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Investing in the best fans for your rooms is a great way to make them comfortable to stay. They help make the room have a more conducive environment and improve your ceilings by giving them a more elegant touch. Despite the virtual advancement that has taken place when it comes to home comfort devices, ceiling fans have continued to be the most charming and simplest way to warm and cool your space. During the hot weather conditions, the best fans make your room cool, making it comfortable to stay. On the other hand, during the winter, the fan helps re-circulate warm air in your room.

As you shop for the best fan for your room, you note that they differ in various aspects such as sizes, designs, and other features. So, you may get confused about the one you should choose for your space. With the many options to select, you are likely going to make a costly mistake. This is an investment you are making, so you should spend your money wisely. Here is a guide on the best ceiling fans for large rooms and some of the things to look for as you buy the best fans for your room.

Here are the Best Fans!

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Different types of ceiling fans

There are different types of ceiling fans you can choose for your room. Despite that, they may look the same; they differ in their functionality, speed, power, price, and other aspects. Thus, you need to compare the different models and read the various harbor breeze ceiling fan reviews to get the one that suits your space and needs.

Standard ceiling fans

Standard ceiling fan is an excellent addition to your house. The fan is available in many designs that match your space décor. The fans have five blades and have built-in features. Besides, they feature various accessories, light kits, remote control operation, and customizable blades. Most of these fans have sizes ranging from 40 cm to 140 cm. The fans are available in various structures, assortments, and details. They work perfectly on less power, meaning they can help save on your energy bills. Besides, they have different cutting edge ranges to match the cooling needs of various large rooms in your home.

Low profile ceiling fans

The low profile ceiling fans are perfect for rooms with a low ceiling. Thus, if your room has a ceiling less than eight feet tall, you can go for this option. This fan is installed directly onto the mounting bracket instead of a downrod. The fans offer cooler solutions and are available in various designs. They are designed in a way that the blades are near to the ceiling compared to other standard fans.

Low profile ceiling fans are more essential during the hot weather conditions when you need more cooling effect. They also help distribute the heat during the cold weather condition, making them worth. If your room has a vaulted or sloping ceiling, you should not install these fans because the blades are very close to the ceiling. With the various sizes available, you should look for the one with the size that will move air to distribute air and also circulate heat during the cold weather conditions.

Dual motor ceiling fans

These models are a great choice if you want to add personality to your room and enhance its elegant look. It has a central motor housing that is attached to 2 horizontal rods. Each of them has an adjustable fan. The best fans work perfectly for large rooms due to their ability to circulate air in large areas compared to the standard ceiling fan. They also make your room look beautiful and unique.

The fans usually feature two mini fans in one. They offer high-level elegance to your space and add the functionality you cannot get from other conventional models. The fans have two motors on both ends of the fan body and offer increased airflow in large rooms. The two motors are connected with a horizontal bar. Another aspect of the motors is that they can be changed to face downwards, horizontally, or angled with the bar. With this model, you receive air circulation patterns you cannot get from other standard ceiling fans.

Wet or damp ceiling fans

These models have all-weather blades with motors that are resistant due to humidity and moisture. You can install the fan in your gazebos, porches, sunrooms, covered patios, and other areas. The blades are strong, meaning they cannot warp. The best fan is designed to deal with all the air blown its way. They feature a unique finish that makes them resistant to corrosion, rust, or motor damage. The fans are easy to clean; all you need to do is spray and make them look new.

Damp ceiling fans feature ABS plastic blades that are water-resistant. If you want to install the best fans in uncovered area, this is the best option for you to choose from. In most cases, they are designed using wooden blades finished sealant, adding to the look and feel of your space.

Overview of the 5 best ceiling fans

When looking for the best fans, you should consider the cost, efficiency, high-level performance, and other features to get good value for your investment. These are features that make homeowners like the top products. As you look for the best ceiling fans for large rooms, you should look for reviews to know the product you can trust. Here are some of the features and benefits of the 5 best ceiling fans.

This best bedroom ceiling fan you can invest your money. It is a large fan with six blades and has a bright, modern brushed nickel finish that adds to the look of your room while making your room a comfortable space to stay throughout the year.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient fan for your space, this is an excellent choice because it features a drum-like light kit with LED light bulbs. The bulbs light your room and consume less energy, thus helping reduce the energy costs in your home. The fan also has a strong motor that ensures excellent air movement and ensures that it performs quietly.

The fan comes with a high-quality motor that makes it perform quietly and deliver strong air movement. This fan runs counterclockwise during summer to offer a cooling effect and run clockwise during the cold season to circulate the warm air from the ceiling down to where you require it most.

