Which Leatherman is the Best Leatherman Multi Tool?

The Leatherman Tool Group has a long history of providing high quality tools that you won’t find anywhere else. There are a lot of manufacturers which tried making everyday carry tools similar to Leatherman but nothing can top the quality and reputation that Leatherman has had for a very long time. With this in mind, we get to review the best Leatherman multi tools available right now on the market. Some of these tools are small. Others are available in full-size. Some are a tad heavier than others. But however different – or similar – these tools are, Leatherman definitely has the right multi tool for your needs.

Leatherman - Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

First on our list of the best Leatherman tool is the Wingman. This multi tool got the highest and the best Leatherman reviews of the bunch. Like all other Leatherman tools, the Wingman is made of durable 420 high-carbon stainless steel. This assures you that the Wingman is a quality tool that can take whatever you use it for.

It’s also the second most affordable multi tool in the bunch. As a multi tool, the Wingman features 14 tools to help you fix things. Its scissors are its best feature, though. Each tool is easy to access in one hand. The wingman uses spring-action jaws which is newly-designed by Leatherman.

LEATHERMAN Skeletool CX Multitool

Next up is the Skeletool CX by Leatherman. This one is actually an improvement of a predecessor, the Skeletool sans CX. Compared to other multi tools from the Leatherman series, the Skeletool CX is an improvement that comes with unique features. It’s still made of stainless steel but it’s stronger because it’s the 154CM steel also known as “super steel.”

It comes with a handle made of carbon-fiber so the CX is a combination of stylish black and silvery stainless steel. It’s coated with Tungsten Diamond-Like-Coating or DLC so it’s scratch resistant. Just like the Wingman, the CX’s tools can be accessed externally. The unique Bit Driver Technology also allows you to customize the CX to fit the job you want to use it for.

Leatherman Skeletool

On the third spot is the predecessor of the CX, the Skeletool. There’s a good reason why the CX took up the second spot. It’s because of the craftiness of the Skeletool’s design. As an everyday carry tool, the Skeletool only features 7 tools. But they’re the most basic tools you’d need for the most common repair jobs. The Skeletool is one of the lightest multi tools in the market weighing only five ounces. It’s a full-size multi tool with an asymmetrical design for ergonomics and better handling comfort. Instead of a sheath, you get a carabineer clip to keep the Skeletool close at all times whenever you need it.

Leatherman Wave

The fourth best Leatherman multi tool on this list is the Wave. Thanks to its full-size and many tools, the Wave is one of the most popular pocket tools by Leatherman. With its full size, the Wave’s tools are far larger and better equipped at taking rugged repair tasks than its “brothers.” The fact that it holds 17 tools makes it your ideal everyday carry tool to bring whether you’re just out driving, hunting, or camping. All of the tools are secured with a locking mechanism and can be operated by one hand. Aside from the sturdy 420HC stainless steel make of this multi tool, Leatherman added a Black Oxide finish as well for a more stylish look

Leatherman - Squirt® Ps4

Last on our list for this Leatherman multi tool review is the Squirt PS4. Of all the multi tools on this list, the Squirt PS4 is the smallest and most compact. It’s also the most affordable compared to the other multi tools’ prices. The Squirt has more to offer than the Skeletool and CX with 9 tools. Just like other Leatherman tools, the PS4 sports a 420HC stainless steel tooling for a durable construction. Leatherman also added the long-wearing and lightweight 6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum. This adds strength without adding to the weight of the PS4. As a miniature multi tool, it’s the perfect gift for young boys if you want to start them early with having their own multi tool.


Taking your pick of the best Leatherman can be tough given that all of their multi tools have the best of quality on the market. Still, each Leatherman tool is made to provide your specific needs. All pocket multi tools from Leatherman are covered by a 25 year warranty. It’s not a lifetime warranty but it’s close. It’s a great warranty because you get a new replacement or an even better model as a replacement for your multi tool if you have a valid warranty claim. Leatherman stands behind their products and their products rarely let them down. I know that I use my Skeletool CX every day and it’s been at least 3 years now that I’ve been carrying it. It’s wellworth the small investment to be a prepared dad.

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