Best Family Game Night Ideas

With the dozens of board games on the market, it can be difficult to find one that the entire family can enjoy. The best games for family game nights are suitable for a wide range of ages, ensuring no family member is left behind. With the best family game night ideas, you can spice up your family game nights, making them fun, exciting, engaging, and memorable.

These games come in various formats, so choosing one that best suits your family’s taste is essential. Before choosing a game for the entire family, ensure you consider vital things like the length of gameplay, the number of players, supported age range, and complexity.

Whether your family consists of older kids, younger kids or only adults, your choice of game should appeal to everyone that will play the game. Complex games with lengthier gameplay might not be the best options for homes with younger kids.

To ensure you find the best games for your family game nights, we have compiled a list of top games based on popular demand. These games are suitable for kids and adults, easy to play, and highly interactive. Read on to see our top game night ideas for you and your family.

What Are the Different Types of Family Game Night Ideas

There are various types of family games out there, and knowing the right one to pick for your family is essential. Here is a brief rundown of the various categories of games for family game nights.

Strategy Games

Strategy games are one of the most exciting types of games for family game nights. When it comes to strategy games, one of the best manufacturers out there is Hasbro. Hasbro does an impressive job making family games with a lot of fun and thrills.

Strategy games are designed to enhance your logical and critical thinking. These games are not your regular luck-based games. These games require you and your family to unravel some mysteries and plan your way through the board. They are adventurous, and each mystery solved paves the way for another.

Word Games

Words games are a common type of family night games. Because they support many players, these games are great for large families and parties. Word games challenge players on their vocabulary, knowledge of words, and interactions.

Most of these games are language-dependent. An example of a word game is Scrabble. Scrabble is one of the most popular word games out there.

Card Games

Card games are another well-known category of games for family game nights. Some card games feature a board, and the actions on the gameboard are determined by the cards drawn. Cards games are also a great option for families because they support a large number of players.

Children’s Game

Children are the major elements of the family, and it is difficult to bypass them when talking about the best games for family nights. The beauty of most games is that they are designed for both adults and kids. Children’s games are games designed to be played by kids.

Most of these games come with specific age ranges, making them suitable for various age ranges. The best family board games are even those with support for kids, as the kids bring a different type of excitement and fun to the table.

Many children’s games are designed to be entertaining and educational. These games teach kids basic concepts like counting or taking turns. Some are also designed to teach kids about specific topics. Fortunately, the recent children’s games are also designed to be fun for adults and kids.

Just because a game is meant for kids six years and above does not mean it would be boring or bad for adults. Playing with your kids also improves interaction and communication in the family. It would help you bond properly with your kids, making it easy for you to reason together.


Economic is another appealing category of family games. These games are about generating income by collecting, trading, renting, or selling things. A player’s goal in such games is to be the one with the highest finances at the end of each round. Economic games often include some sort of market system.

It could be straight-up stock trading, buying and selling from a central market, or trading between players. The incomes are also in other abstract or realistic sources besides money.


Well, kids are not the only ones with specially designed games. There are some family games designed for couples or adults only. These date night games are suitable for couples, adults, and those in relationships.

Couple/adult games are not suitable for kids because they usually contain explicit content and humor specifically designed for adults. They feature adult themes, gameplays, intimate questions, etc. If you are buying this game for you and your partner, ensure you keep it out of reach of your kids.

Top Selling Family Games Night Ideas


Board Games


No. of Players


Exploding Kittens




Ticket to Ride
















Phase 10




Connect 4




Latice Hawaii




The World Game




Family Feud Kids vs. Parents




Top 5 Family Game Night Ideas

Exploding Kittens is one of the best games for family game nights. This game is loaded with fun, engagement, and excitement. It is a hit party game for family and friends who want to spend quality time together and have fun while doing so. The game’s portability also makes it suitable for other occasions like road trips, beach trips, and parties.

This card game is beginner-friendly, as it only takes two minutes to learn. The ultimate mission of every player in the game is to avoid drawing an exploding kitten. If you draw an exploding kitten, you lose. The other cards in the game will help mitigate your chances of drawing an exploding kitten. The last player standing after the others have been exploded wins the game.

Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular family games out there. It is a strategy game that adds spice to every family game night. Players are required to build their tracks across the US and connect iconic cities across the map to earn points.

