Ticket to Ride 1910 Expansion

If you are looking to enjoy a whole new experience of Ticket to Ride, then the Ticket to Ride 1910 Expansion is the best way to achieve it. I highly recommend this Ticket to Ride USA 1910 expansion because it introduces new scenes, fun, and gameplay to the game. This expansion box is promising and claims to alter your Ticket to Ride tactics and strategies.

Ticket to Ride 1910 offers hundreds of hours of new experience and fun. Like the original Ticket to Ride, the expansion is easy to understand and play. It makes an excellent family game, as it is suitable for kids and adults. Here’s an overview of the Ticket to Ride 1910 expansion and what it offers.

As you may already know, this is just an expansion, meaning there is an original version of the game. You must have the original version of the game to enjoy the amazing offerings of this expansion. The base game has a simple set of rules. You form sets by collecting railway cards. This allows you to create railway routes between different towns and across the continent with the aim of linking far-flung cities.

Here are the new, key features that make this version of Ticket to Ride spectacular.

New Battles

The 1910 expansion of Ticket to Ride comes with more cutthroat gameplay options. This version introduces more battles and impressive gameplay. Out of 181 ticket cards, 35 are big city monikers. The competition in this expansion is fiercer than the base version. The USA 1910 expansion shifts the game from its British-ness to a brusque American, sharp-elbowed, go-getting action game. All geographical locations are nicely distributed across the United States.

New Cards

The base game comes with half-sized, fiddly, small, and difficult-to-shuffle cards. This was a bit disappointing for many players, as they had challenges shuffling the cards. Fortunately, that was corrected in the USA 1910 expansion. The 1910 expansion elevated the entire package.

The cards are now larger with better and more vibrant colors. They also have clearer symbols to help distinguish between them. Days of Wonder, the designers of this game, enhanced the gameplay and improved the whole atmosphere with this model.

New Options

The 1910 expansion comes with 181 ticket designations and two additional bonus cards. If you need the traditional Ticket to Ride experience, you can easily identify and use the original cards. If you want to enjoy a hard-nosed, aggressive, and cutthroat gaming experience, you can play with only the 35 big cities.

Nevertheless, you can use the entire 181 tickets if you are playing the game with your family or a large audience. With more options to play with, you can spend hours on this game board without getting tired. The various options make it suitable for playing with friends, parties, and family game nights.

New Experience

One of the most amazing things about this expansion is the new experience it brings to the table. The expansion changes the perspective of the Ticket to Ride game, making it more enjoyable and fun. It changed how I view this game, making me want to play and discover more.

It introduces more aggressive styles that enhance the gameplay experience and change the feel of the game. The designers used this expansion to add some vigor and life to this old showpiece.

The new rules and card variants will change your tactics and strategies when playing Ticket to Ride. To crown it all, the game is fast and easy to learn. It features simple gameplay, which you can learn in less than 20 minutes. They designed the game to cater to the needs of first-time board game players, so you can learn it in a few minutes and start having fun.

Two to five players can play this adult and family board game. That makes it ideal for family game nights, parties, and more. The objective of the game is for players to play matching train cards to claim railroad routes connecting different cities throughout North America. Players get to earn more points by creating longer routes; the longer your routes, the higher your points.

You can earn more points by further fulfilling your Destination Tickets. To achieve that, you have to connect two distant cities and to the player who creates the longest continuous railroad. The game is for adults and kids 8 years and above.

The Ticket to Ride 1910 Expansion comes with everything you need to play the game. Here are the items you will find inside the box:

  • 1 board map of North American train roads

  • 144 illustrated cards

  • 225 colored train cars

  • 5 wooden scoring marker

  • 1 rules booklet

It comes complete, so you do not have to purchase an additional accessory to start playing the game.


  • The game comes with premium feeling cards. The cards are larger and bolder than those that came with the base version.

  • It offers more options, bringing varieties to the table.

  • All the errors of the base game are corrected in this version. It provides a smoother and more exciting gameplay experience.

  • It has a higher replayability rate than the original game. With new battles, options, and features, you can have hours of uninterrupted fun with the 1910 expansion.

  • Improved artwork is another interesting thing about this expansion. It has better and well-detailed artwork.

  • The game comes with all the accessories you need to start playing it right out of the box. You do not need to purchase an additional accessory besides having the base game.


  • You must have the original base Ticket to Ride before you can play this expansion.

  • The expansion does not fit into the original game’s box, so it takes up more storage space.


Ticket to Ride is a fun, exciting family game. This game is designed for two to five players, and you will have a great time playing it with your kids. It introduces new features and gameplay experience to the original Ticket to Ride game.

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