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Best Multi Tool

It’s no exaggeration that multi-tools for your pocket or hip are one of the best inventions of man.

A multi tool is something common for the organized guy – or gal – to have. The best multi tool is the ultimate gear of every certified outdoors man. Multi tools are very handy when you get to get organized or efficient. They also work wonders when you have to do a quick repair job. But given that there are plenty of multi tools on the market, choosing the best one can be a difficult task.

From this post, you’ll be able to find out which are the top multi tools on the market. You’ll also be able to decide for yourself what is the best multi tool with our top 10 multi tools list on the later part. That is, choosing the best pocket tools out there can become tough especially if you don’t know what you are looking for exactly.

You don’t have to worry anymore about that. Just read this post and you’ll find everything you need to know about multi tools and how you can pick the best one for you.

Different Types of Multi Tools

Choosing the best multitools is never easy. It’s because multi tools can be configured in so many ways to fit your needs and preferences. Below are the basic types of multi tools you’ll be able to find on the market.

Folding Muli-Tools

This type of multi tool is very popular thanks to brands like Leatherman and Gerber. Folding pocket tools are those that come with a collapsible pair of pliers. Most multi tools today are built this way because of the portability they offer. This type of multi tool often requires a locking mechanism to keep the pliers in place. They also tend to be bulkier and bigger than other type of multi tools.

Keychain Multi Tools

If you really want an easy to carry multi tool, then you should go for the keychain type. Multi tools under this category are very compact and portable. Not only are they a mix of the folding and pocket type, they’re lightweight too. It’s because keychain multi tools tend to be really small. Some have a length of less than three inches when closed compared to a good six to seven inches of other multi tools out there.

One-piece multi tools

Of all the multi tools one-piece versions are the simplest and most lightweight. One-piece multi tools are literally made from one small piece of either steel or titanium. The material is designed in a way to provide some basic tools and functionality. Since one-piece multi tools are pretty small, they also have limited tools to offer. But they offer the best advantage if you need a small pry tool.

Pocket multi tools

Another type of multi tool are the pocket ones. These tools look similar to their folding cousins. They are geared more to have the classic look of the popular Swiss Army Knife. Most of the time, pocket multi tools do not have any pliers or scissors because of their limited size.

Wallet multi tools

Multi tools of this type are usually very functional, very thin, and very affordable. Wallet multi tools usually have a bottle opener as its basic tool. You may also find some others with wrenches. Rulers and some thin blade are also usual additions. Since wallet multi tools are ultra-thin, they’re something that you can literally slip into your wallet.

Specialty multi tools

There are cases when you need a multi tool for just a specific activity. Some manufacturers make specialty multi tools. These are usually tailored for tactical use, hunting, fishing, or even firearm maintenance. Other variations may also be available depending on the activity you have in mind.

Multi Tool Brands

Out of all the multi tool manufacturers, we choose the three makers of the best multi tools on the market.


Without a doubt, Leatherman is the granddaddy of all multi-tools – multi-purpose or not. The geniuses behind the Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. are college friends’ Tim Leatherman and Steve Berliner. Since its foundation in 1983, Leatherman has continued to make high-quality tools. The company’s fundamental principles are to deliver excellent products and provide superior customer service. This helped them stay on top of their business. Their devotion to provide not just stylish but quality products is a testament to their commitment.


Gerber was actually founded before Leatherman in 1939. It’s a brand that has long been relevant and has reached far and wide into the world. However, Gerber’s popularity was overshadowed when Leatherman came into the business. Still, they’re the first makers of quality Gerber Gear multi tools to cater to a wide variety of customers. What made Gerber even more famous is that their products are backed by a lifetime warranty. Today, Gerber Gear has once more flourished with their innovative and quality multi tool offerings.


Compared to Leatherman and Gerber, Swiss+Tech is new to the multi tool market. In fact, they first introduced their multi tool products in 1996. But thanks to the ingenuity of their products’ design, Swiss+Tech made it in the category of the best multi tool manufacturers. Swiss+Tech has patented their own quick-release mechanism making them a success in the business. Now, they make some of the most compact and lightest multi tools ever found on the market. They also provide a lifetime warranty on their multi tools.

Overview of the Top 5 Product Models & Selecting the Best Products

Finding the Top 10 Products

Overview of the Top 5 Products

If you’re having a hard time finding the top rated multi tools on the market, here are our top 5 choices based on the highest customer ratings and reviews.

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Surprisingly, the Gerber Shard is one of the best rated multi tools on the market right now. It deserves praise as a one-piece tool with just the right essentials. It’s virtually corrosion-resistant thanks to its nitride coating. More than it, it’s very lightweight. The unique design of the Shard also makes it one of the best small multi-tools.

