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As a tech enthusiast I’ve followed Kodi since it was XBMC. I have used an original xbox controller as the original best remote for xbmc. I’ve used a phone app and a bluetooth keyboard as well. But finding the best kodi remote doesn’t need to take a long time. You don’t need to do a lot of testing – just make sure you have a list of requirements for your remote.

Sometimes the best htpc remote is the absolute simplest bluetooth remote that gives you only barebones control over the media. Others give a full range of control to your whole media center. But i’ll be focusing on the best remotes for Kodi in this article. So let’s dive in and see what the best kodi remotes you can get on Amazon!

1. Febite MX3 Pro

best kodi remote

This multifunction wireless mini keyboard is much more than a simple remote. It packs an IR blaster, an Air mouse and 2.4ghz connection.

The Air mouse on this remote is rated for 3 gyro and 3 gsensor giving access to full vertical and horizontal operational modes. Great for gaming on current Android boxes if your Kodi install happens to be on an Android box! This remote also packs a handy full QWERTY keyboard right on the back.

I love having access to a full keyboard when searching for specific media within my collection. Finally the IR blaster make this a great remote to use with older systems. It will learn up to 5 keys from other remotes so you can easily program the most important shortcuts to this remote. I don’t think it could replace a full system remote – it’s too specialized for that. But it will absolutely make your media easier to manage from the couch.

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2. Rii Wireless Remote

best remote for kodi

The Rii remote reminds me of the Harmony remotes they use to sell in the early 2000’s. It was novel then to have a full keyboard but now it’s almost a necessity. Between searching through netflix or trying to effectively browse your spotify que, you need an easily recognizable keyboard and this provdes a great keyboard experience.

You get a mouse button (both left and right click on different buttons) as well as a swipe pad that makes interacting with the display that much easier. You need a USB port to operate this mouse, but installation is typically as simple as plugging in the USB and restarting the box. The Rii comes in multiple colors including black, blue, white gold and green. For the price and versatility the Rii offers it’s a steal! But I remember when Harmony remotes were $600 (The Rii is NOT $600).

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3.  Ortek Windows 7 XP Media Center Remote + IR Receiver

best remote for xbmc

Call me nostalgic, but this is actually my current Kodi remote set up! I bought this remote originally a few years back – when the raspberry pi first became popular and I wanted to create an HTPC from one. I digress. I love that this adds an IR blaster to the Nexus Player. I love that it is made to be the best remote for Kodi because it has so many buttons that come pre-mapped. You can add quick launch apps with the top 4 buttons (although I admit, i haven’t set this up. Way too busy for that).

The big circle in the middle is a mouse emulator and the buttons above either side are right and left click respectively. On my Nexus player the big green button is the ‘home’ button. It worked directly after adding the adaptor (link to other blog post) and rebooting the player without any further configuration – ture plug and play. You don’t get any of the airmouse features on this remote but it’s a very clean way to have one of the best kodi remotes sitting on your coffee table.

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4. X-Strong Kodi Remote

best remote for kodi

The X-Strong remote is a stripped down simplified remote. It’s got the basics that you need for Kodi, but you’re not getting any bells or whistles with this one.

The plus for the X-Strong is keeping it simple. I really liked the remote that came with my Nexus Player. It’s simplicity was great. Nothing to get confused about. You get that kind of simplicity with this remote. No keyboard on the back and very clear pictures on the front.

Well worth the inexpensive price. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to have a usb slot open as you need the wifi receiver for this remote to function correctly.

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5.  LYNEC C120

best kodi remotes

The Lynec c120 looks like a stripped down simple remote but in fact you get quite a bit more with this one. For starters you get a full qwerty keyboard on the back. Great for Kodi – you can remap keys and use them for all sorts of quick functions. Great for an Android tv box in general because text input (particularly passwords) are much easier when done with a keyboard.

You also get a robust 6 directional gyroscope so you can use it as an airmouse or for a game controller for many of the android games available on current android boxes.

All in all the Lynec may not be the best kodi remote – but it’s absolutely a versatile remote that will do the job nicely.

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We’ve looked at 5 very different remote controls. They all suit different needs. Some would do just fine sitting on the family table to be picked up by anyone who wants to watch the streaming services. But others are supercharged versatile remotes that double as game controllers, mice and all sorts of other things. Let us know in the comments if you found a remote for you!

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