Best Camping Mattress for Couples: An Overview

The best camping mattress for couples will give you the comfort of your bedroom at home —wherever you pitch your tent! These days, I wouldn’t camp without a quality air mattress. Rather than sacrifice the comfort of a night’s sleep together, these mattresses bring me and my wife as close as we want while we slumber beneath the stars.

Determining the best mattress option will depend on what you and your partner need for the ideal night’s rest—even out in the wilderness! Below, I’ve listed some different camping mattresses that’ll suit your sleep style, budget, and campsite.

Don’t worry: the days of those bulky, breath-filled mattresses that deflate overnight are gone. These are all so easy to set up and comfortable for my wife and I that I get tempted to roll them out at home, too!

I like this mattress as an entry point for someone looking for the best camping mattress for couples. While it’s a more affordable option, it doesn’t neglect what a couples-sized air mattress should do. 

Not only do me and my partner fit comfortably on it, but it’s also highly portable. If you’re hiking, it’s a very light addition to the backpack. I love the pump bag! It saves a lot of energy when you’re inflating the mattress, without taking up a lot of extra room. Everything, including a handy repair kit, fits in a compact bag. With this mattress, you’re getting a lot more than just a cozy bed for a great price.

I consider this mattress to be similar to the previous product, but with a few key upgrades. While it’s about the same length and width—perfect for two people—the Elegear mattress is slightly thicker. If you’re doing backwoods camping, I’d recommend getting a thicker option like this for added insulation. And even so it still only weighs five pounds, making it easy to bring along.

Aside from that, this budget-friendly mattress has two built-in features that are useful if you’re trying to pack light. Firstly, it has a foot pump that makes it ready to use in just a couple of minutes. It also has incorporated, ergonomic pillows. If you tend to forget things, like me, this mattress has your bases covered!

Another product from Hikenture, this double-sized sleeping pad is the best camping mattress for couples that are willing to spend more for added comfort. Here we have an added foam layer that both insulates you and supports your sleeping positions a lot better. Even as a taller man, I never struggle with finding a comfortable position when my wife and I sleep on this mattress!

With the added foam, this mattress is heavier to carry around, and there’s no features like built-in pillows. However, it still comes with the convenient pump sack and compact bag. If you’re not concerned with portability, I’d recommend this as an all-around upgrade from the ones we’ve looked at so far!

You might balk at a more traditional air mattress, but hear me out. In the past, even the best camping air mattress for couples would still end up deflating or punctured and they were often a pain to inflate. But not only is this queen-sized mattress durable and resistant to sagging, it has a built-in pump that makes it ready-to-use in seconds.

As much as I love being able to share a bed with my wife while we’re camping, sometimes I want just a bit more space. And just like my mattress at home, this fits to the contours of my body and keeps me far away from the cold ground. So if you have a big enough tent, I’d highly recommend this!

Another sleeping pad-style option with a foam layer, this double mattress is one of the thickest available on the market. With 4.5 inches between you and the ground, this is the best camping mattress for couples that want to enjoy all four seasons in comfort!

I like the fabric used on the surface, too. Unlike some air mattresses, this doesn’t squeak and rub, so I never wake up when my wife is changing positions.

Due to the size, I find that this mattress can be difficult to deflate and pack up again for storage. I’d recommend bringing an electric pump along if you want a frustration-free experience!

In the past, camping with my wife used to mean spending a night carefully balancing our weight on the air mattress to avoid sagging down onto the cold ground. Or worse, we realized we forgot a pump and had to hike back to the car! Thankfully, there’s so many options now that bring us together with simple set-up, portability, and handy built-in features.

Across the different options available, I find the best camping mattress for couples will depend on the context I’m using it in. Some are better for comfort in all weather, some are best if I’m hiking a long distance with my bed strapped to my back. But all of these mattresses prove that, while camping may be about leaving behind certain luxuries at home, you don’t need to sacrifice the comfort of sleeping in the arms of your partner!

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