Looking for a Yeti 35 Review? How About a 45 or 50 Review?

yeti 35 review

When it comes to the battle of the best ice coolers out there, Yeti coolers definitely top out onour list. We started with a Yeti 35 review. There have been plenty of contenders in the market. But the original Yeti still remains as the best provider of quality and heavy-duty coolers.

In this post, we will give you a quick review of some of Yeti’s best coolers yet. This way, you can choose which Yeti cooler is best for your fishing, hunting, tailgating, and other outdoor adventure.

So if you’re ready, here we go.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Starting this list is our Yeti 35 review. As usual, Yeti built the Tundra 35 like a tank to stay cool and cold inside despite hot weather conditions. The Tundra 35 is also fit for any type of rugged adventure due to its heavy-duty construction. With a rotomolded polyethylene frame, it’s every bit as strong as white water kayaks.

The decent size of this cooler is made even better with extra-thick walls to keep the insides colder for a longer time. The pressure injected PermaFrost insulation is a big help, too. It can also accommodate dry ice unlike other cooler brands that can only deal with regular ice.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Next up is the Yeti 45 review. Bigger than the Tundra 35 by 10 quarts, this cooler is just like the first Yeti cooler we reviewed. You’d find the same rotomolded construction. Which makes it nearly indestructible with its whitewater kayak strength. The PermaFrost insulation also ensures that it delivers Yeti’s reputation of the best ice retention.

The No-Sweat design of this cooler ensures that your cooler is kept dry too at all times on the outside. More than that, Yeti also added extra features that you’ll definitely enjoy. This includes like their very own Vortex drain system and Bearfoot non-slip feet. So far, the Yeti Tundra 45 quart best price can be found on sellers like Amazon.

Yeti Tundra 50 Quart Coooler

On the third spot is the bigger Tundra with a 50 quarts capacity. With this cooler, you get to stock up as much as 32 cans of beer or any drinks you want. Even then, you’d still have plenty of space for regular or dry ice. The Tundra 50 is rated durable and impact resistant given its sturdy rotomolded build.

The 50-quart Tundra comes with the trademark PermaFrost insulation of Yeti coolers. The same as other Tundra coolers on this list. The thick wall design looks to be a standard, too. With a gasket with freezer-quality design, you’re sure to keep the Tundra 50 shut tightly.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Next up is the Tundra 65. Even bigger than the first three Yeti coolers, you can easily stock 39 cans of drinks or keep a substantial amount of your catch fresh with this cooler. Yeti follows one standard in making their coolers of the best quality and the Tundra 65 is no different. It boasts of the same rotomolded construction and pressure injected PermaFrost for optimum cooling.

The airtight freezer grade gasket also ensures minimum air exchange so you can keep your goods cold and cool for as much as 10 days! The double T-latches of this cooler keeps it safe and secure, too. Besides that, it’s certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

Last up is the Tundra cooler with a 110 quart capacity. Obviously, this cooler has the biggest capacity among the Yeti coolers on this list. This cooler can help you store as much as 65 cans of drinks and still have space for ice. It’s the perfect cooler choice if you usually go outdoors with your friends or family and you need a big cooler to store up all the drinks you’d need.

Some of the customer reviews showed that the Tundra 110 allows you to buy “iciness” with money. Yeti does it very well with their PermaFrost insulation. The rotomoldedwhitewater kayak-build of this cooler makes it a very good choice, too.


Is it worth the investment to get yourself a Yeti cooler? Definitely!

Yeti delivers the best of their promises with their cooler products. They deserve the high praise for their cooler quality. Judging from customer reviews, like with the Yeti 35 review, a Yeti cooler is something you must have if you want a portable freezer-like cooler. Why not? You can easily bringa Yeti cooler wherever you want to go and camp out or fish on days on end. So what are you waiting for? Choose your kind of Yeti cooler now!

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