Frostguard Windshield Cover – The Ultimate Car Protection Solution during Harsh Weather Conditions

There is no need for you to invest in a windshield protector that flies off when it is blown by the wind or gets damaged when exposed to harsh weather elements such as ice, frost or rainwater. With such as a shield cover, you will have lost money, time and your vehicle will not be protected in the right way. Frostguard windshield cover offers the right protection against elements such as snow, sunlight and frost. The ice screen windshield cover is designed by FrostGuard, which is a top automotive brand located in Nashville, Tenn. Founded in 2001, the brand is popular for offering windshields that offer the right solutions to cold weather. The company is well known for products that ensure your car is fully protected. Here is a well detailed Frost Guard windshield cover review.

Criteria for the best Frostguard windshield cover

During the cold or hot weather conditions, car owners look for the best windshield to protect their cars against frost, ice, water, sun and other elements. Getting the best windshield cover for ice and snow is paramount. There are certain qualities you need to check for in the best windshield cover. Here are some of these aspects. 


When you look at different frost guard windshield cover reviews, most car owners hold that windshield cover should be long lasting. The cover should be able to strong enough to withstand different weather conditions such as rain, snow, sun, ice and other elements without getting damaged. You need one that is waterproof and offer you value for a long duration of time. 


Flexibility means that a frostblocker windshield cover can be stored well without getting damaged. It should be easy to fold and store it in the trunk. The cover should take minimal space in your trunk. 


Frostguard windshield cover is made of high-quality and robust PVC materials. This makes the cover to be long lasting, durable, easy to maintain and weather resistant. As you do your shopping, make sure you check the material because it is the core factor that determines the quality and durability. 

Coverage and size 

It is good to check that you get a windshield cover for sun and other harsh weather elements that fit your car more effectively. Before you buy the protector, make sure you take the measurements to ensure that it covers your car well. You need a cover that is secured flat on the windshield always to prevent wind and moisture from getting under it. The point is to ensure it covers the entire windshield viewing area. 


The windshield cover for ice and snow can get stolen. Thus, you should buy one with door flaps on both the passenger and driver sides. 

Kind of fittings 

Before you buy frostguard windshield cover, it is good to take into consideration the method that is applied to secure it on the car. There are a wide range of methods used, including door flaps, straps, suction cups, magnets, among others. It is wise to go for a windshield cover that provides all these methods to make the cover more secure on your car. 

Side view mirror cover 

It is good to include side mirror covers. They help protect the mirrors from dust during summer and frost during winter. 

Storage porch 

You should look for a windshield cover that has a pouch you can place it when not in use. This is of great help when you remove the cover and still damp. With a pouch, you do not worry about getting your trunk or back seats wet. 

Frostguard windshield cover review 

This is the top windshield cover that offers maximum protection to your car. It is designed in a way that it fits most car models. With this cover, you do not have to worry about scraping snow, frost, ice from the windshield. One of the things you like about the cover is that it is easy to install and remove. The cover features waterproof PVC backing that ensures it does not freeze to your car windshield. It also has two side security panels you can insert into each of the car doors, offer wind abatement and prevent theft. It also has lightweight dowels on either side to allow steady removable of snow. Besides, it can also help protect your car from scratches.

Frostguard windshield cover has two layers designed using 600D polyester fabric with a waterproof PVC lining. The double layers offer a thick covering to your car front windshield. The fabric is long-lasting and has a great appearance that adds to the great look of your car. The cover has quick-dry storage that is made of nylon-like material in a matching pattern. The material has fast elastic straps that allow for reliable and tight fit all the times. The cover is available in a wide range of sizes, meaning you have an opportunity to select the ones that fit your car well. It is also lightweight, meaning you can move with it conveniently. The cover costs $ 29. 



  • Offer full protection for your windshield and wiper blades from ice, snow and frost.

  • Eliminates the need to scrap and spray your car windshield during freezing weather conditions.

  • The cover has a standard size that makes it to fit most car models including SUVs, sedans, cars, small trucks and others. 

  • Covers and protects the critical viewing area of the windscreen front.

  • Quick and easy to install and remove.

  • Highly elastic straps for a tight and reliable fitting all the times. 

  • Features a weather resistant and durable PVC lining. 

  • A storage pouch available to reduce soggy backseat or trunk. 


  • Does not work effectively for very small vehicles. 

  • Cannot be used on side and rear windows.

Frostguard windshield cover is made of sturdy and high-quality material that ensures maximum protection for your car. I would recommend it to car owners. With its durability, it means you get value for the investment you make as you buy it. The most important thing is to make sure that you get the right size for your car since it comes in several sizes.+


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