Grizzly Cooler: Grizzly Cooler Review and Guide

grizzly cooler review

Whether it's for hunting, fishing, or camping, Grizzly has the right kind of cooler for your outdoor adventure. Built to last, Grizzly coolers is another brand of coolers that works at par with the more popular Yeti. They're a favorite cooler choice because of their tough construction but without the higher price of Yeti's cooler products. In fact, you can load up a Grizzly on your ATV or pickup truck and you don't have to worry about the coolers getting dents.

So if you have some outdoor activity in mind and you need a cooler that is efficient, tough, and affordable, Grizzly coolers would be a good brand to consider. This Grizzly cooler review post will help you find the best coolers you can buy from Grizzly.

Grizzly Coolers 40-Quart Cooler

On the top spot is the 40 quarts cooler from Grizzly. This is a mid-range cooler from Grizzly since their maximum capacity range carries 75 quarts. As a standard Grizzly cooler, this one is made to be durable and strong to carry and keep your drinks and other supplies cold and fresh when you go out.

Since Grizzly coolers are also made in the U.S. They work as well as Yeti coolers minus the high price. The average ice retention of Grizzly coolers are six days but one Grizzly cooler review from a customer show that it hold up for as much as 9 days. Build quality is also as good as the more popular cooler brands of Yeti and Pelican – if not even better.

Grizzly Coolers Hunting Cooler

On the second spot is a hunting cooler from Grizzly Cooler. As a hunting cooler, this one is a bit expensive than our first Grizzly product. But it's expected since it's a specialized cooler to keep your hunting goods fresh. Capacity wise, the Grizzly Hunting cooler also has a larger capacity at 60 quarts. It comes with two inches large drain for easy draining of excess water.

This makes the hunting cooler better at ice retention. Other build specifications include non-skid rubber feet and an airtight rubber gasket on the lid. It's an excellent cooler choice if you're going to do some serious camping. It also performs excellently. The only thing you might not like about this cooler is its heavy weight.

Grizzly 15 Qt Heavy Duty Ice Retention Cooler Ice Chest

Up on the third spot is the heavy duty cooler from Grizzly Coolers. What makes this product quite different from the rest of the coolers on this Grizzly cooler review list is that it has a minimal capacity at 15 quarts. On the other hand, Grizzly made this cooler heavy duty so it has better ice retention. Given its small size, it's more efficient at ice retention that its bigger cousins.

Other notable features of this cooler is its pressure-injected insulation that is very environmentally friendly. Of course, it's build with the standard RotoTough construction of roto-molded coolers from Grizzly. The hinges of this cooler is also made with durable stainless stell pins. The BearClaw Latches of the cooler allows you to keep a secure grip on it. The shoulder strap and carry handle also makes for easy transport.

Grizzly Coolers Tailgating Cooler

On Top 4 for this Grizzly Coolers reviews is the Tailgating Cooler. This cooler is surprisingly mid-range in price compared to the Hunting Cooler given that it has a higher capacity at 75 quarts. The Tailgating Grizzly Cooler is similar to the Hunting Cooler given its build and make except for the higher capacity. It comes with the same non-skid rubber feet and gasket in the lid.

It comes with two-inch large drains too. However, Grizzly made this cooler with two drains for better draining given its bigger size. What makes this cooler even better is that it comes with freezable dividers. Talk about a great perk! This cooler allows you to freeze your drinks or any other goods for as long as 10 days, some even for two weeks!

Engel High Peformance Roto-Molded Deep Blue Cooler

Our last product for this list is not a Grizzly cooler. The Engel cooler works and performs almost the same as a Grizzly cooler. On our last spot is the High Performance DeepBlue Coolers by Engel. Just like Grizzly coolers, this cooler has a tough roto-molded build.

This makes the Engel almost as durable as Grizzly coolers. Price wise, Engel is much more affordable than all of the Grizzly products listed here. It's also able to hold up ice better for up to 10 days. Engel also made this cooler certified bear resistant with a durable and seamless construction.


Without a doubt, Grizzly's lifetime warranty to customers is a testament to their product confidence. Grizzly coolers are synonymous to durability, affordability, and ability to fit any outdoor activity you might need it for. It might not have the cooling longevity that Yeti coolers have but it definitely works almost the same. Why, it can keep your drinks and catch cool and cold for as much as six straight days. With Bear-Proof certification on their products, lifetime warranty and the addition of roto-molded tough plastic construction, buying your cooler from Grizzly would really be a good decision.

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