Best Fidget Toys for ADHD

What are the best fidget toys for ADHD? This can be a very difficult question to answer. The reason is because ADHD impacts different people in different ways. It’s very individual. 

Some people are helped by keeping their fingers busy. Some are helped with a whole hand intervention. Some are more interested in ‘driving’ something around a table. Each distraction can help the ADHD person focus, but they have to decide which is the right one for them.

Personally I think this fidget toy is probably one of the best fidget toys for ADHD because it’s so versatile. It has elements of a spinner, you can drive it around the table (my favourite) and it has elements of both a cube fidget and an infinity fidget. 

For younger boys this would be my go to recommendation.  This is actually one of my top recommendations for teens and men as well. There are a lot of meetings that are not all that interesting when you grow up. This fidget is one that really helps.

Spinners are wonderful time passers. I still spin pens and still drop them causing distraction and upset looks from other people in the meeting. Having a smooth spinning distraction like this will help calm ADHD concerns with unpredictable motions so your hands don’t get bored.

I like this one because it looks elegant and professional. It’s quiet and doesn’t look anything like a child’s toy. It fits well into my pocket and is accessible when I need it.


There is an ONO for you!! Made to fit perfectly in your hand this ADHD fidget toy engages your whole hand to make sure that there are never idle fingers. It rolls smoothly and feels great when engaged. The rolling is smooth and mostly silent. 

The only downside is that the ONO is a little bit heavy and the repetitve motion can be a strain on the forearm. 

My daughter got this one for her birthday. My wife LOVED it. It’s an infinity flipper. It’s similar to an infinity box but MUCH smaller. Think keychain sized. The flips are very smooth. The rubber bands give it a very satisfying feeling in the fingers with great interplay between the metal and the bands.

You can also drive this one around the table, but it’s not nearly as satisfying as the sprocket Fidget.  Like the sprocket though, this fidget is durable and engaging. It’s small, but mighty!

What happens when you’re not sure which fidget is right for you? Do you want a spinner or an infinity cube?  A button centric adhd fidget or 

What makes the best fidget toys for ADHD is really up to the individual. There are people who like to spin pens or rip up paper. There are people who pick the skin or nails on their fingers. All sorts of habits that can be helped with the right kind of fidget. 

Sometimes getting a comprehensive pack that comes with a lot of different things to try is exactly what you need. That’s what this box delivers. 56 different fidgets with different styles being highlighted. 

You will be able to find the fidget that works for you in this box, I’m sure. Maybe you’ll find a few options.

Once you find the best fidget toys for ADHD for yourself it will help you focus or break the hand-picking habit you’ve been nursing. 

These ADHD fidgets are a tool to help you achieve your goals. They can’t do it for you, but they can help you replace a “bad” behaviour with one that isn’t as harmful to you. They will also help you to focus.

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