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best cooler brands

With a cooler, your outdoor activity is more fun and way cooler than expected. However, there are plenty of cooler brands out there. So which one is the one you should look for? Of the most popular and well-known brands, Yeti coolers and Pelican are the two names you’ll probably encounter. Yeti is more popular although it’s a far more expensive brand than Pelican.

In this post, we will be looking into both Pelican and Yeti coolers – the best cooler brands that are always in competition with one another. The verdict is yours. So as you go through the list, do compare Yeti and Pelican coolers to see which one wins the battle when it comes to cooling your drinks best.

1. Yeti Tundra Cooler

Yeti Tundra Cooler

First up is the Tundra cooler by Yeti. The Tundra’s price range is a bit pricey compared to other coolers included in this list. But it’s a price well-deserved for a quality cooler from Yeti. As the top cooler on this post, the Tundra got the best cooler review with an almost perfect rating of 4.6 stars.Available in desert tan color, the Yeti Tundra is built like kayak.

This is because it uses a roto-molded construction in one piece just like whitewater kayaks. You know that it’ll last long with its durable and heavy-duty build. More than that, it also has pressure-injected PermaFrost Insulation.This allows the Tundra to resist extreme thermal heat keeping your drinks cool. To keep your cooler safe and secure, Yeti also used their patented T-Rex lid latches, ColdLock Gasket, and NeverFail Hinge Systems.

2. Pelican 35-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 35 quart

Up next, the Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler made it on the second spot. It’s a 35-quart cooler available in marine white and is far cheaper than the Yeti Tundra. What makes the Pelican ProGear Elite is that it uses two inches thick of polyurethane insulation and freezer grade gasket.

This, combined with the threaded plug and sloped drain makes this cooler able to retain ice for as long as 10 days! Given that amount of time, you can use the Pelican cooler when you’re out camping or if you’re planning to camp out for more than a few nights.

Still, you can be sure to get cool drinks that will last you for a long time with its big capacity and premium ice retention. Pelican also added a dual handle system and pull and press latches for more convenience.

3. Pelican 45-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 45 quart

Except for the capacity and some design, the Pelican 45-Quart cooler is almost similar to our top two best cooler on this list. But since it comes with a bigger capacity, ice retention with the 45-quart ProGear varies. You can keep your drinks cool in it in between seven to 10 days depending on the kind of drinks you need to cool.

Just like the 35-quart ProGear Elite cooler that we first reviewed, this one has the same material construction and build. So you’re sure of its durability and quality. It also comes with a stainless steel hardware that is completely non-corrosive for added strength. The ProGear’s lock cannot be easily sawed-off too which is a definite plus.

4. Pelican 20-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler

On the fourth spot is another ProGear Elite cooler, of course by Pelican. This one is the smallest among the ProGear bunch since this only has a capacity of 20 quarts. On the plus side, you pay for less with this cooler too. With three top coolers on the row, it’s no wonder why the Pelican is considered one of the best cooler brands.

Given that it’s part of the same ProGear Elite series, this cooler has the same quality and durable build from Pelican. This only means that you get the standard guarantee of getting extreme ice retention for quick and long-time cooling. The cooler’s hardware is no different, too. The best part? All Pelican coolers come with a lifetime guarantee so it’s a brand you can trust.

5. Yeti Hopper Cooler

Yeti Coolers - Yeti Hopper Cooler

Last – but not on quality – is the Hopper cooler from Yeti coolers. Price wise, the Hopper is still more expensive than the first three ProGear Elite cooler series on this list. But just like the Tundra Yeti, the Hopper deserves praise with its build and quality make. For one, it uses a DryHide 840D nylon material for its shell for durability.

Yeti used ColdCell rubber foam for insulation for superior cooling. The Hopper is also a portable cooler with a capacity of 6.5 gallons or 26 quarts. This is equivalent to about 18 cans of drinks. It’s styled like a bag that you can conveniently use when solo-camping or hiking. Unlike traditional chest coolers, the Hopper is soft-sided and has a carrying strap and durable handles. It’s also resistant to leaks, punctures, and mildew.


So what’s the verdict? If you’re going to look at it again, Yeti and Pelican deserve to belong to the best cooler brands on the market. Pelican takes pride in providing the thickest insulation. This way, they can keep their coolers cool for up to 10 days. Obviously, Pelican definitely delivers with their promise. Their lifetime warranty is a sweet addition, too.

On the other hand, Yeti has been in the cooler industry far longer than Pelican has. It’s a name synonymous to quality coolers and their products are often simple and plain to choose from. Yeti also provides one of the most diverse coolers in different styles and sizes. On the downside, you really have to pay for the quality that you get from them.

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