The Best Survival Multi Tool for Camping – Review and Guide

best survival multi tool

It takes more than one tool if you want to win the battle against surviving in the wild – or even just for a camping trip! Sometimes, you don’t have to be in the jungle to feel the necessity of a survival tool. It could be that you broke something that needs quick fixing. Without the right tools, a problem as simple as a loose screw can become a disaster. In this case, you should have the best survival multi tool in hand.

Problems can easily arise whether you’re out camping, hunting, hiking trails, or fishing. Carrying bulky and heavy tools would be impractical especially if your aim is to pack light; which is why a pocket multi tool would be very handy. In this post, you’ll find some of the best multitool for survival and see which one is the best for you.

1. Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

Leatherman - Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

Our top choice of survival multi tool on this list is the Wingman from Leatherman. Leatherman is well known in the space and made the Wingman to be the best Leatherman for camping. It’s got 14 tools and all are accessible with only one hand. Most of the tools in the Wingman are spring-action so you can easily get to them whenever you need them.

Need scissors and cutters? Check. A bottle or can opener? Check. Have to cut something with a knife? Need to tighten up some loose screws? Check and check. There are wire strippers and pliers included, too. The Wingman feels very light and compact in the hand and in the case on your belt.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool

Next up is the Bear Grylls multi tool from Gerber. This multi tool has been named as one of the best camping multi tool given its included tools. The Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool only has 12 tools but it has plenty of sweet innovations. For one, the stainless steel make of the Grylls makes its components weather-resistant.

It comes with a textured grip that is very ergonomic for handling comfort. This multi tool is spring loaded. Ease of use is also ensured with Gerber’s patented Safe.T.Plus System. This is an enhanced safety mechanism which locks the components into their usage position. It also comes with a military-grade nylon sheath for tool protection and a survival pocket guide.

3. BladeDriver Multi Tool Knife

BladeDriver Multi Tool Knife

Sharp knives are a staple of most multi tools. What makes the BladeDriver multi tool different is that it uses a knife as a multi tool. Uh, what? At first glance, the BladeDriver is just that – a blade. But it has a multifunction use. It works not just as a survival pocket knife but also includes 10 more tools.

These includes a hex nut driver and screwdriver to name a few. It’s also includes an LED torch flashlight which is something that not all multi tools have. The BladeDriver multi tool is also very durable with steel blade construction. It’s very portable and versatile and includes plenty of extras like a carry clip and sheath with belt loop.

4. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack

With almost the same name as our second top product, you’d think that this multi tool is no different. We reviewed the “Ultimate” multi tool first while this one is named the “Survival.” It’s a better version and is a bit more expensive than the Ultimate. With the Survival Tool Pack you get a set of tools that is quality tested and made for maximum durability.

It has the same components with the addition of safety locks for added dependability. This multi tool also comes with a Tempo flashlight powered by one AAA battery that can go for four hours of use time. You also get a textured sheath made of plastic for safekeeping this tool and a fire starter rod.

5. Magnelex Ultimate 22-in-1 Multi Tool

Magnelex Ultimate 22-in-1 Multi Tool

Last but not the least is the Magnelex multi tool. It befits the name of the best survival multi tool for this list given that it packs a whopping 22 tools in one! So how did they fit that many tools in there? Magnetex actually integrated 11 tools on their multi tool and added other 11 attachable bits. It’s made of rock hard 440 carbon steel grade.

This grade of steel ensures that the Magnelex multi tool is not just convenient, it’s also lightweight. It’s durable and strong enough for every day use around the house. Just like other multi tools on this list, Magnelex have theirs spring loaded. They carry three selections of blades: a short, long, and serrated one. Their tools include three types of blade, wire cutters and spring loaded pliers.


With the right multi tool, surviving your day out camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing is very easy. If you want a brand that’s trusted when it comes to making pocket multi tools, Leatherman is the best choice for you. Gerber is another brand that deserves consideration. The positive customer reviews and the high ratings is more than enough across the board to be worth picking up. You could go with an old steady like the Leatherman or the Gerber. Or you could go with something new and try the multi tool from BladeDriver. It’s basically a knife. But it’s a knife that does many things.

So, tell me, which is your preferred survival multi tool?

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