What Are the Best Girls Night Games

Are you spending some time with the girls this weekend? If so, you would need the best girls’ night games to spice up the night and make it memorable. Games have a way of introducing a unique type of fun to any space.

There are dozens of games you can play with the girls out there.  To ensure you have the best night with your friends, we have reviewed and listed some of the best games for girls night. Read on to see the best games you can play with your besties when your girlfriend’s gathering happens.

Best Girls Night Games

Cards Against Humanity is one of the top-selling and most popular games out there. This game is easy to play, fun-filled, and exciting, making it a great option for a wide audience of players. If you are looking to have a great time with your girlfriends, this is one of the best games to achieve that.

It supports 4 to 20 players, making it a great option for a bigger group. With support for such a large number of players, you and your friends will participate in the game actively without anyone being left out. The game comes with 100 black and 500 white cards for endless playability.

This game will turn your lack of social skills and mediocre personality into hours of fun. Each round, a player will ask a question from a black card, and the other players will answer with their funniest white card.


For The Girls is the ultimate girl’s night party game. If you are looking for a fun-filled game to brighten up your game night with the girls, we highly recommend this game. It is one of the best girls night games out there, designed for players 17 years and above. The game is suitable for 3+ players, which is great for larger gatherings.

The person with the highest Instagram followers will be the first to roll the die. After rolling the dice, the player will take a card corresponding to the side of the die facing up. Read the details on the card aloud to the group and perform the action on the card. Some actions involve only the player that picked the card, while others might involve the entire group. After the first player rolls the die and performs the action, the player to their right will be the next to roll the die.

Never Have I Ever is one of the few special girls night games. This special Girl’s Edition is designed to ensure you and your friend have the best night possible. Designed for 3-8 players, all your friends can participate in this fun and exciting girl’s game.

The game is for girls 17 years and above, and it is perfect for cracking up with your besties about the crazy lives you’ve lived. It is a game where you get rewarded for some of the most hilarious and worst decisions you’ve made. It comes with simple and clear instructions; you can learn the game in just a few minutes. The game is great for friends’ night-outs, parties, birthdays, sleepovers, etc.

If you are looking for a great conversational game for your gathering with your friends, we recommend Best Things Ever. Actually, this game is suitable for both girls and boys 12 years and above. It provides a great way to reconnect and discover more about your friends.

The game has over 130 thought-provoking cards to inspire the best types of conversations at girl’s nights, dinner parties, and other events. It is not a technical game, so it does not require logical reasoning. Rather, it encourages conversations, helping you know your friends better. It is tagged as the number one best-selling conversation game on the market.

Lulu and You Bubbly is a girl’s night party game designed to spice up your hangout with the girls. If you are looking to have a good old-fashioned girl’s night with your besties, this mind-blowing game will do the job perfectly. The game is fun, exciting, and easy to play. It is a card game where you take turns to reveal the content of the card and ask each other questions.

It contains 210 different playing cards in a sturdy, durable box. In addition to being fun, the game features a durable design, which means you can play it for years. It is the perfect game for bridal showers, night outs, parties, etc.


Those are some of the most amazing girls night games to have wonderful and memorable moments with your friends. We carefully selected these options because of their build quality, gameplay, ease of playing, and affordability.

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