Are You Looking For the Best Trampoline For Adults?

best trampoline for adults

Trampolines are a wonderful source of exercise. Not only do they burn calories, but they also offer other physical benefits as well. You can improve your balance, coordination, motor skills, and muscle control while using a trampoline.

And of course there is always the possibility of cool tricks. Trampolines are sometimes thought of as a children’s toy, but many adults use trampolines as well. There are specifically designed trampolines for adults that are very different from children’s trampolines.

There are also many different varieties and styles of trampoline, each with its own unique features. It can be difficult to know which style is the best trampoline for adults, but I have narrowed down the many choices into my top five picks.

1. Skywalker 15 Foot Jump 'N Dunk

Skywalker 15 Foot Jump 'N Dunk

Skywalker offers many amazing trampolines for adults, such as their 12-foot Jump N’ dunk Trampoline:

This trampoline comes with a basketball hoop that is attached to the outer wall of the trampoline. This is the best trampoline for adults who love sports, and who want to jump with their friends or children.

The Jump N’ Dunk is extremely sturdy to ensure safety, and Skywalker uses a patented enclosure that ensure there are no gaps. The basketball hoop is detachable to prevent excess strain on the enclosure, and breaks away with Velcro. This is a great product for families of all ages.

2. Zupapa 15 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

Zuppa 15 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

Zupapa is another great trampoline brand that makes a giant 15-foot trampoline.

This trampoline is high enough off the ground that it actually comes with a ladder to get into it. It also comes with a rain cover, which is something you won’t get with other brands. The rain cover helps to protect the trampoline from possible rust or other damage.

This means you will be able to use your trampoline safely for many years. Users of this trampoline comment on how sturdy it is, and enjoy the larger weight limit of up to 375 lbs! It also comes with a great warranty, which is important for a large purchase.

This trampoline allows children to play basketball safely, with a soft hoop and soft basketball. The hoop can also break away from the wall easily, as it is attached with Velcro. The entire trampoline is enclosed in a net, so you can be sure that it is bounce safe – no one will fall out! Skywalker also has a patented No-Gap enclosure system. This means that there is no gap between the enclosure and the jumping surface.

3.  Stamina 36' Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36' Folding Trampoline

If you are looking for an indoor trampoline, check out the Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline.

This trampoline can fold up, and is a great trampoline for adults who want to work out indoors. It is lightweight and can be easily stored in a closet or behind the couch. The legs of the trampoline are rubber-tipped so that your floors won’t be ruined. Using a trampoline for exercise reduces the stress on your joints that can sometimes happen with other forms of exercise. There are many programs and DVDs out there that require a trampoline and can help you get a great form of exercise. All you need is a spot on the floor! Rather than take up a ton of space with big gym equipment, consider a small portable trampoline.

4. Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

Upper Bounce makes an Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline Set that is very versatile.  This trampoline is unique in that it can be used both outdoors and indoors. The entrance is a round zippered hole in the enclosure, and is supported by padded poles. At only 7 feet tall, it is the perfect height for any situation and could even be used on your deck. There is also a safety pad all around the jumping surface for extra safety and protection. The legs on this model are covered in a plastic tubing. This makes it able to be used indoors, and offers protection in the event of someone tripping over the legs.

5.  Skywalker 17 Foot Oval Trampoline

Skywalker 17 Foot Oval Trampoline

One of the biggest trampolines on the market is Skywalker’s 17-foot Oval Trampoline. 

This trampoline is HUGE! It of course comes with a safety enclosure, and can hold up to 200 pounds. You can even choose which color you would like for the spring pad.

This would be a great choice if you are interested in trying flips or jumping with family members. Kids as young as six can jump along with their parents or older siblings. This ensures that everyone gets to have fun and exercise.


I hope that these options have given you something to consider when looking for a trampoline for adults. Each of the choices I listed has its own unique features and it will be up to you to decide what exactly you are looking for in a trampoline. No matter what choice you make, you will know that you are making a great decision for your health. If you are going to exercise, you might as well make it enjoyable! And trampolines are a wonderful way to get the entire family involved.

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