The Best Fishing Kayak For All Occasions

The Best Fishing Kayak For All Occasions

There are many reasons why you should consider kayaking. For one, it’s fun. It makes you closer to nature, your friends, and loved ones too. Kayaking is also one of those activities that you can do to replace your routine exercise while enjoying a day of adventure. It’s fit for all ages, it’s a cool sport to engage with, and it makes fishing far easier than boat.

If you love fishing, then you should look for the best fishing kayak to make your hobby more fun and easy. With a kayak, you can go fish where boats can’t. Kayak fishing is also more comfortable because they come with comfy chairs unlike with boats. Because kayaks don’t have any noisy motors, it’s also easy to spot fishes and not scare them away. Above all, kayak fishing is far cheaper than boat fishing.

In this post, you will be provided with a list of the best kayaks for fishing. You’ll also know about the different kinds of kayak. You’ll also be provided with information for the top fishing kayaks and best kayak brands. This post will cover everything else you should know to make your kayak hunting easier.

Different Types of Kayak

Choosing the right kayak for you depends on where you plan to kayak and what kind of water activity you plan to use it for. Some kayaks are easy to transport. Some would need a kayak rack to get on from one place to another. Other kayaks can accommodate just one person while others are meant to accommodate two or more passengers on board.

Here are the different types of kayak you will find in the market:

Fishing kayaks

Some kayaks are made specially for fishing. Kayaks of this kind are specifically designed for anglers. Fishing kayaks are stable for casting and better visibility. They also have all the necessary additions for fishing. Some includes built-in tackle box, cooler holders, and rod holders.

Folding kayaks

Similar to recreational kayaks, folding kayaks can be disassembled to fit a backpack for easier transport. They’re better compared to inflatables. It’s because folding kayaks have greater space for storage and a more ridged framework. They also have the added buoyancy afforded by inflatable chambers making them more stable on the water.

Inflatable kayaks

Without a doubt, inflatable kayaks are by far the most portable type of kayaks. These kayaks are best for those who are very particular with comfort and ease in transporting their water gears. But even though they are inflatable, this type of kayak is surprisingly more durable than other types of kayak. They’re also more versatile because they can be used for a number of water activities. Inflatable kayaks are more buoyant because of their air content. The only downside is that it’s harder to paddle in them making you slower on the water.

Modular kayaks

With a modular kayak, you get the performance of a boat with the bonus of it being portable. This is because modular kayaks are very easy to store and transport with take away parts. They’re also durable just like polyurethane kayaks given the same material used in both type of kayaks. Modular kayaks can be designed as a recreational, sit-on-top, or touring kayak.

Recreational kayaks

If you’re looking for a kayak that is stable on lakes, ponds, or rivers, recreational kayaks are the best kayaks for you. This type of kayak is very easy to use and is best for novice kayakers. Kayaks of this type are typically small and are best used for short day trips. However, recreational kayaks do not hold a straight course so flipping can be challenging for a kayaker. They’re also very heavy and transporting them can become a difficulty.

Sit-on-top kayak

Another type of recreational kayak, sit-on-top kayaks are best fit for waters in the warmer climates. Kayaks like these are so-named because of their literal use – wherein you sit on top. These kayaks are best for beginners, swimmers, and even kids who’d like to go start kayaking. Because of their design, sit-on-top kayaks are very easy to get on and off. Kayaks like these also have a wider build which makes them slower compared to traditional kayaks. On the other hand, this is also the reason why sit-on-tops are more stable.

Touring kayaks

For those who love the open water, touring kayaks are the best to choose. Unlike recreational kayaks, touring ones are best for long-distance and open water kayaking. This type of kayak can hold up even on rough conditions and perform better than recreational kayaks. Because they’re more versatile and tough, they’re also more expensive compared to recreational kayaks. This type of kayak is usually made of durable and lightweight material which makes them easier to navigate on the water.

