Find out which one is the best Harmony Remote?!

How many peripherals do you have connected to your various entertainment systems in your house? I have a few large TV’s and they’re all complex machines with different sound systems and tv configurations. Even the console I have on each TV is different. So I needed a very customizable remote to handle these ever evolving entertainment systems. Enter Logitech’s Harmony remote. Now, the jury is still out on the best harmony remote, but I’ll break down which of the top 5 Harmony remotes are worthwhile and which are too expensive to bother with.

1. Logitech Harmony 650

Best Harmony Remote

I have this remote and it runs my main family room Tv set. Like every Harmony remote you can control up to 8 devices. The 650 has a display screen, but i’m not sure it really needs it.

The screen is helpful to display all of the original remotes programming if you haven’t mapped out the all of the original features to other buttons on the harmony remote. I do want to talk about setup. It is the same for most Harmony remotes, but they do have different software for different interfaces. It’s a little too much to go into here, but the setup is very simple once you install their software. You can find information on that here.

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2. Logitech Harmony Companion All In One Remote for Smart Home

Talking about a simplified remote the Logitech Harmony All In One Remote looks as simple and basic as they come. No screen, no real color contrast. Just a small little black remote.

I love this remote concept because it puts all of your remotes actions through a central hub. You can use your smartphone as a remote or use your harmony – and neither needs to be pointing at the tv. It will send the signals to the hub and the hub will relay those signals directly to the device. This remote could be a contender for best android remote control as it relays all of the commands through an IR blaster. You’ll have to make sure your android box supports an IR blaster if you’re going to go this route for an android box replacement remote.

This remote also includes smart home controls for such devices as Phillips Hue light or Nest Thermostats. I don’t have either of those devices, So I can’t properly comment on them. But the integrations are there and from everything I’ve seen they work very well.

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3.  Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR

best android universal remote

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR is a beast of a remote – and one of the best HTPC remotes for 2016. A fully customizable color screen you can swipe and tap to control all of your activities. Favorite channel icons to get to your favorite channel in one tap once you’re already watching TV and it works with up to 15 IR devices.

The Harmony Ultimate One comes with a lithium ion battery and a charging station. This is great for people who hate having to hunt for batteries. It will also help with cleanup at the end of the night. Just drop your remote into the charging cradle and it’s done.

This Harmony works well with Roku devices (test on roku 3) and it worked flawlessly. This remote was tested with a PS4 and other than not being able to turn it on (due to Sony Licensing issues) it worked perfectly with the PS4.

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4. Logitech Harmony Elite

best harmony remote

The most powerful and intuitive Harmony remote” The Harmony elite even works with Alexa for voice control. If you’re looking for the best tv remote for android, this just might be it. With a full color touch screen this simple to setup remote comes with a whole host of tools to make controlling your devices as simple as possible.

It includes the Harmony Hub which allows you to control IR devices inside cabinets! No need to have your cable or android boxes sitting out anymore. Alexa integration gives simple voice control features that are becoming standard across other entertainment boxes. This Harmony remote also gives access to smart home technology. Everything from Phillips Hue lights to Logitech also includes an app to connect giving your smartphone full remote control capabilities over your smart home. A criticism of this remote is that there are not many things listed as “smart home” devices – so the menu on that is kind of limited.

This remote is also able to be configured and updated without the use of a computer! This is a great step forward for logitech devices and i’m excited that they’re going in this direction! Many reviews of this remote are from longtime Harmony owners who have had their products before and want the absolute best harmony remote. One remote to rule them all. The elite is that remote.

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5.  Logitech Harmony Hub

Harmony Hub

The Harmony Hub works with Alexa to control your technology with your voice. Now, I haven’t tested this, but I hear it’s very good. The Hub allows you to control up to 8 devices and you can easily set up one touch control of all of your main activities. You can with one touch launch Netflix, dim your lights and have your surround sound system all come on at once. Talk about one of the best Harmony remotes.

The control interface is 100% your smartphone using the Harmony app. The app is very intuitive and will turn any smartphone in your home into a personal universal control. With ever expanding compatibility this could be a great advantage now and in the future.

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What makes the best harmony remote? Compatible with nearly everything and ease of setup and use are the top priorities when I’m looking for a remote control. Harmony might not be the best android box remote control, but for controlling your whole entertainment system and increasingly your whole home – no one makes a better product. Harmony is really covering their bases and adding compatibility to make their offer more and more attractive. You can buy an inexpensive Harmony 650 for simplicity and ease or invest a bit and pick up the absolute best harmony remote around: the Elite.

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