Best Cards Against Humanity Expansions

Cards Against Humanity is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and favorite games of people. The game brings a lot of fun to the table, and you can play it in many settings, including parties, events, family game nights, and more.

Cards Against Humanity has been out for many years, and the designers of the game have released dozens of expansions since its launch. If you are looking for the best Cards Against Humanity expansions, you have come to the right place.

There are currently more than 15 Cards Against Humanity expansions on the market, making it overwhelming for this game’s lovers to choose the best. In this guide, we have reviewed and listed the best option for your playing pleasure. Read on to see our top recommendations:

The Best Cards Against Humanity Expansions

Playing games and having fun with our families is one of the best things that could ever happen to us. If you are looking for a nice way to spend quality time with your family and have fun while doing so, we highly recommend Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition. In addition to being appropriate for family nights, this expansion pack is kid-friendly.

The game does not have inappropriate cards, so you can play it with your kids eight years and above. It comes with 300 ridiculous new cards you can add to your deck. The box glows in the dark, making it easy to play even in low-light areas. You can also play it as a standalone game if you do not want to add it to your old cards.

The Pride Expansion Pack is for 4 to over 20 players, making it a great option for family game nights, parties, and social gatherings. This is not an independent expansion park; you need the base game to play it.

Pride Pack promises a lot of fun, as it comes with many good stuff. It is made with solid material for durability and comfortable handling. The cards feel soft and cozy in the hands, making it easy to play for hours.

The Weed Pack extension is a great option for friends who like being on a high frequency when playing. Well, just because it is a Weed Pack extension does not mean you have to be high to play it. The game contains 30 cards about weed.

Interestingly, the designers wrote the card while they were high. It is one of the best Cards Against Humanity expansions out there, and it requires the original game. This version of the game is for adults and teenagers 17 years and above. The cards are lightweight and are designed to sit comfortably in hand.

The World Wide Web Pack is another popular version of this game. It also works with the base game, so you must have the original Cards Against Humanity to play it. This version is for adults and kids over the age of 17.

The game comes with 30 cards written by anonymous users on Reddit AMA. This game is hilarious to those familiar with the internet. It contains cards about rampant misinformation, your mum’s Facebook, unspeakable pornography, and more. The cards are made with paper but feature a durable and solid design. Like the base game, World Wide Web Pack supports over 20 players. If you are looking for the best board or card game for large gatherings, you should consider this option.

Do you want to go back to the 90s but don’t have a time machine to do so? Cards Against Humanity 90s Nostalgia Pack is your time machine to do so. This version of the game is a tubular Crossfire of Freshmaking jokes. The fun of the game starts once you pop the first card, and it continues until the end of the game.

The 90s Nostalgia Pack contains 30 cards (23 white and 7 black) about the 90s – a very popular decade. It is designed for 4 to 20 players 17 years and above. The game is great for friends, family game nights, parties, and more. Consider the 90s Nostalgia Pack a spice-up to the original Cards Against Humanity game. It brings a new perspective to the game, bringing back memories of the good old days.


There you have it! Those are the best expansion packs for the famous Cards Against Humanity board game. This game is fun, intriguing, and insightful. With the numerous expansion packs reviewed, you can no longer get bored of the base game. While some options require you to have the base games, others can be played alone. Browse our list and find the packs that best tickle your fancy.

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