Top Five Foot Massage Spas You Can Get Now!

Top Five Foot Massage Spas You Can Get Now!

There’s no telling what our feet go through daily. From standing, walking, and running, our feet keep us going back to back daily. Yet, it’s still surprising that they are easily ignored or not cared for as we would, say, our teeth. There are several foot care essentials including nail files, clippers, polish, and foot spas. Conair is currently the best foot massage spa that provides professional-level care.

Admittedly, there’s a long list of foot massager spas. However, you only need to concern yourself with the best options. This review highlights five of the best foot massage spas on the market and some of their best qualities. This way, you can easily find an option that meets your preferences.

The Ivation Foot Spa Massager tops our list because it offers a variety of options that suit people’s different preferences. This unit is designed with all the features you may expect from a top-rated foot massage spa. This includes adjustable heating, water jets, massage rollers, and a timer.

This water foot massager comes with intertwined ridged massage rollers on each side of the bath. Unlike other foot massage spas, the Ivation allows you to control the heat through a panel on the tub. The maximum temperature setting is 122 degrees. This unit is easy to carry and store, thanks to an innovative splash guard that can transform into a handle.

Lastly, the Ivation Foot Spa Massager is designed with a pumice stone. You can use the stone to scrub against the sole of your feet to soften calluses and get rid of dead skin.

Conair is another reliable top-selling foot massager spa with thousands of customers around the US and other parts of the world. One of the main selling points of this unit is that it is budget-friendly.

You control the heat and vibration with a single button with this option. Also, the Conair doesn’t offer massage rollers, bubbles, or inserts. However, it has a massage attachment on the top of the foot massager. This is designed to exert additional pressure on your foot when it rubs against it. This attachment will help you get rid of dead cells and keep your feet clean and smooth.

The HoMedics Footbath is a 2-in-1 removable unit that offers an excellent way to take care of your feet after a busy day walking around. This foot massager spa can heat water and keep it warm while tending to your feet.

Unlike other options, Homedics Bubble Spa has fewer features and controls. For example, you can control the heat booster and bubbles with just one button. Unfortunately, when you press this button, you also get some vibration. Thankfully, this toe-touch control allows you to conveniently adjust the setting with your toes.

The foot bath’s 2-in-1 pedicure center comprises a pedicure brush for cleansing and a pumice stone for you to get rid of dead skin cells for smoother feet. However, the most impressive thing about this bath is its seagrass surface that relaxes and heals your feet.

The Kendal Foot Massager is a versatile option that is easy to use. It offers heating therapy, oxygen bubbles massages, lights, and high-frequency vibration massage. You can pair any of its features or use them all together. However, you cannot use any one single option.

You can use this water foot massager to pamper your feet with bubbles. Also, if you want more intense foot treatment, you can easily insert rollers in the bath. The Kendal Foot Massager is made from safe, top-quality materials to prevent overheating and electrical shocks.

This option is worth considering because it uses two massage rollers and three massage frequencies to circulate more oxygenated blood, relieve stress, and improve metabolism.

Belmint is another incredible foot massager that provides excellent value for money. It has all you’ll need to rejuvenate your feet. It is designed with two exfoliating loofahs, a salt/herb dispenser, two bubble jets, four shiatsu rollers, and infrared light. You can control its functions with a knob.

The foot massager is perfect for anyone interested in softening and healing skin by exfoliating correctly. However, this option is last on our list because it lacks in some areas. For example, the bath won’t heat water like other top choices. Also, The Shiatsu roller wheels are manual, and the bubbles from the water jets get them going. Belmint is ideal for people who want simple gadgets that can get the job done as you’d like.


So there you have it! The top water foot massagers can perform wonders with your feet with bubbles, massage rollers, heat, etc. It all comes down to how much you’re willing to pay for a foot massage spa and the variety of features you’ll love to have.

Remember, your feet need as much care as you’ll give to other parts of your body. Our list is suitable for just about everyone out there, so you’ll find one that’s up to your needs. A foot massage spa is an excellent way to ease the pressure off your feet and exfoliate your skin. So, get yours now and have beautiful happy feet.

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