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The best Travel System Strollers are strollers that are built to accommodate your child from birth right up to toddler age.  They typically have a compatible car seat that clips into the stroller for simple transportation. These car seats can be included in the purchase, or purchased separately – this depends on the manufacturer.

What features to look for when buying the best Travel System Stroller for your family

Travel system strollers have a lot of varying options and features. Knowing what to look for and what is important to your family is a good step to making sure you get the right travel system for you.


It may seem silly, but the number of wheels on the stroller and type of wheels make a difference. So do the sizes. Larger wheels make it easier to navigate on more uneven ground – think hiking; while smaller wheels are better for walking indoors or on paved side walks.  Some Travel System Strollers have all of the options included for wheels (large, small, shocks etc), others you’ll have to make due.  Obviously you don’t need to break the bank to get the features you need, but the more features that are included the more expensive the travel system will be overall – and the more prepared you’ll be.

Fabric Seats

There are many travel systems now that feature a reversible seat. This is great for when you’re in the transition from baby to toddler and your little one still wants to see you, but no longer needs to ride exclusively in the car seat. I wish this was a feature I had pushed for more when buying our travel system.

Car Seats

The beauty of a whole travel system is that you can keep your child in one seat but move them whenever you need to wherever you need. This is a perk that was used every day for the first 8 months. It wasn’t uncommon for our daughter to fall asleep in the car on the way home from wherever and she would finish her nap in the car seat in the living room while we finished our chores. Similarly it’s great to be able to put your baby into the car seat inside the house and clip the car seat into the car, rather than carry your child outside and fuss with getting them clipped into a cold car seat. Very well thought out, and worth the premium.


Travel System Stollers have a lot of great perks. They are built to meet every need for your newborn and do a great job of being a comfortable stroller for your toddler. These are great items for parents who want a well though out full system for their child and who don’t want to have to go out and buy a new stroller when their child outgrows their newborn one. The higher price is justified by the fact that you won’t have to buy a new stroller next year – you’ve got one that’ll last until your child is 50lbs – much longer than they’ll need it.


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