In Depth Leatherman Wave Review and Guide

For a long time now, Leatherman has been well-known for making quality pocket knives and multi tools. Their extensive product lines have remained some of the best on the market. For the ultimate outdoorsmen, having your own Leatherman is equivalent to owning shoes or a belt. It’s just a necessity.

It’s a handy tool to have for basic repairs when you get caught into the middle of nowhere. In this post, we get to have the Leatherman Wave review. It has been Leatherman’s most popular model off and on for a few years now. We’re just going to find out if the Wave deserves the praise and what great features are included.

Criteria for a great multi tool

Leatherman Wave

Nowadays, there are plenty of multi tools that you’ll find in the market. So what constitutes a great multi tool? Body build is definitely a factor to consider. No multi tool is worth considering if it has a plasticky or cheap build that won’t last one use. Design is also another factor. Some people like their multi tool to be stylish. Others want it simple.

Whatever your design inclination might be, the most important aspects of it are broken down into just one: portability. Great multi tools are not just filled with helpful tools. They’re very lightweight and compact, too. The use of stronger tools and other unique features are a big plus as well – but you’ll sacrifice on the weight aspect.

Product Overview

Leatherman 830039 Wave

In this Leatherman Wave review, we’re going to check out the best features of the Wave.

First off, you have the Wave has 17 tools in one. The Wave comes with all the basic tools you’d need to get by repairing loose screws or tinkering around while you’re out camping. It has two pliers, a needle nose and regular ones. There are also two wire cutters. Tired of using just a single knife? The Wave comes with two blades. One is a serrated blade and the other a clip-point knife. The seraded blade acting as a portable saw is a really cool feature. Small and large bit drivers are also included. There’s the usual metal and wood file, wire stripper, and scissors. A ruler is available as well together with a diamond-coated file. Something you should use for harder objects.

The kicker though? The stainless steel finish of this multi tool is already stylish; but with the addition of a 420 high carbon grade stainless steel, the Wave is as durable as and stronger than its competitors. The individual locking features of each tool is a sweet addition, too.

The Leatherman Wave includes a 25-year warranty. A guarantee that it’ll last you a long time – if not a lifetime.


Leatherman Wave2

Basically, our review on the Leatherman Wave showed that it has more advantages than not. It’s no wonder that the Wave is one of the most popular multi tools. It’s accessible blades, stronger build and safe locking features all combine for a perfect pocket tool. You also get some extras when you buy the Leatherman Wave. You get an attractive sheath made of a leather and nylon combination to keep your pocket tool safe. It also comes with a lanyard attachment if you want to keep it close to yourself at all times.

Another great feature of the Wave is that you don’t have to open it to access the blades. Using the interior tools is a breeze as well. The tools on the Wave have held up as well as regular full sized tools according to independent testers. The 25 year warranty ensures that you can get your tool repaired or replaced with a better multi tool by the Leatherman Tool Group.


Compared to other multi tools, the Leatherman Wave is much pricier. But the price is well-worth the investment anyway. You might find the irreplaceable wire cutters a disadvantage. The small bit driver can sometimes wear off easily if you don’t take care. Also, using a lanyard prevents the scissors from locking in place.

Here’s our quick breakdown of the Leatherman Wave review:

  • Product name/model: Leatherman Wave Multi Tool
  • Build construction: 420HC stainless steel
  • Function/tools: 17 tools
  • Extras: Leather-nylon sheath
  • Ergonomic: Yes
  • Portable and compact: Yes
  • Value for money: $$
  • Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars


The Wave has a durable and well thought out design. It’s the kind of tool that is best for everyone. It’s compact, sturdy, and very functional. The handy tools it includes are also better than others. The very long lifetime warranty is a great point, too. So, is the Leatherman Wave worth it? Definitely!

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