best mystery board games

Clue is among the best mystery board games ever created. It is a tabletop game that is entertaining and reasonably priced. A popular choice to enjoy with family and friends Clue board game is a timely classic that caters to all age groups, not forgetting that the main theme is solving a murder. A group of six can really dive into this fairly priced board game for a Friday night of fun and mystery solving.

While some of the titles on this list are simple, well-known classics, others have complex plots with rich characters and backstories. Let us go deeper and discuss this and other equally awesome mystery board games.

What are the best mystery board games?

Without the famous mystery game, Clue, no list of the best mystery board games would be complete. This child-friendly game is a typical whodunit in which you must figure out who committed murder, how they committed it, and where everything happened. Move across the rooms and utilize deduction to uncover the murder ahead of the other participants.

This is a low-cost mystery board game that grownups will enjoy just as much as children. It is highly ranked with superb reviews, making it a reliable choice for any gaming night. The decision is chosen randomly, but that will not make it any less entertaining when one of the players is found guilty. It is highly recommended for those people who enjoy solving puzzles, and even in this era of modern game design, this provides many hours of entertainment.

If you want to enjoy the best mystery board games, you must check out this award-winning title. This fast-paced five-star rated whodunit game presents 250 cards to enable you to switch up the game each time you play and keep things interesting.

There is a murderer and one forensic scientist in this game. The remaining characters are investigators collaborating to identify the murderer, thus solving the mystery. It is a little more complicated than Clue and involves deception and some strategy. Thus, the manufacturer recommends it for ages 14 and above.

Among the best mystery board games, this fascinating game brings the excitement of the escape room to your own home. In this countdown escape room game, you can play with as many as four other people. Players have been summoned to a haunted mansion to assist in the investigation of a crime. However, they are held captive when they arrive.

They must solve riddles in order to leave the mansion before the clock runs down. It is a one-time mystery board game that ends once you have solved it, yet, it is ideal for special events. Exit: The Sunken Treasure and Exit: The Abandoned Cabin are two spin-off versions that include differing degrees of difficulty.

This best-rated mystery board game incorporates elements of conundrum and gore. Players must construct their own haunted mansion within this deductive-style game and then attempt to flee alive. The game lasts around an hour and can accommodate three to six participants.

Move through rooms, uncovering the house’s mystery, but be cautious because one person may be enticed to join the evil side. The game necessitates teamwork while also asking players to be wary of traitors. It comes with 50 different scenarios, allowing you to play it multiple times.


These mystery board games are ideal for a fun evening with your pals if you enjoy investigating crimes and solving mysteries. Indeed, they are for the daydreamer who wants to be a detective or investigator. 

Playing mystery board games stimulates the intellect. They are the best board games available for honing your strategic thinking and logical reasoning abilities. Additionally, they promote pleasurable gaming nights and enjoyable group talks.

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