The Best Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews Guide

Want a total body workout without hitting the gym? Get yourself a stand up paddleboard.

The craze is real. Stand up paddleboarding or SUP is fast becoming the most popular water sports in the world. It’s a combination of surfing and kayaking which makes it a very good sport especially if you’re a water enthusiast. Aside from getting you fit, SUP is also fun and it hardly feels like exercise.

However, you won’t be able to enjoy all that SUP has to offer without the right gear. You don’t need a lot to start getting fit and fun. All you have to do is get yourself the “perfect” stand up paddle board. Don’t know what to look for? It’s the reason why we’re here. Read on and check out our best choices with these top 5stand up paddle board reviews.

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9'10" SUP Package

Top on the list is the Adventurer stand up paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards. This took the top spot mainly because it got the highest and the best stand up paddle board reviews. One of the things that you’ll love about the Adventurer is that it’s extremely rigid.

It resembles a hard board when fully inflated and can carry as much as 350lbs on the water. It’s also inflatable so you can carry it wherever you wish to paddle board. At 10 PSI, this board is all set and ready for riding but you can make it even stiffer at 15 PSI.

With the Adventurer, you don’t have to worry about cracks or dings in the board. This is because it’s made of military-grade PVC material with drop-stitch construction. It’s a package deal too so you also get an adjustable paddle made of fiberglass and a pump.

Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard

Next to the Adventurer, the Bali SUP from Solstice takes up the second spot for the best stand up paddle board with its sleek and lightweight design. Given its compact weight, the Bali paddle board is very fast on the water. It’s extremely strong, too and becomes rigid when pumped with high pressure air.

Just like our first choice, the Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard is also inflatable. So it's portable and travel-friendly. The package includes 4 tie-downs made of stainless to secure your gear whenever you’re out in the water. Solstice also used 1000 Denier 3 ply PVC for a reinforced fabric material. This ensures that this SUP is durable and can take you far and rough into the seas, lakes, rivers, or ocean. The kit includes a pressure gauge, a pump, and a carry bag.

ISLE Airtech All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

When it comes to quality, the ISLE Airtech is almost at par with the Tower Adventurer. The company is well-known for their paddle boards and you’d find plenty of good reviews about them. However, the Airtech SUP from ISLE can only handle 200lbs which is 150lbs short of what the Adventurer can carry. What’s great about it though is that it’s designed for an “all-around performance.”

It’s a good choice for amateurs, midlevel, or professional paddle boarders. The Airtech is a travel SUP too since it rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag when deflated. This makes for easy storage. Airtech is also constructed with military grade material so you don’t have to doubt its durability. It’s fashionably designed which looks great even on rivers, waves, or flatwater.

The whole package includes a lot of extras. There's a 3-piece aluminum adjustable paddle, removable center fin, carry backpack, and repair kit.

California Board Company (CBC) Stand up Paddle Board

We have the California Board Company SUP from Keeper Sports. At a first look, the CBC paddle board definitely stands out with its vivid color. It’s because the paddle boards are molded in laminated multi-layered wood stringers so you get plenty of style with this one.

This also makes the paddle board waterproof with the resin from when it’s molded. Unlike the Airtech which only has a center fin, the California Board has a tri-fin system so you can cut through the water just like a fish. The fins also provide you with a smoother feel of gliding into the water.

Of course, the highlight of this paddle board is that it’s made with a slick bottom using high density polyethylene. The rest is made from high density and super compact EPS foam. The package includes: neoprene ankle strap, surf leash, Blue Shield paddle, and padded roof racks.

ISLE Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Last but not the least is another SUP from ISLE. Just like their Airtech model, this one comes with a center fin and an adjustable aluminum paddle. Some more additions include the non-slip deck grip built into the paddle board and a center carry handle.

Soft Top SUP from ISLE is best for small surf and flatwater paddling. It’s a hybrid of high density polyethylene that is heat laminated for a slick bottom. The rest of the paddle board is made up of high density durable IXPE material for a non-slip firm grip.

On its core, the Soft Top stand up paddle board has compact and waterproof EPS foam. ISLE also modeled this SUP using a laminated triple wood stringer.


If you want the best stand up paddle board, then you’d best choose the Tower Adventurer SUP. It’s got everything you need for an amazing stand up paddle board experience! If you’re on a budget, the California Board Company and Bali paddle boards would be your best options.

They offer the best value for the dollar and will get you riding the waves as soon as possible. Or, if you’re buying one for your son or daughter, having a budget board for them to start out on is always a good idea. If they try it and like it, you can always upgrade to a better board next season! Happy Paddle boarding!

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