Looking for the Best Office Chair Under 200? We Look at Chairs for your Office and How to Choose the Best

Buying the best office chair under 200 is a great investment that offers you value in the long end. With such a chair, you feel comfortable and can enjoy playing your favorite game or working in the office for a long time. Besides, you can work for long hours and be more productive while sitting on the best ergonomic office chair under 200. There are a myriad of such chairs that you can invest your money. However, the most vital thing is to choose the best that meets your specific office gaming or working requirements.

As you purchase the best office chair under 200, you should out into consideration several factors to make an informed choice. Some of the things you should consider include design, size, comfort levels, material, price, portability, adjustability among other features. It is also crucial to consider your office space to ensure you do not get one that occupies unnecessary space. Since this is an investment you are making, make sure you get best gaming chairs under $200. This is a comprehensive guide on the best office chair under $ 200 and some tips on how to make your selection.

Here are the Best Chairs!

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Different brands of office chair under $200

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are made to boost a neutral posture and give the necessary support while working or playing games in your office. With the high level support provided, you can sit on it for long hours. These chairs cost you more compared to other brands, but in the long end you save more. These chairs are more optimized to prevent a wide range of disorders such as back pain, poor posture, improve blood circulation and prevent cervical spondylosis.

Ergonomic chairs have various features like height adjustments, spine support, robust material and others that make them a great investment for your office. The chairs are a great option for preventing back, neck and shoulder pain as you sit. Some of the other features that make ergonomic chairs a great option include easy swiveling, lumbar support, stable base, padded back and seat, nylon carpet caster and adjustable tilt tension and locks.

Drafting chairs

When you sit or stand for too long, there are several health risks involved in the process. Drafting chairs are designed to prevent all the problems that may occur in the process. These chairs are made to go along with standing desks and drafting tables. With drafting chairs, you can sit, stand and rest without any form of disruption in your workflow. The chair has height that allows for easy transition from standing to sitting position. As one of best gaming chairs under $200, it gives you the right support for your upper and lower limbs, back and body weight.

Drafting chairs are portable, lightweight and come with or without a back. The chairs feature adjustable height making it easy for you to lower and be used with traditional desks. They also have a foot ring and a place to rest your feet. Other features include swivel, nylon casters and pneumatic height control.

Executive office chairs

Executive office chairs are the most opulent brands of best office chair under 200. Like the name, these chairs are used by higher-ups. Executive office chairs are appealing, have a high back, strong cushioning in the seat, back and headrest. They are made using high quality material such as real leather and fine wood. The chairs have overstuffed seats, PU, real leather and thickly padded armrest. They also include massage head and a recline function.

Executive chairs are a great option if you work in the office, since they offer high level comfort that match your position. If you are the kind of people who like a plush sitting material, these are the best chairs for you. Some of the other major features you find in executive chairs include wood finish, waterfall edge, layered cushions and thickly padded armrests.

Balance ball chairs

Balance ball chairs also referred as yoga ball chairs feature a large inflatable ball that has a strong base at the bottom. There are some that feature caster and a backrest to mimic conventional office chairs. When you use the chair for twenty to thirty minutes, you enjoy several benefits including improved blood circulation, help in burning calories, strengthen the leg and core muscles. To get the best results from these chairs, you should use it for a short time to help improve your blood circulation and engage your core.

The chair is not a great option for prolonged sitting and you should also not take it as a replacement for your regular gaming chair. Some of the top features you get from balance ball chairs include a strong frame, inflatable or removable yoga ball, backrest, stands for improved stability and wheeled base easy portability.

Petite and small chairs


These chairs are big and tall, making them a great option if you have a small and petite body. They feature smaller seat, lower gas lift and a small base. This makes it easy for you to rest your feet on the floor as you work in the office. The chair has ergonomic features that are made to cater for people with small bodies. With the normal gaming chairs, it may be hard for people with small bodies to maintain the right arm alignment because of their higher armrests. These chairs help to resolve this issue because the armrest is low in height. This is the same with headrest, seat depth and lumbar support. Some of the other features include lower gas lift, adjustable lumbar support and correct seat height.  

Overview of the 5 best office chair under 200

As you look for the best gaming chairs under 200, your main aim should be to get one that serves you well for the longest time possible. With the many designs available in the market, you can look for the best ergonomic office chair under 200 that matches the look of your office. Below are the major features and advantages of the 5 best gaming chairs under $ 200.

