best way for you to decide whether the Surge is better is to read with me as we review each parcel and part of this multi tool.

Criteria for a great multi tool

Leatherman Surge

Just like from our other post, we put some things into consideration before we can say that a multi tool is a great multi tool. One of these is the reputation of the brand. Since the Surge is a product of the well-known brand Leatherman, there’s no doubting that this one would be a great multi tool as well. Another is the product build and construction.

Of course, portability is another thing. Having a pocket tool that won’t weigh you down during a long trek would be great. We also consider the price. Multi tools are generally affordable although some are priced higher than others. As long as we’re paying for good quality, price is not likely to become an issue.

Product Overview

Leatherman 830160 Surge Pocket Multitool with Leather Sheath

So what we have on this Leatherman Surge review is – of course – the Surge multi tool.

Compared to other multi tools from Leatherman, the Surge is a powerhouse of multi tools. In fact, the Surge is one of the largest multi tool offerings from Leatherman with a whopping 22 tools. What?!

You might not think it possible but Leatherman made the Surge to be special. It can withstand more rugged use given its bigger build. Leatherman equipped this pocket tool with their largest plier and longest blades. The easy-to-use locks for each tool is still present. They also have a unique blade exchanger and the 154 cm wire cutters are replaceable. Instead of just one or two, the Surge has four quick access blades with outside opening.

We always try to look for quality and that is what you get exactly with the surge. It’s made of durable lightweight stainless steel and each tool components are tested to the best of standards. Not only are they hard and durable, each tool is heat-treated to ensure maximum quality and performance. Just like with other Leatherman products, the Surge comes with a 25 years warranty. A surety that your Surge multi tool will last a long time.


Leatherman Surge Multi Tool

When it comes to construction and materials used, the Leatherman Surge definitely gets a thumbs up rating. It’s made of high carbon grade stainless steel that is heat-treated as well for maximum durability. Tools are easy to open and made secure with locking mechanisms whenever you need to work. Each tool rotates individually as well so manoeuvring each one is easy work.

The Surge also sports the innovative jaw design from Leatherman. This makes the Surge’s pliers one of the strongest and the best in the multi tool series. The number of tools that are included in the Surge is something that you won’t find with other multi tools on the market. A nice finishing touch that Leatherman includes with the Surge is the leather carrying sheath. So safekeeping is a breeze.


Because the Leatherman Surge is bigger than other multi tools, it’s also heavier than most of its competitors. The bulky size of the Surge is another drawback too. Especially for those who are looking for a really compact pocket tool. If you are looking for a more compact multi tool you should check out the Leatherman Skeletool.

Below is a quick breakdown of the Leatherman Surge review

  • Product name/model: Leatherman Surge Multi Tool
  • Build construction: 420HC stainless steel
  • Function/tools: 22 tools
  • Extras: Leather sheath
  • Ergonomic: Yes
  • Portable and compact: Not really; a bit heavier than other multi tools
  • Value for money: $$
  • Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars


As a full-sized multi tool, the Surge stands out from others because it can withstand rugged and serious use. In between carrying your toolbox or having the Leatherman Surge, carrying the Surge wins every time. Hands down. The Surge has exceptional performance and is very easy to use. The Leatherman Surge would be a worthy addition to any belt clip.

It’ll prove very handy, I have no doubt.

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