how to trim a beard with clippers

Learning how to trim a beard with clippers is more straightforward than you think. Trimming your beard is the third step in a more robust grooming process. The trim focuses on a few different things.

  1. cutting the beard to the desired length
  2. defining the neckline
  3. defining the cheek line
  4. removing stray hairs around the lips 

Kick off the beard trimming journey by making sure your clippers have the correct guard length to achieve the length of beard you want. Measure twice, trim once!  Before getting into the detail part of trimming you have to get the overall beard length right. 

Initiating the trim using your clippers on one side of your face, then gradually moving across to the other. For a uniform trim, cut against the grain of your beard, starting from the lower region and ascending towards your chin, employing an upward motion with the trimmer.


Sculpting the Neckline

To carve out a pristine neckline, wield your trimmer either without any guard for precision or with a shorter guard for a bit of length. Eradicate the hair beneath your jawline to forge a sharp, clearly defined boundary. You have the flexibility to either fashion a straight or a slightly curved neckline based on your aesthetic inclination.

I have found a beard tool to be a useful addition to be able to clearly define the neck line. 

Crafting the Cheek Line:

Attain a polished upper boundary of your beard by tidying up the strays that venture beyond your preferred cheek line. Utilize your trimmer, outfitted with the guard of your choice, to customize the length and contour as per your liking.

Trimming a beard can seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools it becomes easier and easier. If you want to find out about the rest of the steps involved check out the best way to trim a beard. 

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