Cooler Series: Orca Cooler Review and Guide

orca cooler review

From one of our previous posts, we made some Grizzly cooler reviews to help you choose which of the Grizzly coolers are best fit for your cooler needs. In this post, we will review another high-end and quality cooler maker – Orca.


Just like with Yeti, Pelican, and other known cooler brands, Orca coolers are made by and for people who love the outdoors.


This Orca cooler review will show you a list of Orca coolers that will be your best friend when you go out hunting, hiking, or fishing.


You’ll also find that coolers from Orca are some of the best. Thanks to their quality make and build that is at par with other high-end brands.

ORCA Extra Heavy Duty Cooler

On our first spot is a very durable cooler from Orca – the Extra Heavy Duty Cooler. With this cooler, you can ensure maximum ice retention to keep your drinks and goods cold for a long time.


Orca's lid gasket makes for a perfect airtight seal. The cooler also feels comfortable to transport with its ergonomic flex grip handles.


Need more space for added storage? This Extra Heavy Duty Cooler comes with a cargo net attachment, too.


It's a keeper if you want a cooler with Yeti's quality for a lesser price. Of course, you should expect a higher price if you want a cooler with a larger capacity. Still, this Orca cooler that is Extra Heavy Duty would be a good investment for you.

Skywalker 8 foot jump n dunk

The second best cooler on this Orca coolers reviews is Orca's cooler with a lid and bottom. As usual, Orca made this cooler durable with a roto-molded construction.


The integrated insulation of the Orca cooler with lid and bottom makes it one of the coolers with the best ice retention feature. It seems that the airtight lid gasket and cargo net attachment are standard features from Orca, too.


The lid and bottom Orca cooler has extendable flex grips which makes handling it easy. It's also bear proof so it's rated safe for your outdoor use. One customer who officially made an Orca cooler review even said that this cooler is comparable to the Yeti 40-quart cooler. It's a big plus given that this cooler just only has a 26-quart capacity.

Third on the spot is the 40-quart BW040 model Orca cooler. Just like other Orca coolers, this one has a roto-molded build.


The tight lid gasket makes for a perfect and airtight seal so you can keep ice and drinks cooler for much longer.


This cooler comes with flex grip handles too for comfortable and easy transport. You also get an extra cargo net attachment if you ever need more space for storing your things. What sweetens the deal even more is that the Orca BW040 is under Orca’s lifetime guarantee. Other notable features of the BW040 cooler is its drainage spout with easy flow feature.

We do not have any more Orca cooler to review for our last two spots. But just like Orca, our next two products are at par when it comes to quality and performance.

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Compared to the first three Orca coolers review on this list, the Igloo Yukon Cooler has the highest capacity offering so far at 50 quarts. If you’re price conscious, this cold locker cooler would fit your budget since it’s affordable for its size. It has some great features to offer, too. For one, the Igloo Yukon comes with an integrated measuring tool on the lid, a fish keeper scale.


This is perfect if you constantly fish. It also has a durable roto-molded construction just like with Orca coolers. Igloo made this cooler very efficient with an oversized drain plug tethered for easy cleaning and draining. Unlike the usual two-inch thick insulation of other cooler brands, Igloo makes theirs with three inches. So you can be sure of its ice retention performance.

On our last spot for this Orca cooler reviews is the Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler by Coleman. Just like the Igloo Yukon cooler, this one has a capacity of 50 quarts.


What makes the Xtreme Coleman a good choice for a cooler is that it’s stylish, durable, convenient, and of good quality. Because it has wheels, this cooler is convenient to carry wherever you want to go.


The new and stylish outer casing makes it very chic looking too. The side handles makes for controlled carrying if you need to transport it. What’s more, this cooler is multi-purpose, too!


The Have-A-Seat trademark lid of Coleman allows you to sit on it. It can support weight for as much as 250lbs. The Xtreme 5 Technology makes this cooler retain ice efficiently for up to 5 days.


All the products on this Orca cooler review can be considered a good choice. Each one has the best quality to offer from build to ice retention. What you might want to consider is the price, though.


Still, all of Orca's products are fairly affordable when compared to other brands like Yeti. What I can say is that, Orca's coolers are definitely best for outdoorsmen. With their trademark build and performance quality, getting an Orca coolers would be a good investment.

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