What Are The Best Small Binoculars Out There?

best small binoculars

There are plenty of reasons why you should look for the best small binoculars. This type of optic equipment is perfect for travel, concerts, or even your kids. Investing in a compact binocular would be a great idea.

If you’re not yet aware of it, size matters when it comes to choosing the best binoculars. You’re not likely to carry heavy equipment during your travel. The best small binoculars will be one with good optical quality, instant focus feature if possible, and an ergonomic build.

With that in mind, we have provided you the top 5 small binocular choices to pick out which one would be best for you.

1. Barska 10x25 Waterproof Binocular

Barska 10x25 Waterproof Binocular

On top of the list is the Barska Waterproof Binocular. Barska makes one of the best kids binoculars with its lightweight and compact construction.

They also make better binoculars with better BaK-7 prisms. This is just to provide you with clearer and sharper images. This binocular is also waterproof and fog proof which is a big plus in compared to other binoculars. It packs a powerful 10x magnification over 25mm lenses with protective rubber armor.

The helps the Barska binoculars withstand shock and offers a firm grip. For a compact travel binocular, this one is a very dependable and affordable choice. It can also be considered as one of the best binoculars for kids or women considering its cute and elegant design.

Tasco Essentials 10x 25mm Compact Binoculars

Next on the spot is the Tasco Essentials. This binocular is also considered as one of the best hunting binoculars from one of our previous post.

What makes the Tasco Compact one of the best lightweight binoculars is that it can be folded for easy carrying. It also offers the standard 10x25 magnification on objective lenses just like the Barska Waterproof.

The Tasco binoculars also have several notable features. It absorbs shock thanks to its rubber-armored body construction.

It also provides clear and vivid images even in low light. Compared to Barska, the Tasco is a little bigger and longer but it compensates very well on providing clear images and its being lightweight.

OutNowTech Ultra Compact Folding Binoculars

Next up is the Ultra Compact folding binoculars from OutNowTech.

It’s one of the best travel binoculars on the market today made for the perfect adventure. Since it’s ultra-compact, you don’t have to worry about this binocular weighing you down.

It’s also weather proof so you can bring it whatever the weather condition might be.

With BaK-4 prisms, it packs powerful optics for superior viewing and imaging. It also has an adjustable fold design eye cups which is perfect for both kids and adults.

What makes the OutNowTech compact binocular an even better choice is that it fits inside your pocket. This way you can carry it wherever you go without much fuss on your part.

Nikon 8218 Trailblazer 10X25 Hunting Binoculars

Nikon’s Trailblazer binoculars are their newest all-terrain binocular. With a sleek and lightweight body, the Trailblazer is definitely one of the best lightweight binoculars you can find today.

Instead of regular optics, the Trailblazer uses Eco-Glass optics for sharp and crisp viewing. It also has a comfortable and firm grip with its rubber coat construction.

Just like other compact binoculars on this list, the Trailblazer is a 10x25 binocular. They also used quality BaK-4 roof prisms and added multiple layers of anti-glare component. In short, the Nikon Trailblazer provides excellent images so you can use it to view concerts even from afar.

Carson Scout Series Compact Binoculars

Last are the Carson Scout binoculars which you can consider as the best kids binoculars on this list. Just like other travel binoculars, the Carson Scout Series has a 10x25 binocular.

But it also has several options like the 7x18 and 8x22 binoculars. The Scout Series tops the best small binoculars in this list because they’re ultra-compact.

Yet, their prisms are made up of fully-coated and high quality BaK-4 glasses for the best optic quality. The binoculars also have an independent diopter and center focus knob which is perfect for focusing. The Carson Scout Series wins the award for the best binoculars for kids, hands down.


If you’re travelling light, considering small binoculars would be on top off your list. Though small, compact binoculars can pack efficient optics and they’re very travel-friendly, too. They are portable and lightweight, so small and compact binoculars are your ultimate travel buddy wherever you want to go. With them in your pocket, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. You can go camping, hiking, stargazing, travelling, or watching concerts or sports events.

I hope this guide helped you in finding the best compact and travel-friendly binocular for your next trip. A small binocular may look like it’s not much. But buying one might prove to be a good investment for you and your kids.

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