This chair has a soft and comfortable seat that allows you to sit on it for a long time. Its high comfort level is also enhanced by its middle back design and high density sponge cushion, which also makes it provide the required lumbar support. When you but it, you will find it easy to assemble because you get all the necessary tools for that.

The chair is a valuable investment because it is made using high quality material, meaning it can last for many years. With its strong design and make, it also means that it can carry weight of up to 250 lbs. The chair is also easy to adjust, giving you the kind of flexibility you need when sitting on it.

The chair features a strong metal frame that makes it last for many years, making it a worthy investment. You can enjoy sitting on it comfortably as you play your games or performing other vital task in the office. The chair comes with a thick padded back that makes it give the necessary support as you sit on it.

Its reclining feature ensures that you can sit on it the way you want. The other great feature is that you can adjust the armrest and seat. With its high quality PU leather, high quality headrest pillow and cushion, you can enjoy sitting on it for long hours. To offer more stability when sitting on it, the chair is designed with a heavy duty base. You can use the chair not only for gaming, but also studying or working in the office.

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans for large rooms, you can invest in this one. The fan comes with eight blades meaning it can offer maximum cooling for your space. It features a dome style light kit with frosted opal glass with a 14 watt LED light. The fan is also wet rated, meaning it can also work well for outdoor purposes.

The fan helps you save on energy costs since it comes with an energy-efficient DC motor. The motor has nine speeds that are more compared to what the conventional fans have. The fan comes with a handheld remote you can use to control the speed and dimming. It also has a coupling cover and canopy ring for concealing the exposed screws.

 If you want a good looking office chair, this is a great choice for you. One of its greatest benefits is that it can match the décor of your office space. It features an ergonomic backrest fit that ensures you do not suffer from spinal pain. In case you have a limited space in your office you can opt for this chair because you can flip its arms up and place it under the desk.


The chair is made in a way that it gives you the necessary support with its high density mesh back. You can also adjust its height and the 120 degrees tilt tension allow you to sit on it the way you feel fit for you. With its strong material, it can last for years, making it a great investment for your office.  

 SAMOFU Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair is a great option if you spend a lot of hours sitting in your office. It has an ergonomic design that offer the required support while sitting on it. It supports your spine, neck and lower back, meaning if you suffer from back pain this is the right chair for you. For more comfort and flexibility as you work, you can lower, raise and move it the way you want. You can also position the chair at any angle you want to boost your comfortability. You can also flip its arms to save space in your office.  

Best office chair under 200 buying guide

 When buying office chair under 100 there are several factors you should out into considerations.


Office chairs are made with ergonomics to boost the comfort levels and reduce risks of musculoskeletal disorders while working. As you do your shopping, you should look for an office chair that offers several levels of adjustability. Look for a chair with several features that make it comfortable and allow high level flexibility while sitting on it for long hours. Focus on a chair that creates a healthy environment and reduce risks of injuries.

Flexibility and versatility

Another aspect you should check for is flexibility the office chair offers. You need to think of the tasks the chair will be used for as you make your selection. You need to shop for an office chair with high level adjustability and mobility. Invest in a chair that you can use for gaming, working or studying. If possible check for a chair that you can fold to save space especially if you have a limited area in your office.


The best gaming chair under 100 should make your office space more inspiring with its look. You need to select office chairs that showcase the core values and help improve the perception that people have towards your office. Look for a chair with an attractive design, inviting colour and other aspects that improve the overall look and feel of your office space.


Durability is a key aspect you should consider as you look for the best office chair under 200. You need a chair that will serve you for many years to help save money in the process. Even if the chair costs you a lot of money, it is worth since you gain more in the long run. Check at weight capacity and the material used in making the chair since they both determine how durable the chair will be.


Take time to compare the different office chairs to get the one selling at the most affordable and reasonable price. Think of the chairs as an investment, so avoid the cheapest option because they may not be long lasting. Let quality be the major priority as you make your selection.



By reading this best office chair under $ 200 guide you get to know some of the most important features to check for as you buy your favorite one. Let your needs and amount of space you have in your office be a great determinant as you choose the best one. Compare the different chairs that will improve your productivity and gaming experience. As mentioned above, take the buying of the chair like any other investment you may in your office. So, be sure to take time to get the best office chair that will serve your needs for the longest time.  

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