Looking For The Best Roof Rack For Your Car?

Why should you buy a roof rack when you already have a trunk or even a cargo bay. Wouldn’t it be better if you can maximize the space you have in your vehicle and carry as much as you can when you travel?

So whether your vehicle is meant to have a roof rack or a roof bag or both, we have you covered with our rhino roof rack reviews. From this post, you will be able to find the best roof rack to expand your vehicle’s storage capacity and enjoy freed‐up space in your car.

1. CURT Roof Mounted Cargo Rack

Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack

With hundreds of positive reviews, the CURT roof cargo rack takes up the top spot. Mainly because of its simple and lightweight quality construction. The CURT cargo rack can be mounted on most roof racks making it one of the best roof racks available in the market. The rack comes in a simple two‐piece assembly lightweight material that is also very easy to assemble.

With the CURT cargo roof rack, you get an extended storage area. The rack itself has an aerodynamic design which protects your cargo even on a rough ride. The universal mounting brackets make it easy to attach the cargo rack on most vehicles.Despite its light weight, the CURT roof rack is made from durable steel tubes so you can ensure its stable on the road.

2. Rage Powersports Roof Rack Cross Bars

Rage Powersports Roof Rack Cross Bars

Next up is the roof rack cross bars by Rage Powersports. Unlike the CURT roof rack, Rage Powersports has two rectangular‐shaped cross‐bars for their roof rack. The bars are designed to fasten to existing side rails on vehicles at a length of 49.75 inches and a maximum of 46.5 inches apart from each other.

This one is best designed for cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. What makes Rage Powersports roof rack is that it’s made from strong steel so it’s very durable. It’s one of the best car roof racks because it comes with a scratch‐resistant rubber coating, too. So it’ll last you a long time without showing premature signs of wearing.

3. SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

Third on the list is the complete roof rack system by SportRack. It’s another roof rack like Rage Powersports although this one is more expensive compared to our top‐two‐lister. So what made the SportRack roof rack one of the best? As a “complete” package, it comes with locks, hooks, load bars, and every other part you need to install the roof rack system on your vehicle.

The kicker? You don’t need anymore tools to do the installation. SportRack made their roof rack system also fit to newer car models.Besides, the feet of this roof rack pivots to easily match the contour of your vehicle’s roof. The roof rack is also very adaptable because you can fit in your bike, your kayak, or your skis into the rack without much fuss.

4. RoofBag Car Top Carrier

RoofBag Car Top Carrier

If you consider the convenience, the quality, packaging, and pricing, you’d take the RoofBag car top as the best roof top carrier. Unlike the rest of the roof rack found on this list, RoofBag’s is literally a cargo bag carrier where you can stash your gears and luggage. It’s a very sweet package deal complete with a storage bag, a non‐slip roof mat, and a RoofBag carrier. The bag itself can carry as much as 15 cubic feet of your luggage and gear. It’s also 100% waterproof which is perfect if you want your things to be protected from natural elements.

5. CargoLoc Roof Top

CargoLoc Roof Top

Last on this list of the best roof rack is the lockable roof top from CargoLoc. This roof rack is made to handle as much as 150lbs of storage and can be locked for added security. CargoLoc added anti‐theft keyed locks on each rail clamp that are fully adjustable so you’re sure that your things are safe and secure. Since they’re designed as cross bars, the CargoLoc roof top can easily fit most vehicles like SUVs and vans. The package includes a hex wrench so you can tighten the clamps on the crossbar upon installation. The CargoLoc roof rack carrier is more affordable too compared to the RoofBag carrier.


If you have kids – like I do – and you frequently travel, getting yourself a roof rack may just be in order.Roof racks are your best friend if you want to increase your vehicle’s storage capacity.

With a trusty roof rack, your vehicle roof can become your second trunk to keep more of your things while you drive out for your next adventure. You can use a roof rack with a roof bag or use one without the other. Your choice actually depends on what type of equipment or gear you wish to carry. If you still want more, you can always read some more rhino rack reviews to find the best roof rack for you.

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