Why, it takes a very simple yet functional design. It comes with a pry bar tip, something that not all multi tools have. The bottle opener of the Shard is very easy to use, too. One of its ends has a Philips screwdriver tip which is quite unique given its 3D design. Other tools include small and medium flat drivers.

Leatherman Wave

The Leatherman Wave is another one of the best multi tools on the market. Compared to most multi tools, the Wave has more utility tools to offer. It has 17 tools made from premium 420 high carbon stainless steel. So it’s stronger than regular stainless steel. It has better performance too even with rugged use.

It doesn’t look silver at all with a Black Oxide finish. You don’t have to worry about the Wave’s pieces coming loose with Leatherman’s locking mechanism. Another extra that you might appreciate is the nylon and leather sheath that comes with a lanyard attachment. Besides, it’s a tool that you can operate with just one hand. It’s pretty convenient when you have your one hand full.

LEATHERMAN Skeletool CX Multitool

Another good multi too from Leatherman is the Skeletool CX. It’s an improvement from the earlier Skeletool with better features. Of course, Leatherman retained the unusual asymmetrical design of the original Skeletool. So it has better ergonomics. One of the best features of the CX is that it’s made of “super steel” or the 154CM steel.

It’s better and stronger than high-carbon steel which is what most multi tools are made of. Leatherman also coated the Skeletool CX with a Tunsgten Diamond-Like-Coat to make it resistant to scratch and wear. All of CX’s tools are accessed externally. The ingenious Bit Drive Technology lets you personalize the CX’s tools according to your needs. As an improvement over the original Skeletool - the CX is more comfortable, has excellent tool pieces and is very portable.

Swiss+Tech ST53100 Polished SS 19-in-1 Micro Pocket Multitool (1)

The Swiss+Tech Micro has more tools than any other multi tool combined on this list. As a 19-in-1 tool, the Micro Max is very versatile. It’s an affordable choice too; something that would definitely appeal to those who have a limited budget. While most easy-to-carry tools on the market are affordable, the Swiss+Tech Micro Max has the advantage of being more than a dozen tools.

It’s a perfect tool for the ultimate repair junkie and outdoors man. All the tools come with self-locking and quick-release mechanisms. So using the Micro Max multi tool is a breeze. It even comes with a hex wrench and a hand drill. The kicker though? It has a lifetime warranty from Swiss+Tech.

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Gerber is another popular brand when it comes to making the best multi tool. The Dime is pretty much legendary because it was said to be better than Leatherman’s banner multi-tools, the Squirt PS4. The Gerber Dime is a keychain tool with a length of just 2.75 inches when closed and has all the essential tools. Need it for cutting? The Dime has solid scissors and pliers to offer.

Tools of the Dime are spring-loaded as well so launching each one is very easy. The Dime has one of the best multi tool blades as well. The clam-shell cutter is a new addition. It comes very handy especially for those products with stubborn packaging. With a stylish finish and a competitive price, the Dime is indeed a good steal for a multi tool.

Multi Tool Buying Guide

While it’s definitely tough to choose just one multi tool, there are certain factors that you might want to look for when picking your choice. These are:

Number of Tools – Multi tools can have a limited number to a whopping 20 tools in one go. The best multi tools out there are usually in between. Some multi tools offer just 5 to 7 tools but they’re the basic essentials. Others provide more than a dozen tools which is pretty handy just in case you need a specific tool for any repair project.

Knife blade – Every multi tool has a different knife blade. Blades depend on whether you need a hunting knife, a survival knife, or just plain pocket knife. There are also multi tools which comes with multiple blades or just one. Blade design matters, too. Some carries a plain edge sharp blade, others have it serrated, or a combination of both.

Ergonomics - Not every tool will fit perfectly in your hand. Since everyday carry tools come in all shapes and sizes, picking the right one would entirely depend on what you need. You should also test the level of comfort that the multi tool provides to ensure that you can work with it comfortably. The best multi tools will not just have the right ergonomics for your hand. They should also come with extra features like resistant coatings. This will help eliminate frequent cleaning or premature wear.

Price – Multi tools are often affordable. However, you should be aware that some multi tools are a bit more expensive than others. One good example is multi tools from Leatherman. It’s fine though since they offer the best quality when it comes to their multi tools. Specialty multi tools also tend to be costly which is just expected given their special use.​


At this point, you probably know what is the best multi tool for your needs. Just remember that choosing the best tool will depend on what you need and what you’ll use it for. An everyday carry multi tool is a very good investment because it will always come in handy. So whether it’s a Leatherman, a Gerber or a Swiss+Tech getting your own multi tool today is worth the investment.

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