Best 5 Player Board Games

One of the best 5 player board games by far is Risk. It’s easy to understand for most people 8 and up. It’s strategic and fast paced with both luck and skill impacting the game. Risk is a game built for 5 players, and there is nothing better than a whole afternoon or evening dedicated to a competitive group activity like playing a complex board game.

Our list explores Risk and other board games that are perfect for 5 players! Let’s get started!

Best 5 Player Board Games

All people, old and young, enjoy playing the timeless classic game of Monopoly. The best thing about this game and the reason it is among the best 5 player board games is that it is quite a straightforward game. Everyone has heard of Monopoly and understands the basic rules. The rest is easy to pick up as you play. 

In the game, you move across the board, purchasing property, and paying rent to the people who own the properties you land on. Players receive 200 dollars each time they pass go. Even though this game is quite well known, it is notorious for bringing out players’ competitive sides. 

Conquer the globe in this strategy board game with upgraded mission cards and redesigned figurines. The objective of the Risk game is straightforward: by assembling an army, deploying troops into position, and battling it out, your main aim is to capture the territory of your rivals. You will either succeed in defeating the adversary or fail, based on the outcome of the dice rolls.

This thrilling game is full of betrayal, alliances, and ambushes. Anything goes in a fighting zone! Conquer territories and advance toward world conquest by eliminating all of your enemy’s troops. The winner is the person who finishes their secret assignment first and shows the ‘Secret Mission’ card as proof. The game supports more players, but 5 players is a great number to have a ton of fun with Risk.

By constructing villages, cities, and roadways, Catan players attempt to establish themselves as the dominant force on the island of Catan. You roll the dice each round to find out what resource materials the island produces. Players construct by investing the resources shown on the ‘resource cards.’ Every landform, excluding the barren desert, yields a particular resource: fields yield wheat, hills yield brick, mountains yield ore, forests provide wood, and pastures yield sheep.

Even though Catan is originally built for 4 players, the best Catan expansions allow up to 6 players making Catan one of the best 5 player board games out there. Catan rewards long-term planning and strategy over hasty or forceful gameplay methods. Building towns and settlements, owning the longest road and biggest army as well as collecting particular development cards that only grant victory points are all ways to rack up points.

In the tile-placing strategy game of Carcassonne, each player draws and places a tile. The goal is to build a midevil fortress by using tiles and units calle “meeple.”  The tiles may have a road, a city, a cloister, grassland, or some mix thereof. You must place the tile next to other tiles that have been played, ensuring that cities are joined to other cities, roads to other roads, and many more.

You can then choose to place one of your meeples on any of the regions on the tile. For example, a knight in the city, a robber on the road, a monk on the cloister, or a farmer on the grass tiles. That meeple gives its possessor points once that region is finished. It is built to have 2 – 5 players and for anyone who loves strategy and defence games this is the one for you.

First of all, Scythe’s artwork is breathtakingly beautiful. You and the other competitors are attempting to grow your factories in this game set in a historical fantasy version of post-World War I Europe. This generic land-grab mission has an intriguing twist – you can build steam-powered mechs to advance your cause. Of course, to accomplish this, you must create diverse technologies, nurture agricultural businesses, and boost the economy as a whole.

As a result, gathering resources and the race to develop a weapon are both important aspects of this game. It is a thrilling balancing act that can assist you in playing defense or going on the attack.


I hope the above list will be the game changer for you and your loved ones on game nights! The task of locating the best 5 player board games for your group of friends or family can be somewhat challenging. This is because many popular games are only playable by four or fewer participants. 

Even if you have been fortunate enough to come across a few games that fit the bill, there’s a high probability you have never heard of them, and everybody always wants to know what they are getting for their money. Nothing compares to gathering the group for a heated tabletop game.

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