 Minka-Aire F843-WH, Wave, 52″ Ceiling Fan does not only help make your room friendly to stay in but makes it more inspired. It has a white body and comes with three blades that make it an excellent option for your large space and helps rotate and move air efficiently. This fan also features a three-speed handheld remote with light dimming.

It is a more contemporary fan with downrods measuring three and a half inches and six inches. With its adapter, you can mount it up to 21°. The fan is standard sized, making it perfect for most rooms in your home, such as dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and others.


This is a fan with an elegant design, meaning it can suit any space in your home. If you want to add more style to your space, the fan comes with center light or halogen light. The fan also has three-speed settings and has a remote control; you can turn it on and off and dim or brighten the light.  

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans for large rooms, you can invest in this one. The fan comes with eight blades meaning it can offer maximum cooling for your space. It features a dome style light kit with frosted opal glass with a 14 watt LED light. The fan is also wet rated, meaning it can also work well for outdoor purposes.

The fan helps you save on energy costs since it comes with an energy-efficient DC motor. The motor has nine speeds that are more compared to what the conventional fans have. The fan comes with a handheld remote you can use to control the speed and dimming. It also has a coupling cover and canopy ring for concealing the exposed screws.

This fan is a great choice if you want to upgrade your space. It has dual finish blades and a bold body that allow you to choose the design that matches your room. The fan features an integrated LED light that can help lighten your space, and the great thing is that it is dimmable.

It offers the flexibility you like when it comes to controlling the speed and light output. The fan has three settings, and a friendly remote control is also included. Besides, you can change the fan direction for the correct air distribution with its reverse airflow feature. The fan also comes with various hanging capabilities, so you can hang it the way you want.

You can install the fan at a normal downrod, an angle, or flush-mounted. The light fixtures have three bulbs, with 4.5-watt bulbs that can produce 450 lumen, which is enough for any room.

The fan helps you save on energy costs since it comes with an energy-efficient DC motor. The motor has nine speeds that are more compared to what the conventional fans have. The fan comes with a handheld remote you can use to control the speed and dimming. It also has a coupling cover and canopy ring for concealing the exposed screws.

This is a stylish fan that makes your space more appealing since it is made in a way that matches the contemporary décor trends. The fan comes with an integrated light kit that is dimmable and has an integrated 18 watt LED module that offers ample illumination. The flush mount design is a great choice for spaces with low ceilings.

The fan features a three-speed reversible motor that is remote controlled. The remote has a wall cradle included, meaning you can control the speed and light wherever you are in the room. It has three updated reversible blades in espresso and silver finishes that match the modern room designs. With the LED lighting, you can also expect to save a lot of money on energy costs. The fan also has a 16-degree blade pitch that improves airflow, making it a great option if your room measures up to 225-sq ft.

Best fan buying Guide

Buying the best fans for your large rooms is a great investment, so you should take one that offers value. Take time to read the various reviews to understand the different products and know the one that suits your specific cooling needs. Here are some of the features to consider.

Consider size

The first thing to consider is the size of the fan that works perfectly for your space. Fans that are extremely small will not provide the right air movement to cool your space. On the other hand, an extremely large fan may be overwhelming. Some of the common sizes include 36 inches, 42 inches, 54 inches, 72 inches, and other options in between. The size you choose is dependent on the size of your room.


As you shop, you realize that not all the fans have a light attached. It is advisable to buy one with lights. Depending on where you want to install the fan look for one with the correct lighting. LED lights are the best because they are energy efficient compared to conventional bulbs. Besides, they are also more durable.


The most critical thing to consider when buying ceiling fans is the amount of air it can circulate. The airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute. The larger the size, the more air it will push. So, for a large space, you need to invest in the largest fan.

Noise ratings

Another essential feature you should consider is the amount of noise produced by the fan as it operates. To avoid distractions, you should opt for fans that perform quietly. Check whether your desired fan is noise rated to make the right choice.

Ceiling fan control

As you make your selection, consider how you want to control the fan. Most of the fans come with a remote, meaning you can control the lighting, direction, and speed wherever you are in the room. There are also others that have a wall switch for control.

Understand your style

You should consider your room style and décor so that you get a fan matching them. The best fan is one that adds more inspiration to your room.


Reading the harbor breeze ceiling fan reviews gives you critical information to guide you as you make buy the best fans for your large rooms. It is vital you take time to go through Hampton bay ceiling fan reviews as you do the shopping and compare to choose the one that suits your specific cooling needs. The greatest benefit of investing in a ceiling fan is that you will feel cool during summer and warm during winter. The good thing is that modern fans are designed using the latest technology, making them more efficient, easy to use, and functional for your space.

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