Overview of the Best Scythe Expansions

Scythe expansions are a must-have if you love the original game. While each expansion adds to the game, it never detracts from the core experience of the gameplay. As it is, I find that Scythe has immense replay value. Even when you play the same faction, the engine-building possibilities provide a unique playstyle each time.

But with the expansions, the possibilities open up a lot more. If you’re a fan of the lore and artwork of these games, each expansion lives up to the high standard of the original. And if you want to add some more friends to game night, these expansions are essential!

Overall, I find that the additions to the game mechanics complement the base mechanics without overpowering them. Now I can’t imagine a session without them!

While it might not seem to offer a lot at first, Invaders from Afar shows that Scythe expansions can make big changes with small additions. In this one, you’re getting two new factions and some new tokens as well. I like both of the races. When integrated with the base factions, I find that the new ones are well-tuned and don’t throw the balance of the game off at all. I love the trap-setting abilities of the Togawa! 

Also, to accommodate the new factions, the player count has increased to 7! I find that the new money tokens with higher values will help keep those big games streamlined. And since the original board was  already designed to accommodate two event new races, the content in this expansion is really easy to add to the base game. 

For hardcore fans, I really recommend picking up the Wind Gambit. Although the base game is endlessly fun, I find the additions in this expansion inject a lot of fresh ideas. 

Most prominently is, of course, airships! Represented by really high-quality game pieces, the airships add a unique angle to the gameplay. It depends how you choose to use them! While the base game is known for avoiding randomization elements, airships get attack/defence abilities chosen at random each game. I like it for the sake of variety and avoiding arguments, but traditional players might not agree!

On top of the airships, you’re also getting eight new end-game scenarios. Personally I like to pick one at random to create an unexpected gameplay experience every session. But you can pick whichever one you’d like! Using these opens up the game to countless new game possibilities. 

If the reason you got hooked on Scythe was the story, then this is the expansion for you!. Unique among Scythe expansions, I find the story focus to be completely gripping and entertaining. It’s better than most movies!

In this one, the crown jewel is an 8-part campaign that you can play through over several sessions. With branching narratives and the ability to carry over money and tokens into each new part, you and your group can stay busy with this one for a long time. I’ve replayed it several times without losing interest. Even when I know what happens!

Even once you’re done with the story, some of the included pieces can be added into any Scythe game as a modular addition to enhance any session!

This isn’t technically an expansion, but I think it’s a great purchase for anybody who loves Scythe. With this one, you get 32 new encounter cards to play with. I find that the content on them is quite different from the standard encounters. While Scythe isn’t generally known for randomization mechanics, I think these encounters add just enough unpredictability to add excitement without losing sight of what makes the game great.

On top of all of that, it’s completely compatible with other Scythe expansions content as well. I’d recommend bundling them together to create a unique experience! If you’re a frequent player of the game, these are must-haves to keep the game fresh.

Again, this technically isn’t considered one of the major Scythe expansions. However, I find that its utility makes it just as valuable and game-changing as any of the content-based expansions.

Simply, this package gives you some pieces that slide onto your board and increase the size of it. As you probably know, the flip side of the base game board is two-thirds of an enlarged board already. This is the final third. 

If you play Scythe with groups larger than four people, I’d highly recommend getting this to prevent crowding the board with all the pieces. For pieces like the airships, this is almost an essential addition to keep a clear view of all the hexes!

If a board game expansion misses the mark, it’s usually because it provides too much content. What I like about Scythe expansions is that each expansion focuses on adding to just one component of the game. While it improves and adds new elements, it doesn’t change the base game beyond recognition. 

Whether you’re wanting to expand your group of players or just looking for a fresh angle on the game, adding these expansions will keep each session unique and unpredictable. Not only that, but I appreciate how the base game was designed with expansions in mind. Rather than clutter your shelf with redundant boards and pieces, every expansion fits seamlessly and efficiently with the base game.

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