We’ve Got The Best Hunting Scope For You Whatever Your Game!

Hunting is definitely a popular sport among outdoorsmen. But such a sport would not be that successful without the aid of a hunting scope. So what is the best hunting scope out there?

Determining the best scope for hunting would depend on what you need. Do you need the best deer scope? How about the best long range hunting scope? Or are you looking for an affordable hunting scope without a lack of quality? Don’t you worry, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll give you a list of five of the best hunting scopes you can buy.

Ready? Here we go...

CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e

On our top spot is the Hunting Rifle Scope from CVLIFE Optics. It’s the most expensive hunting scope on this list. To start, this hunting scope has a good magnification range of 2.5x to 10x zoom. It’s an illuminated type of scope available in either green or red.

You also get a field of view of 32.5 inches when you use the 2.5x magnification at 100 yards and 8.9 inches at 10x magnification. What makes this hunting scope the best is that it comes with a laser. The maximum reaching distance of the laser is set at 100 yards.

Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle Riflescope

Next on our list is the Simmons 8-Point riflescope. It’s the best hunting scope for the money that you’ll find on this list since it’s below $100. But don’t worry. The 8-Point Riflescope has excellent features that you’ll find very much worth it. Even if you have a powerful rifle, this scope is recoil proof and shock proof.

It’s also waterproof and comes with fully-coated optics. You can be sure that your target images are rendered in high contrast and bright color. It also comes with SureGrip elevation and windage with audible-click adjustments. You get a standard 3x to 9x magnification too and the benefit of a wide objective lens at 50mm.

Nikon Buckmasters II

Our third best hunting scope is the Buckmasters II BDC from Nikon. It’s a little over $100 so it’s fairly affordable. What makes the Buckmasters almost perfect with 4.7 star ratings is it is very versatile and durable. Its multi-coated lens comes with an anti-reflective system.

This maximizes your viewing capability while using the scope. The trajectory-compensating system of the BDC reticle is calibrated to help you make quick aim at various distances in no time. The Buckmasters II scope is also constructed to be water and shock proof. So it’ll definitely last you a long time out in the wild.

Barska Huntmaster Pro IR Cross Riflescope

You’d know Barska as one of the best brands when it comes to providing good optics equipment. It’s almost as good as the Nikon Buckmasters with a 4.6-rating but it’s more affordable. Besides that, the Huntmaster Pro comes with advanced optics that allows you to focus fast with a large 50mm objective lens.

The multicoated lens of this hunting scope gives you a clear view of your target from up to 3x to 12x more magnification. With an illuminated reticle, you can use it even in low light conditions. You also get an adjustable rheostat aside from the usual windage and elevation feature. The Huntmaster is also shock proof and waterproof.

Bushnell Trophy XLT Multi-X Reticle Riflescope Bone Collector Edition

With its name, you’d think that the Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector is the best scope for deer hunting. It’s a little shy of $100 but it’s fully loaded with excellent features. First you get high-quality optics that are fully multi-coated.

So you get sharp and crisp images. It’s shockproof and waterproof with dry nitrogen filling. It has a smaller objective lens at 40mm but it provides powerful magnification at 3x to 9x zoom range. The Multi-X reticle also allows you to get as much as 91% of light and sight your target quickly with the fast-focus eyepiece.


Looking for the best hunting scope is not something you easily decide on. But with this list, I hope you now have an idea of which one to look for and what to choose for your rifle. Choosing a hunting scope with an objective lens between 32mm to 50mm would be fair game. A good optics scope is in definite order if you want to be extremely good at hunting. You’re not likely to miss a shot if you have a scope, right?

So take your pick from our list. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner at hunting, with a good hunting scope at your side you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

Enjoy (scope) hunting!

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