Whitewater kayaks

For those who wish to kayak on stronger and deeper waters, whitewater kayaks are the best choice. This is because kayaks like these have a rounded bottom which makes navigating on rapid waters easy. Whitewater kayaks are fit for sea kayaking and are best if you like to fish at sea. Some type of inflatable kayaks can also be used for whitewater activities.

Kayak Brands

The best and highest fishing kayaks reviews determine which brands are most trusted in making kayaks. When you buy a kayak, looking for a certain brand can help you choose the best fishing kayak. This is because popular kayak brands are well-known for the quality build of their kayaks. With that in mind, here are the top 3 kayak brands you will find on this post which makes the best fishing kayaks and other kayak types.

Intex – As a manufacturer of kayaks, Intex pride themselves at making quality products that is affordable. Their top fishing kayaks are made to last backed by 40 years of their experience being in the business. They also make above ground pools, airbeds, boats, furniture, toys, and more. What makes their kayak products one of the best choices in the market is that it provides safety, comfort, and fun.A complete package for the ultimate water adventurers.Intex routinely tests all of its products to ensure overall value standards for quality and safety. They also provide a friendly customer service which is another impressive point from the company.

Sun Dolphin – For more than 30 years, Sun Dolphin has been creating one of the best kayaks for all recreational purposes. Their brand is well-known for producing the best sit in fishing kayak available in the market. They’re also synonymous for making the best small boats. The company started out with pedal boats. Now, it has expanded to producing fishing boats, canoes, paddleboards, kayaks, and more. Today, Sun Dolphin – under KL Industries – is the largest manufacturer of water recreational products in North America. They also manufacture some of the best kayak paddle for fishing and other more accessories you might need for your water activity.

Sea Eagle – Sea Eagle kayaks are most popular for making inflatable kayaks that you can bring out even for whitewater kayaking. The company’s trademark is to make kayaks which are easy to carry. Sea Eagle does this best by making their kayaks light and compact. Even as inflatables, their kayaks are surprisingly very durable. They are also designed to provide better value to water enthusiasts. The company’s line of quality kayaks are tried and tested to perform better and last even longer than most kayak brands. This makes them one of the best kayak brand choices in the market. Be it boats, kayaks, or stand up paddle boards, Sea Eagle have the right product to suit your preference for spending a day out on the water.

Overview of the Top 5 Product Models & Selecting the Best Products

Finding the Top 10 Products

Overview of the Top 5 Products

So which of these products is the best kayak for fishing? All of them are good choices given that each of the products got more than average fishing kayak reviews. But just to make things easier for you, let’s take a look at the top 5 best fishing kayak all from Intex.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

On top of the list is the Challenger K1 Kayak from Intex. As a K1, this kayak can only seat one person. On the other hand, it’s the best kayak yet on this list inclusive with freebies. The Challenger K1 kayak has the most reviews simply because it’s affordable for all the quality it’s worth. The kayak comes in with a set of aluminum oars so you don’t have to worry about buying them separately.

Since it’s an inflatable kayak, it also comes with a high output air pump for easy inflation. Intex also added an inflatable I-beam to provide more stability on the kayak floor. Aside from that, the kayak contains a cargo net wherein you can store more gears. Since the Challenger K1 uses welded materials, they’re very durable on the water and is built to last a long time. This kayak is best fit for lake or river kayaking.

Intex Excursion 5 Kayak

If you’re looking for a family or group kayak, the Excursion 5 would be the best kayak choice for you. This is because the Excursion 5 can seat up to 5 people. So if you and you’re family or any of your friends share a love for water adventure, then it’s the best kayak for you. Given that this one also came from Intex, it’s normal to expect this kayak as another inflatable.

It comes with a high output air pump too although the Excursion 5 has the latest model. Compared to the Challenger 1, the Excursion 5 is more expensive. However, you might want to overlook the price given that it seats more than one person. The Excursion 5 is also equipped with several air chambers for added buoyancy. The Boston valves found on the main hull allows you to quickly fill and deflate this kayak in no time.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

On top three is a step up model from the Challenger K1, the K2. If the K1 can seat just one person, the K2 Challenger is good to use for two persons. It’s another inflatable kayak with a set of aluminum oars as part of the package. Of course, Intex always provide the high output air pump for quick air filling. Price wise, the Challenger K2 is priced as much as the Excursion 5. What makes the K2 Challenger stand out is that it’s sporty.

