What is the Best Pocket Multi Tool?

best pocket multi tool

For the ultimate adventurer, a pocket multi tool is a must. Carrying a behemoth of a tool is no fun especially if you plan on walking for a long time.

A pocket multi tool is just the right piece of equipment to bring if you’re planning on spending the day backpacking into wherever. So it’s a must that you have one if you want to survive the great outdoors.

When it comes to picking out the best pocket tool, you’d come across several models like Gerber, Leatherman, and Swiss+Tech to name a few. In this post, we’ve selected some of the best multi tool from those models and a few more to help you pick your own.

Leatherman - Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

On top of the list is the Wingman Multi-Tool by Leatherman. Made from stainless steel, this tool is lightweight but very durable. The Leatherman Wingman comes with 14 tools. You get a combo knife, spring action tools like scissors, needlenose and regular pliers, and a slew of other tools in one. You also get screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, and wood and metal files.

Leatherman also improved the Wingman with a 420 high-carbon stainless steel. Which is meant for high production tooling. It’s very handy and can be operated with just one hand thanks to the innovated spring-action jaws. Given the durability and versatility of the Leatherman, you can consider it the best multitoolfor backpacking. It also comes with a 25-year warranty so you get to enjoy the best of this tool for a very long time.

Swiss+Tech ST53100 Polished SS 19-in-1 Micro Pocket Multitool

Next to Leatherman is the Swiss+Tech Micro Pocket with 19 multi tools to boot. Compared to the Wingman, the Swiss+Tech Polished comes with hex wrenches, a wire crimper, rulers, and a hand drill. It’s a great gift for men and is very much ideal for outdoor use like camping and hunting.

Swiss+Tech used the same durable yet lightweight solid stainless steel with this pocket tool. On top of that, you get a lifetime warranty on this product which easily makes it one of the best pocket multi tool out on the market. Swiss+Tech also used their patented quick-release and locking system so you can use just about any key ring with their Micro Max tool.

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Third on our list of the best pocket multi tool is the Dime from Gerber. The latter is known for producing pocket knives. The Dime is a tad better because it comes with a package of everyday carry tools that you can put on your keychain. What makes the Gerber Dime great is that it has great spring action. This allows you to use every tool on the Dime without much fuss.

The bottle opener, pliers, and solid scissors are some of the best tools you'd find on the Dime. That's according to customer reviews. The knife comes with a double ground too with a stubby end rather than a pointed one.

Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi-tool Pocket Knife

With a mouthful for a name, the Premium Heavy Duty multi tool from Fire Talon can be considered as the best backpacking multi tool on this list. It comes with a unique addition: LED flashlights. Not all multi tools have this feature. It’s just perfect whenever you have to camp out frequently at night and need some illumination when you have to work tinkering around in the dark.

The Fire Talon multi tool is made with a black oxide stainless steel. It looks very stylish and somewhat unique from the silvery color of most stainless steel tools. They also offer a lifetime warranty like Swiss+Tech. This multi tool has built-in rubber inlays for a comfortable, secure-grip handle and a nylon sheath for safekeeping.

Gelindo Premium Pocket Multitool

Last is the Premium Pocket Multitool from Gelindo. Surprisingly, this pocket multi tool has a lot to offer with 15 tools integrated in one. This one even comes with a saw! The Gelindo multi tool deserves consideration with its heavy-duty construction engineered to be high-quality. It performs well for quick fixes whether you might be fishing, camping, or out on the road.

Just like other pocket multi tools on this list, the Gelindo Premium used stainless steel for a durable build. It’s compact, too. More than that, it comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Gelindo also added a few extras you would love like the belt pouch and sheath to keep and protect your pocket multi tool.


With a pocket multi tool at hand, you can easily attend to repairs and do quick fixes wherever you are. It’s frustrating when you don’t have the right tools when things happen. But not when you have one of these tools. With the best multi pocket tool, you’ll never be without the right tools again to get the job done. Besides, pocket multi tools are always handy and provide you the versatility of having many tools all at ones. If you want the best multi tool pocket knife, go for Leatherman. For the most tools, Swiss+Tech would be your choice.

Now that the choices have been laid out for you, which of these toolsappealed the most to you? Let me know!

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