Looking for a Simple Nexus Player Remote Replacement?

best remote for xbmc

I absolutely LOVE my Nexus Player. It has quick and easy updates and a great user interface. I can sideload apps if I want to or I can keep it stock and it gets a really great netflix interface as well as Kodi Interface. All of that said, one of the biggest drawbacks I found with the Nexus player is the total inability (it seemed) to update or change the remote. You could use an app but even that started flaking out on me.

In this article I’ll tell you exactly how I found a GREAT nexus player replacement remote. One that I happen to think is the best IR remote available for android. And i show you how to use it with the Nexus Player.

Quite simply you’re going to buy these adaptors to make the USB dongle fit into the Nexus Player. The nexus player has a micro USB port on the back between the HDMI cable and the power cable. When you plug in the dongle you just purchased you can now plug in ANY remote that you could want. There are many to choose from. But I love the old school IR blaster type remote.

nexus player remote replacement

I found that I needed to install the dongle with the blaster / usb already plugged in BEFORE pushing in the HDMI.  Finishing off with the power cable.  Once you have installed the dongle and plugged it into the Nexus Player make sure you have a line of sight onto the blaster receiver. You’ll see when it registers a a button push because the red light will flash.  I did not need to do any modifications to anything  - the remote worked on the home screen and on the apps exactly the way I had hoped.

So if your android box remote is not working and you’re looking for the best ir remote for android look no further. You can pretty much use any remote that has a usb dongle with these great little adaptors and a Nexus player. You could use a 2.4ghz wifi remote with air mouse capabilities or you could use a remote that has a keyboard on the back for simple search entry. This opens up the whole world of remotes to the Nexus Player. 

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