In this game, you and your family will collect and play matching train cards to build railway routes connecting various cities through North America. The longer a player’s routes, the more points they collect. It is an adventurous game that would keep the entire family entertained and make your game night memorable. Players who build the longest railways and those who fulfill their destination tickets will get more points.

No family game night ideas list would be complete without Catan! Trade, Build, and Settle. The game’s title has changed, but it’s still one of the best games ever. Players are given the objective to trade, build, and settle in new lands. With a playtime of 60 minutes, Catan is a game that would keep your entire family engaged and hooked for the night.

Players are in charge of their own civilization with the aim of spreading across a modular hex board and acquiring more points. The game has countless replay opportunities, as you will never have to play the same game twice. It provides an entirely new gameplay experience each time you play it. It also has expansions for adding more scenes, adventures, and players.

If you are looking for a fun and friendly competitive game for your family game nights, we highly recommend Splendor. Players compete to build the most prestigious and lucrative jewelry business in Renaissance Europe. To achieve that, players have to hire artisans, acquire mines and transportation, and woo the nobility.

To emerge the best merchant of all, you have to create the most fantastic and beautiful jewelry. You and your kids will compete for control of trade routes, gem mines, and storefronts to be the best gem trader and attract the nobles. Players accumulate more victory points by accruing more ways to create gems. The game is fast, intuitive, and strategic. It is easy to learn, and every member of your family can join in the fun.

Trouble is one of the best kid-friendly family games. With support for kids five years and above, every member of your family can easily learn and play this game. If you have younger kids and want them to be part of the family game nights, this is the perfect game for it.

The instructions of the game include options for using power-up spaces or playing the classic trouble game. This game is not only fun for kids but adults as well. It is about moving your pets around the board and sending other players’ pegs home when you land in the same space. By knocking other players out of your space, you are simply looking for trouble, as the game’s name implies. The game is fun and highly interactive. It would teach your kids strategic planning and logical thinking.

Other Top Games for Family Game Nights

  • Phase 10: Phase 10 is a game designed to complete different game night ideas. Phase 10 is a rummy-type card game with a twist. It is a great option for large families and friends, as it supports up to 10 players. A player’s goal is to be the first to complete 10 varied phases with seven cards of the same color, one run of seven, and two sets of three.

  • Connect 4: Connect 4 is designed for two players or teams. So, parents can play against their kids, or the family is divided into two teams. The objective of each player or team in the game is to get four blocker discs in a row. You have to slide your discs into place while trying to stop the opposition from getting four of the same color in a row. The first player or team to connect the four discs in a row wins.

  • Latice Hawaii: Latice Hawaii is a strategy and educational game designed to spice up family game nights. It is fun, easy to learn, and quick to play.

  • The World Game: This educational board game is suitable for kids, adults, and the whole family. The gameplay is simple – show the country on the map, name the capital city, or identify the flags. The game includes a world map and 194 countries.

  • Family Feud Kids vs. Parents: You can play this game with your kids to determine who will have more correct answers. The game has different cards for the parents and the kids. It provides a great way to spend quality time with your family.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Family Night Game

With the hundreds of board and card games on the market, it can be difficult to find one your entire family can play and enjoy. To pick the right game, you need to know the vital things to consider, some of which include:

The Number of Players

Since you are buying the game for your family game nights, one of the most important things you need to consider is the number of players the game supports. You want to ensure you choose a game that supports the total number of players in your family. The last thing you want is one or two players to be left out of the fun and excitement.

Age Support

Another vital thing to consider is the age range of the game. Do you have younger kids in your family? Is the game age-appropriate for your kids? These are some of the crucial questions you should ask. Only pick a game that supports the age range of people who wants to play it. Your kids might find it difficult to understand a game meant for those above their age range. Hence, you need to consider the game’s age support and ensure it suits your kids.

Easy to Play

No one wants to spend hours reading instructions and learning a game. Everyone wants a game with a little learning curve so that they can jump right into the action. Hence, you should choose a game that is easy to play. The instructions should not take more than a few minutes to study.


Family game night ideas are always complimented with the best games. Fortunately, we have made your purchasing experience seamless and streamlined by reviewing and listing the best-selling and most popular games on the market. You can use our buyer’s guide to find the best option for your family.

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