What are the Best Fidgets in the World?

The best fidgets in the world are designed to keep your energy focused where you want it by keeping you stimulated. We’re going to look at fidgets like the Minilopa Dodecagon, which provides an incredible twelve different sensory experiences, and other top-rated products that will soothe your extra energy in any environment.

Many times I’ve been caught at work shaking the conference room table with my bouncing legs, just so I can “let out” that extra energy. Squeezing a small pressure fidget provides me with the same benefit …and it distracts my co-workers a lot less! You might be better suited for something that clicks, or something to wrap your fingers around. Each one of these options are made for different preferences, but they all will help you stay focused and eliminate distractions.

If the best fidget in the world is determined by how many different options can be rolled into one, then the Dodecagon is a clear winner. For somebody who doesn’t know what sort of fidget they should use, this one can be adapted to any need. 

I like the Swiss Army Knife approach of the Dodecagon. Rather than carry around twelve fidgets with me, this one efficiently fits all of them into the palm of my hand. It can be used to keep your kid distracted and it can be used to soothe the parent’s anxiety. Keeping one of these around will ensure you’re prepared for any “excess energy” situation.

And it’s cost-effective, too. For the price of one, you’re getting a lot of variety.

With six unique sides, this PILPOC fidget cube also takes the approach of giving multiple sensory options at once.

I like the balance here. When you want to use it without distracting others, there’s quiet sides. I find it handy in a public place. When you’re at home and you can be as loud as you need, there are quiet sides. And it has a nice case that can be slipped into your backpack or purse, so you won’t lose it.

When I need to calm myself and stay discreet about it, a fidget like this is perfect.

If you like to keep your fingers busy with folding and hinging, the Infinity Cube is great. While it’s not a silent option, nor does it truly have an infinite amount of configurations, if you plan to use your fidget heavily this is an option that’s gentle on the fingers. Over a hundred times, I’ve seen them dropped without even the smallest of damages. While you figure out all of the different ways it can bend, it can withstand your heavy usage.

Also, when it’s folded together as a whole, it doesn’t even look like a fidget. Who knew that one of the best fidgets in the world could also be a great desk decoration?

For someone who likes to have a pressure-based option, along with all the usual variety, this is one of the best fidgets in the world. As someone who prefers squeezing something to relieve stress, it’s a great hand-held option. I can even squeeze it in my pocket and nobody knows I’m using it. 

Beyond the squeezing, it has clicks, glides, rolls and more. And it comes in many colors as well. For some people, customizing the color to something that calms them will really help the soothing aspect of the fidget and makes it easy to appeal to kids that want to express themselves.

Some video games I enjoy playing just because I get to mash the buttons over and over. This fidget plays with the same concept. Just like the best video games in the world, the best fidgets in the world are designed to keep you occupied.

It’s shaped like a video game controller, with several raised buttons and toggles and a shape perfect for your hand grip. And the narrow shape fits perfectly in your pocket too, so you don’t need to worry about carrying it around.

Since they’re into video games as it is, I’d gift this for my younger cousins. But it’s great for adults too. Some of the buttons make a clicking noise and others are silent. It has all the variety of some of the other fidgets, but in a unique shape.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on tasks if your mind and body are looking for distraction. All of the best fidgets in the world are made to help eliminate those distractions by, well, distracting you with a different source of stimulation. Other ways of dealing with that lack of focus, like biting nails or clicking on a pen, might not be appreciated by the people around you. 

I personally like fidgets because they improve my state of mind. I never realized how much stress I was experiencing because I was feeling overwhelmed by noises or feeling the need to pace around the room. For someone with ADHD or autism, it can be an essential tool. Like having a magic wand, a fidget can make my brain believe any environment is my ideal, calming space.

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