Yogarr The Yoga Based Board Game for Kids and Parents!

I play Yogarr with my kids at least once a week. My kids are 6 and 9 and they LOVE it. Not because it’s a yoga work out (it can be!), but because they can easily beat me in this game. 

The premise of the game is simple. You draw a card and it depicts some kind of placement for the bean bag parrots. For every parrot you successfully place you get a gold dabloon. In one turn you can earn up to six. The game is pirate themed, so it also has eye patches. I have used the eye patches a few times and for a Dad sized head i’ll say they’re a little tight. My son wore an eye patch over each of his eyes the other night and then felt his way from his room to his sister’s room to show his mum, so this game has comedy value as well. 

There are more card options than what is shown in the image above, but they are all fun and mostly easy. On card that deserves special mention is the YoGaRR card. When you draw it you need to say ‘YoGaRR” out loud in a pirate-y way.  My kids do a good job of giving a hearty “YoGaRr!”

In order to get your gold dabloons your parrot must sit on your shoulder (or wherever the card says) for 3 seconds.

At first my kids were strict adherers to the rules. Then it all went out the window when they wanted to maximize their gold dabloons. They were tucking parrots in their sleeves, in the necks of their t-shirts, in their waistbands!  All to get 6 gold dabloons per turn. So I did all the moves lying down. Check. Mate.  We all were winners though because it’s more about having fun than it’s about winning. For now. 🙂

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