Look No Further For The Best Instant Tent – Best Ones Around

Going on a camping trip? Then you should get started on getting your camping gear in order. Of course, making sure that you have the best instant tent when you’re heading out is a great idea. You get to skip a lot of the boring set up time and get straight to the enjoying.


The Coleman Instant tent may not be your idea of the best 1 person tent given that it fits 8 people. But it’s our best choice on this list. One, it’s very easy to set up. Obviously being an instant tent.

You also don’t have to worry about losing parts or having any of it coming loose. Each part of this Coleman tent stick together and all you really have to do is extend and wait for the snap and voila! You’ll have your tent in no time.

This instant tent is also tested under wet conditions and it held in making us dry. Ventilation? This one has plenty of windows and a little wind isn’t a problem. It’s very spacious too which is a big plus if you’re group camping.


Our second choice is kind of spacious given that it can house a maximum of 4 people. But if you love plenty of space, the Sundome would be the perfect choice for you. Set up takes about 10 minutes.

But this can be a lot faster if you have somebody to help you. The tent itself is screened so it’s ventilated very well. It’s also perfect when you wish to stargaze at night. For rainy days, Coleman included a rainfly for your protection.

The Sundome tent is high enough so putting up chairs is fairly comfortable. A queen size bed is also good if you want more sleeping comfort. This tent is good enough for two people with plenty of space to save.


Another best instant tent, the Coleman Cabin tent is very quick and easy to set up and take down. It’s the kind of instant tent that you can set up for less than 5 minutes, tops.

How? The process is as quick as this: unfold and extend. Then you walk inside the tent. Pretty cool and quick, right? The two large windows provide you with plenty of ventilation. There are zipped roof vents too. These are ideal if you’re going to go camping during the hot summer.

It would be your best one man tent if you want to have plenty of space for a queen-sized bed along with your camping gear.


The 6-person Ample tent from Lightspeed Outdoors is another good choice for a spacious instant tent. It’s perfect for family car camping trips, too. It’s not a Coleman but it’s almost as good.

It’s got reinforced zippers. The tent floors are made of waterproof tarp material. The stakes hooks and loops are toughly made, too. As an instant tent, the Ample tent is easy to set up and take down. If you camp out with a small group or your family, the size of this tent is just enough. It also held up well even in mild rains.

Harder rains seemed to be a bit more difficult for this tent. It sometimes got hot while all the windows were closed. It still kept us dry!


Last on our list is the Instant Cabin tent from CORE. It has a guaranteed 60-second setup so having this tent for a newbie would be easy. Set up time would be longer if you really have no idea how to do it.

It’s a good tent with plenty of space for two queen-beds or mattresses. But of course, it’s not without flaws. Firstly, with the zippers. They easily get caught in the flaps. Zipping up requires both your hands which you may not like.

Although it’s a 6-person tent, it’ll be more comfortable for 2-3 people. Especially if you want to camp out with the basic “comforts” of home like a bed. Can it withstand rain? Yes. But not an onslaught though.


And that is our top 5 list of the best instant tent you’ll find on the market today. There are plenty of other instant tents out there. But you may not find the same quality that Coleman tents provides. Or get the convenience that CORE and Lightspeed Outdoors tents offer. If you can’t make up your mind, you can always go for the trusted brands like Coleman. I, for one, have tried and tested Coleman. It’s one brand that won’t fail you too much from expectation. But of course, always explore your choices until you find the instant tent that best fits your needs.

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