It’s specifically designed to provide easy paddling with the help of a streamlined construction. Intex used a Super-Tough vinyl on the Challenger K2 which makes it very durable given its resistance to UV and puncture damages. You also don’t have to question the Challenger K2’s durability because it has a U.S. Coast Guard I.D.

This only means that this kayak is U.S. Coast Guard-approved and is tested to be stable in the waters.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Just like the Challenger K2, the Explorer K2 is another two-person kayak from Intex. The same standard package applies for the Explorer which includes oars, an air pump, and a repair patch. The Explorer is aptly named because it’s a low-profile kayak you can use to navigate mild rivers and lake. It’s one of the best fishing kayak you can choose given its quality and construction.

For one, it’s got a U.S. Coast Guard I.D. just like the Challenger. With this I.D., you can be sure that the Explorer will hold well on the water because its build has been tried and tested. One notable fact about the Intex Explorer K2 is that it’s part of the Sports Series. This makes the kayaks very sporty in looks and build but is surprisingly compact and lightweight. Removable skegs are also added by Intex for more directional stability. Other features of this kayak are the Boston valves, rugged vinyl make, and inflatable I-beam floors.

Intex Excursion 4 Inflatable Boat Set

Last on the list of the best fishing kayak is another Excursion model also by Intex. Compared to all the kayaks on this list, the Intex Excursion 4 is the second largest kayak you can choose for a group. This is because this one can seat 4 persons. The price of the Excursion 4 can be considered affordable for a big kayak.

The fact that this kayak also comes with quality features also make the price well-worth it. So again, you get an air pump for kayak inflation and deflation. There’s the pair of oars and repair patch, too. The Excursion is tagged as one of the best fishing kayaks because it comes with comfortable seats when you still wait for a catch. You also have the addition of oar and fishing rod holders and gear pouch to keep your gears in place.

Aside from a U.S. Coast Guard I.D., the Excursion 4 is also certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association or NMMA. This ensures the kayak's durability and stability on the water.

Kayak Buying Guide

Right now, you might think whether or not knowing about the different kinds of kayak is enough to get on your kayak shopping. The truth is, you need more than the different kayak types and brands to know which is the best fishing kayak for you. There are actually several factors that you should consider as well. These are:


Kayaks with wider beams or width are more stable on the water. But if you want a kayak that is faster, go for kayaks with a narrower beam.

Depth. If you’re thinking of storing a lot of your gear and get some generous leg room, a deeper kayak might be best for you. Kayaks with more depth or those that are taller deflect water better. They also provide more space for storing your things. The only disadvantage with tall kayaks is that they tend to be slow due to catching more weight.


Of course, you may want to have some additional features added to your kayak. Some add-ons are free as part of the package. Otherwise, you may have to pay for upgrades. For example, kayaks come in different hull shapes. There are kayak hulls which are flat, rounded, or V-shaped. Other features you might want to check out are the cockpit, foot pegs, seats, hatches, and skeg.


The shorter the kayak, the easier it is to maneuver and turn them. On the other hand, longer kayaks are much easier to paddle especially on long distances. Longer kayaks also hold a better straight line than shorter ones. Of course, shorter kayaks are easier to transport than their longer counterparts unless you choose a kayak that is inflatable.

Weight capacity

Be aware that every kayak has a weight limit. It is recommended that you consider your weight and the weight of your gears before you buy one to see which of the kayaks are best fit for you.


With the help of fishing kayak reviews, you can compare which one is the best fishing kayak for you to buy. Kayaking is indeed an enjoyable hobby. It can easily replace traditional exercise routines for an active lifestyle, too. If you want to make the best of your fishing kayaks, make sure that you also choose the best paddle for kayak fishing. This way, you can make the most of your kayak experience out on the water.

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