Yeti Coolers Review – An Overview of The Best Cooler Brands

yeti coolers review

Without a doubt, Yeti tops the list when it comes to the best cooler brands. To prove Yeti’s worth. We looked out for some Yeti coolers review and Yeti ice chest reviews to help you decide which of Yeti’s coolers is the best for you.

You could say that this post is a Yeti comparison of their best coolers. There are other coolers you may want to try, though. But you can read more about them in our other posts.

Ready to get started on our Yeti cooler comparison? Here we go...

1. Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler Blue

First on this list is the smaller Yeti Roadie cooler with a 20 quarts capacity. You’d think that the Roadie 20 is the best price Yeti cooler given its small size. But it’s not. Still, this would be the best size Yeti cooler for you if you’re looking for a personal cooler.

The Roadie can easily help you carry 14 cans of drinks – which is just enough to keep you for 2-3 days out when you camp on your own. This cooler is grizzly proof with bear-proof locks and has the strength of a kayak. It’s No Sweat Design and thick walls also ensures optimum ice retention.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Next up is the Yeti Tundra. The Tundra series is the one you should look for if you want the best deal on Yeti coolers. This is because the Tundra series is available in various sizes. Price increases together with cooler sizes so it’s best for you to determine whether you’d like to have a large or smaller cooler before buying.

The Tundra got an almost perfect score on Yeti coolers review. With its durable construction just like a whitewater kayak, the Tundra will definitely last you a long time. The pressure injected PermaFrost insulation ensures excellent ice retention that only Yeti can provide.

Yeti Coolers - Yeti Hopper Cooler

Next up on this Yeti coolers comparison is the Yeti Hopper. The Hopper Yeti is a made of a DryHide 840D nykon shell with ColdCell rubber foams for maximum ice retention. It's a zip-type cooler that is best fit for camping and hiking use. What makes the Hopper a good choice is that it's durable, portable, and performs well at keeping your drinks cold and cool.

Puncture-resistant and leak-proof, the Hopper uses no ordinary zippers. Yeti's Hydrolock Zipper ensures that your Hopper cooler is sealed tight. The tapered design of this portable cooler also allows you to carry it with ease and comfort wherever you go.

Yeti Tundra 50 Quart Coooler

Second to the last is another Tundra cooler by Yeti. This one has a capacity of 50 quarts which can carry more packs of drinks especially if you’re planning to stay longer outdoors. It’s the best Yeti cooler size for an activity like a multi-day camping or hiking. This 50-quart cooler is worth the investment since it comes withPermaFrost insulation.

So you’re sure to keep your drinks cold for days on end. Its rotomolded construction makes this cooler nearly indestructible, too. Yeti also added some extra cool features like military-grade Doubehaul Handles and a No Sweat Design. The Bearfoot Non-Slip Feet ensures that your Tundra cooler stays put wherever you might place it.

Last on our Yeti coolers review is the 100-quart Tundra cooler. You can consider this one to have the best price for Yeti coolers due to its large capacity to storage ratio. Yeti coolers might be expensive but this huge cooler will make every penny you spent on it worth it. Thanks to its large size, you can easily keep 65 cans of beer in this cooler or use the space if you want to go out fishing.

It’s a cooler best designed for avid fishers who go out on long water expeditions. Given that it’s a cooler brand by Yeti, you can well expect the durable rotomolded construction and excellent ice retention. Other notable features also include the Vortex Drain System and No Sweat Design.


There are a whole lot of other coolers out there – no shortage to choose from. Pelican, Grizzly, and Orca to name a few. But Yeti tops them all on quality. I have a Yeti 50 for my fishing boat and wouldn’t ever consider using anything less. It seemed expensive at first but when I consider how many years I’ve used this cooler it seems cheap now! It’s held up so well it nearly looks new and still keeps everything at exactly the temperature I need.

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